ethics and resources in animal based research n.
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Ethics and Resources in Animal-Based Research PowerPoint Presentation
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Ethics and Resources in Animal-Based Research

Ethics and Resources in Animal-Based Research

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Ethics and Resources in Animal-Based Research

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  1. Ethics and Resources in Animal-Based Research

  2. Division of Comparative Medicine Dr. Kate Banks MSB 1236 (416) 978-6539

  3. Ethical Imperative Sentience, or capacity to perceive stimuli Capacity to perceive painful stimuli Responsibilities incurred

  4. Provincial Law Animals for Research Act Requirement for ethical review, training Provisions for adequate and appropriate anesthesia and analgesia Animals for Research Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. A.22

  5. Canadian Council on Animal Care Guidelines on animal care Not federally legislated GAP certificates Non-compliance

  6. Funding of Research

  7. CIHR and the CCAC The Agencies require that: • All the research they fund that involves the use of animals be approved, in accordance with animal care standards, by the Researcher’s Institution before the work begins. Policy and Legislation in the event of non-compliance: • Suspension of funding will last until the CCAC reports that the Institution has initiated the actions required to bring it into compliance.

  8. UofT Policy Standard of care to meet or exceed CCAC guidelines Responsibility to comply with conditions set by CIHR, other public funding agencies Delegates authority on all matters pertaining to ethics review to ACCs

  9. Animal Care Committees Interpret regulatory guidelines other published sources, professional experience Empowered by UofT, CCAC, Provincial law Composed of your supervisor’s peers, veterinarians, veterinary technical staff, community representative

  10. Animal Care Committee Animals for Research Act CCAC Supervisor’s Animal Use Protocol

  11. Office of Research Ethics • Administration of protocols following review and approval • Explanation of review process • Animal Use Protocol, amendment forms • Instructions for completing forms

  12. Animal Use Protocol • The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy Animal Care Committee is the committee responsible for reviewing and approving protocols • FMPACC meets the first Wednesday of each month • The signed protocol should be delivered to the DCM office (MSB1236) by 4:30 p.m. on the Wednesday preceding the scheduled meeting • An electronic copy of the protocol must also be submitted to • It may take 4-6 weeks for the protocol to be processed

  13. Resources • Training (basic & specialized) • DCM staff (protocol review, animal health & welfare, husbandry, administrative, procedural, technical, animal models, experimental design) • Office of Research Ethics • Refinement databases (NC3rs, CCAC, AHWLA) • Literature reviews