thinking inside the box transforming text into digital video n.
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Thinking inside the box: transforming text into digital video. PowerPoint Presentation
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Thinking inside the box: transforming text into digital video.

Thinking inside the box: transforming text into digital video.

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Thinking inside the box: transforming text into digital video.

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  1. Thinking inside the box: transforming text into digital video.

  2. Year 9: The Art of Persuasion(is changing) ‘Video online grows beyond industry hopes.’ ‘… The number of online users who stream video content at least once a week has risen 129 per cent in the past year to 4.2 million users in a month.’ The Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday, July 23, 2009..

  3. Program enrichment:Integrate the use of new laptops into an existing unit of work. • There is an opportunity in this unit to further develop the literacy skills and ICT skills of students through the creation and transformation of traditional text types into audiovisual media.

  4. Outcomes • Students to develop greater skills in digital communication and visual literacy as they create an online story package. A traditional news report or review can be enhanced with a made-for-the-web video report. • Students to make judgements about the elements required to create an audiovisual text designed to meet the needs of a target audience. • Students to develop their literacy and ICT skills by scripting, speaking, listening, filming and editing. • Students to use cross curriculum skills and knowledge to choose topics to report on and/or respond to.

  5. Outcomes • Students to develop work related skills. Many occupations now require employees to contribute to the web by combining traditional print and the enhancements of visual and audio reporting. • Students to be connected to public world examples of this style of reporting and reviewing via the online websites of Fairfax and News Limited. • Students to develop key competencies by problem-solving and reflecting on how images construct meaning. • Increased student engagement in responding to and composing texts.

  6. Creating an online story package. • Time frame: six lessons to transform a traditional text into an online video report. • Students already make and edit digital video in other subjects.

  7. Steps to producing a video 1. Students have researched and written a text. 2. Discuss ideas for transforming the text into an online video report. Individually or in groups, students can create an online story package containing an extended review, still photos and a link to an online video on the same subject. 3. Students to access public world examples on the internet.

  8. Digital Video 4. Options: Students can shoot their own footage and edit or download suitable footage from You Tube (easier). 5. Video – three minutes maximum. 6. Use Premier Elements program to edit. 7. Use digital video plan template on the public drive. • BMW Z4 - • HSV Road Test • Sydney Morning Herald - Business & World News Australia |