service learning at south n.
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Service Learning at South PowerPoint Presentation
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Service Learning at South

Service Learning at South

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Service Learning at South

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  1. Service Learning at South Suzanne Hipps Director Career Services and Service Learning

  2. What is Service Learning? “A teaching and learning strategy integrating meaningful community service with instruction and reflection enriching the learning experience, teaching civic responsibility and strengthening communities.” -From the National Service Learning Clearinghouse

  3. Suzanne’s Definition! • Opportunity for students to learn outside the classroom • Faculty member assigns it • Student chooses a site • Student sets learning objectives with the faculty member and site supervisor • Complete the assigned hours of service – usually 20 or more hours • Return to the classroom to do a presentation or turn in a written reflection paper

  4. How does this benefit the student? • Enhances learning and connects theory to actual practice • Fosters civic responsibility • Encourages life-long commitment to service and learning • Teaches workforce skills • Increases a sense of self-efficacy, social development, and self esteem

  5. Example English 101 Topic – sustainability Students choose from a variety of sites matching their interests with the needs of the site

  6. Examples of sites Phoenix Zoo American Red Cross YMCA Project Cure St. Mary’s Food Bank Your organization!

  7. What does this have to do with me?! Service Learning sites for students Would your company or organization like to participate? Examples - Graphic design student designs a flyer Business student to assist in creating a business plan Art student creates displays Computer Science student creates a database

  8. Benefits to You! Participation in the educational process for students Assistance with your needs Builds our community

  9. How does this work? Call or E-mail Let’s brainstorm Fill out the paperwork – there is always paperwork! Become an approved Service Learning site Our department promotes your site to the faculty Faculty share it with students Students come to you to perform service

  10. Cesar E. Chavez “The end of all education should surely be service to others.” –Cesar E. Chavez

  11. Contact: Suzanne Hipps, Director Career Services and Service learning 602.243.8153