john muir and stickeen week 29 n.
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John Muir and Stickeen Week 29 PowerPoint Presentation
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John Muir and Stickeen Week 29

John Muir and Stickeen Week 29

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John Muir and Stickeen Week 29

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  1. John Muir and StickeenWeek 29 Part 1

  2. You have learned about rereading to clarify meaning. Remember, if you come across something you do not understand in a text, you can reread to find information you may have missed or forgotten. Read the first paragraph of the following passage:

  3. Now read the rest of the passage:

  4. (Thanks to Clare Pechon, Independence, Lousiana) for voc slides.

  5. dedicated If you are dedicated to achieving a goal, you are devoting yourself to that purpose. Which would show that someone is dedicated to a sport: The person practices regularly without complaining, or the person whines and asks to skip practice?

  6. determined A determined person will do everything possible to try to accomplish a task. If a toddler seems determined to catch a ball, what is he or she probably doing?

  7. dainty Something that is dainty is small and delicate. What might dainty slippers look like?

  8. coddled Someone who has been coddled has been treated too kindly or protected too much. How might a dog that has been coddled react to being sent outside on a cold, windy night?

  9. pitiful If something is pitiful, it is so sad and weak that people feel sorry for it. Which situation is pitiful: a kitten that is playing with string, or a baby bird that has fallen out of its nest?

  10. endured Someone who has endured hardships has used personal strength to survive them. Tell about a difficult task you have endured.

  11. memorable If something is memorable, it is worth remembering. Name a memorable trip you took. Why was it memorable?

  12. Snow Camp Diary March 2 Today, my Alaskan snow camp adventure began. What a disaster! Six of us are happy to be here, but one is not. Beatrice seems determined to have a rotten time.

  13. On our first hike, she took dainty little steps in the snow. Each time she sank in past her ankles, she made a pitiful whimper. She is also a dedicated complainer. First, she's too cold.

  14. Then, she's hungry. Then, she's tired. I wonder why she came to camp at all.

  15. March 4 Tomorrow, we are going to hike to a stream and build a snow cave. Derek, our counselor, called a meeting.

  16. “No one will be coddled on our hike,” he said. “You will all enjoy a fine adventure, and I want you to work together.”

  17. As if I hadn’t endured enough of Beatrice already, Derek turned to me. “You and Bea will be partners,” he said.

  18. March 5 I don’t know what happened, but Beatrice has come around! We worked really well together. Our snow cave was awesome! I’m happily surprised to say that this trip will be one of my most memorable experiences.

  19. Why do you think the hike was a memorable experience for the diary writer?