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New orleans

New orleans

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New orleans

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  1. New orleans

  2. Culinary world • Tory Schail: He made a name for himself at commander’s palace in Las Vegas and moved back to new Orleans and took over the original Commander's. • SusabSpicer: has a award winning cook book, a James beard award best regional chef award. Food network appearances and a restaurant in the nations restaurant news • Emeril lagasse: he made tv cooking shows interesting again and was first from Massachusetts and build his reputation at commander’s place before building his own empire of restaurant . • John besh he competes on tv or is a judge in a competition. He has a few restaurants

  3. Festivals to go to • Wine and food experience in May. restaurants pair up with wineries and make great food and drink wine in a festival • Oyster festival in June. educates about the important of the Louisiana gulf oyster, it celebrates the oyster farmers and restaurants with live music and oysters. • Louisiana seafood festival in June. everyone celebrates the local seafood by cooking all of it. • Tales of the cocktail in August. four day long mixer in the city that invented cocktails. There are book signings lectures dinner pairings and cooking and mixing demonstrations • Coolinary new Orleans in Agust. ultimate celebration of dinning in the city eat at restaurants and savor prefix three course meals at special summer prices. • Po-boy preservation festival in November. celebrating the authentic sandwich and can taste po-boys from restaurants such as G.W. fins, bourbon house, Emeril’s Delmonico and many more, also includes history and live music arts and crafts and a children’s section with games and prize.

  4. Sports and recreational thing to do • There are a few things to do around town. There is the new Orleans saints with the new Orleans hornets (nba). You can go on a charter boat and do some great fishing (known for catching the red fish) or can bike around town or simply go golfing witch is year round due to the warm weather

  5. Night Life • All bars and clubs are legally not forced to close or stop serving, making the night the time to go out if you are young. Many bars have tons of live music you can even just get a drink to go cause you can drink pretty much anywhere.

  6. Housing • Apartments are pretty decent and cheap compared to most cities some start out as cheap as 600 for a single bed room apartment with utilities.

  7. Fun facts! • New Orleans population is around 370,00 people , poker was first invented in new Orleans around the 1700. First Marti Gras parade took place on shrove Tuesday 1838. Was the birth place of jazz and it printed the way of rock and roll with blues also. Louisianan had its own currency back in time called the Louisianan dix witch gave the nickname Dixieland

  8. Transportation • New Orleans offers a public transportation of a buss or streetcar, or taxies to help people get around town.

  9. Cajun way of life • Cajun are an ethnic group that makes up most of the state of Leusiannamost people think it’s just a style of food but really the people came from a French background in Acadian or Canndaand have their own way of doing things. They have created a style of food the state is mostly know for such as jumbo.

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