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Turn around - Harbor is CLOSED!

Turn around - Harbor is CLOSED!. Turn around - Harbor is CLOSED!. We can’t take anymore! Should we declare war? Wait, wait lets think this through. First Continental Congress Convenes. Philadelphia. Welcome to Carpenter’s Hall!. They all came together except…. 1774.

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Turn around - Harbor is CLOSED!

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  1. Turn around - Harbor is CLOSED! Turn around - Harbor is CLOSED!

  2. We can’t take anymore!Should we declare war?Wait, wait lets think this through

  3. First Continental Congress Convenes

  4. Philadelphia Welcome to Carpenter’s Hall!

  5. They all came together except… 1774 But did they all agree?

  6. Our colonists want peace with Mother England Patrick Henry (VA) You’re crazy! Violence is inevitable and we must be prepared. PA GA

  7. Resultscompromise Next meeting…1775 Declaration of Rights

  8. Please we don’t want to fight! We just want a voice! Declaration of Rights

  9. Declaration of Rights • List of resolutions to “fix” the Intolerable Acts (this is what “we want”) • Precursor to the Declaration of Independence (this is what “we demand”)

  10. I am the KING! You are my subjects! When I want your opinion I will ask for it.# spoiledbrats As a result, the Intolerable Acts stay in effect. Resentment (of GB) and boycotting of British goods grows. Colonial leaders continue to emerge to rally and unite colonists against the British tyranny. Response to the Declaration of Rights

  11. Huh? What are these words? “They tell us, Sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when will we be stronger? Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace – but there is no peace. I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.” Who’s “we” Why is there no peace? What does he mean by liberty?

  12. Both sides standing firm… • But in all reality, neither side (Patriot or GB) really wants to go to war • Expensive • Lost lives • Not prepared • Is it worth it? Will the alternative be better/worse?

  13. Before we know it… http://www.history.com/topics/american-revolution

  14. WARERUPTS First Battles of the Revolutionary War Lexington (L) and Concord (W), MA April 1775

  15. Lexington and Concord History Channel Video

  16. Lexington and Concord • Patriots are stockpiling weapons, stealing from British military forts • British troops travel across Massachusetts to stop the patriots • Paul Revere, William Dawes and Samuel Prescott (and eventually 40 other colonists join in) quickly rush to tell colonists that “the British are coming, the British are coming” • Not exactly though, Revere, Dawes, Prescott and others were told to be discrete about spreading the news (as to not get caught)

  17. Lexington and Concord • Colonists take-aways • “Holy cow we can do it!”, we actually won one of these battles • Reality check – “we really are unorganized and need to unite” • British take-aways • “Uh, oh. These colonists already gave us an early challenge – eek! We better take them a bit more seriously.” • “We are better, stronger, trained, and equipped! If we bring our “A” game we will win!” April 1775 Lexington (L) Concord (W) No real military advantage gained by either side But these are the FIRST SHOTS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR

  18. We meet again… While warfare had officially began, the Patriots gave one last ditch effort to avoid a long war

  19. We meet again… And so the Second Continental Congress once again meets: 1775

  20. What did they accomplish? • Colonies/States set up local/state constitutions (that included how local government was to work, rights of “citizens” (similar to the Bill of Rights)) • Creation of the Continental Army (FINALLY) • Soldiers from all colonies formed the Continental Army • Trained, organized, equipped, uniformed • Named George Washington as the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army

  21. We meet again… Olive Branch Petition And so the Second Continental Congress once again meets: “That your Majesty may enjoy long and prosperous reign, and that your descendants may govern your Dominions with honour to themselves and happiness to their subjects, is our sincere prayer.” (Last sentence of the Olive Branch Petition) 1775 This is our final attempt at with you, KING…

  22. The British are coming, the British are coming! We hear stories of… But I bet you didn’t know –History Channel Video Give me liberty or give me death!

  23. And so it begins… Full Fledged: Revolutionary War

  24. What are the basics of the Revolutionary War? History Channel video – American Revolution

  25. American Revolutionary War War of Independence 1775–1783

  26. Who? Great Britain Patriots And… Redcoats And … Loyalists/Tories And … Mercenaries (Hessians) And … Continental Army And … Revolutionaries/Rebels And… African Americans (5,000) And… Women (roles?)

  27. Where? New EnglandColonies Middle Colonies Southern Colonies Western Frontier Sea

  28. Why? Inalienable rights of any person…life, liberty, property Government should protect, not abuse these rights. King George III Patriots We will not forfeit them, only fight for a government that is not tyrannical!

  29. Outcome? VICTORY! Through almost every possible suffering and discouragement for the space of nine long years, was little short of a standing miracle. • 10,000 British deaths • 7,500 Hessians died • 25,700 American deaths • 10,000 died in camp • 8,500 died in British prisons • 7,200 died in battle When you see these numbers, what can you say about this war?

  30. Outcome? Treaty of Paris of 1783 • The United States was independent • Boundaries: Mississippi River (western), Canada (northern), Spanish Florida (southern) • Each side would repay its debts • The British would return any enslaved persons • Congress would recommend that states return any property they had seized from Loyalists

  31. Hudson River Turning Point? British were defeated at Saratoga (1777) Saratoga, NY International Support aids the continental Army

  32. Geographic significance of Battle of Saratoga? Why a turning point though? What did foreign aide bring with them to help the Patriots? Why did it take so long for foreign aide (FR, SP, DU) to come help the Patriots?

  33. AdvantagesDisadvantages

  34. War can wait… Before we get to the good stuff Read Franklin’s “disunited state”

  35. Unity PP

  36. T/F – The western boundary following the Revolutionary War was the Mississippi River. • T/F – One of the goals for the Battle of Saratoga was in capture Philadelphia (capitol of the colonies). • T/F – Join, or Die was intended to threaten the colonists into joining the war effort. • T/F – The Revolutionary War was the first time colonists had ever seen the image/message of Join, or Die. • What was the intended message of Join, or Die?

  37. And now for the fighting…

  38. It’s ShowTime!

  39. Act out the major Revolutionary War battles

  40. In groups we will illustrate some of the most noteworthy battles of the Rev. War

  41. Showtime • What is your job in all of this? • All group members: • Must take battle notes (hmwk) • Must have a speaking role • Must have an action role • Must have a minimum of one prop throughout the skit • Must have a costume • Must participate in post-skit explanation

  42. Who’s in what group? And what is my battle?

  43. Groups – Period 7 • Jack B, Sarayu C, Sena P, Gavin R • Jack C, Divya D, Will P, Aubrey W • Christina E, Harrison M, Ankith R, April X • Will F, Chris F, Carlie S, Ashley S, Michael W • Allie F, Avi P, Justin R, Grace S, Chris W • Isabella G, Jenna M, Misthi M, Arav P, Jaden T

  44. Groups – Period 6 • Leah A, Katie C, Sam H, Tristin K, Rick N • Kate B, Sam E, Mira K, Katie P, Ian W • Stephen H, Jess Y, Gavin K, Maddie R, India P

  45. Groups – Period 3 • Tristan B, Emma K, Jordana K, Max O, Sebastian P, Ryan M • Sam B, Laura C, Sarah G, Kara G, Victor R, Ronald T • Nick C, Kaitlyn F, Charlie G, Sophie L, Matt M

  46. Groups – Period 5 • Ella C, Abby G, Matt M, Zac R • Matt G, Andrew G-M, Maddox N, Sophie S • Karen L, Griffin S, Vinay T, Grace Y

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