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Interoperable Communications for a Safer Tomorrow

Interoperable Communications for a Safer Tomorrow. 1. Agile Interoperable Solutions. Our Focus is Customer Success.

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Interoperable Communications for a Safer Tomorrow

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  1. Interoperable Communications for a Safer Tomorrow 1

  2. Agile Interoperable Solutions Our Focus is Customer Success AIS and our flagship product CORE were born out of our own real-world need to rapidly re-establish critical business communications in the aftermath of a hurricane which crippled local infrastructure. With a deep understanding of communications technology, extensive operational experience, and a passionate commitment to supporting our customers, AIS is able to deliver best-in-class interoperable solutions. Seamless Connectivity Industry-Leading Support Tailored Solutions AIS provides interoperable communications solutions that enable public and private organizations to achieve seamless connectivity, even in the most challenging environments. From sales through deployment and operation, the AIS team provides the in-depth training, service, and support necessary to ensure our customer’s success in real-world operations. AIS delivers solutions; our engineers design each system to meet our customer’s most demanding and specific requirements. 2

  3. Common Operating Radio Engine (CORE) 3

  4. C Common Operating Radio Engine (CORE) Introducing CORE Communications Hub CORE represents the state-of-the-art in interoperability systems connecting radio, cellular, satellite, hardline, and Wi-Fi communications. Complete Solution CORE is a complete solution combining hardware, software, mobile applications, and customer-tailored workflows. Full Integration CORE integrates with existing radios, cellular phones, and emergency management communications systems including: command and control, incident management, video management, PSIM, and more. 4

  5. CORE Differentiators Connect Every Time, Everywhere. Never Drop a Call Take the Office to the Field with bonded cellular and seamless transition between towers and carriers. with full office functionality through an enterprise PBX. C Connect Your Agency’s Applications Rapid Deploymentand Ease of Use through a push button software application and PBX commands. with CORE’s onboard server and three layers of local Wi-Fi. Seamlessly Connect and Encrypt A Customizable Solution to meet the full spectrum of operational requirements. disparate radio, cellular (voice and text), and landline networks. 5

  6. Common Operating Radio Engine (CORE) The Power You Need Today. Upgradeable for Tomorrow. Radio Land Mobile Radio Networks Integrate Multiple LMR Networks Providing best-in-class radio interoperability, CORE users can establish secure communications using any make or model radio. Radio to IP Interface (ROIP) Maintains Network Encryption Interconnect Radios with Each Other and with VOIP, Landline, Cellular, Data, and Wi-Fi Add Handheld and Mobile Radios in the Field and “On the Fly” All LMR Makes and Models Fully Supported Cellular Voice and Data Networks Multiple Simultaneous Carriers Cutting Edge Cellular, Data, and Voice Encryption CORE extends radio-style push-to-talk communications to any user equipped with a cellular phone. LTE Bonding for Increased Bandwidth 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE Seamless Tower Pass-Off Between Carriers LTE and FirstNet (band 14) Ready Smart Phone App Up to 16 Concurrent Cellular Sessions 6

  7. Common Operating Radio Engine (CORE) The Power You Need Today. Upgradeable for Tomorrow. Enterprise PBX Landline / VOIP Network With an enterprise-grade PBX phone system built-in, communication with CORE users is as simple as picking up the phone. Dedicated Phone Number IVR Call Routing Extensions Integrates with Existing Phone Systems Voicemail Conference Bridging Full Voice Recording Wi-Fi Multi-Layered Service Adopts Customer’s Security Policies and Permissions Customizable Multi-Layered Wi-Fi CORE can establish secure voice and data networks where none exist. High-Powered Wireless Mesh Network Can Extend and be Transmitted to Multiple Additional Sites Scalable User Availability Based on Bandwidth 7

  8. Common Operating Radio Engine (CORE) CORE Features and Benefits Configurable Tailored to the Customer Designed and Configured for Optimal Ease of Use Every CORE system is custom-built and tailored to the customer’s current and future needs. Server-Room Configurations Mobile Command Center Configurations In-Vehicle Configurations Man-Portable Configurations Upgradeable Future-Proof Solution Onsite or Remote Software Upgradeable Add More Capabilities If Needed CORE protects your investment through use of an expandable, upgradeable, and enhanceable architecture. Components and Parts Can Be Exchanged Without Modifying Unit 3 Onboard Servers including Client Use Server for Software Apps and Data 8

  9. Common Operating Radio Engine (CORE) CORE Features and Benefits Deployable Ready for the Real World Mobile: Deploy from Small SUV CORE is ready for real world situations and worst-case scenarios, whether on, or off the grid. Setup in Under 15 Minutes Small Footprint: 20.4” x 26.5” x 43” (Rugged) Push-Button Setup with Minimal Requirements Light Weight: < 100 lbs Connectivity via Cellular, Fiber, Satellite, Microwave or Any Standard Network Connection Low Power Consumption Cost Effective Best Value in Industry High Number of Voice and Data Channels for Cost, Compared to Competing Systems Best-in-Industry Support With best-in-industry support and capabilities only found in more expensive systems, CORE delivers unrivaled value. Future-Proof Integrates with Existing Systems, Networks, and Equipment Minimal Training Requirements Cost-Based Routing for Network Services 9

  10. CORE Usage Cases Critical Incident Commands Multiple Agencies / Organizations From terrorism to natural disasters, providing communications during critical incidents requires the highest degree of connectivity and integration. CORE is the secure, rugged, and deployable solution. Providers of daily operational communications spanning multiple agencies and organizations and requiring efficient, effective, and robust tools for user control and management choose CORE for easy, secure, and reliable interoperability. 10

  11. CORE Usage Cases Oil and Natural Gas Casinos and Gaming Organizations engaged in energy exploration, production, and transportation operating in remote regions, offshore, or at temporary sites where little or no infrastructure exists. CORE facilitates reliable communications whenever and wherever it’s deployed. Casino and gaming operators establishing secure communications between security, law enforcement, hospitality, engineering, and management personnel. CORE connects stakeholder departments, external agencies, and vendors with an easily managed solution. 11

  12. CORE Usage Cases Temporary Scale-Up Public Events Providing communications to relief workers, emergency repair crews, and other short-term users requires integration with the host organization’s communications systems. CORE makes rapid and reliable integration possible. Concerts, marathons, football games, and other major events can necessitate communication between agencies and organizations which may not have prior experience working together. CORE provides seamless and secure communication in these challenging environments. 12

  13. CORE Usage Cases Fleet Operations Remote Operations Fleet operators need to keep vehicles and drivers on the road and on time. CORE allows fleet owners to focus on their daily operations instead of their communications system. Search and rescue, exploration and mapping, wildfire control, and other remote operations call for a rugged and portable system that can be taken “off the grid.” CORE is ready for the mission. 13

  14. CORE Usage Cases Daily Operations Redundant Communications CORE can establish secure interoperable communications services for day-to-day operational use to any type of business, organization, or governmental agency in base station, mobile, and blended configurations. Multiple redundant systems are the foundation of survivability and continuity. CORE provides the capability to rapidly deploy secure emergency interoperable communications services to any location—on or off the grid. 14

  15. CORE Solution Development Process AIS Customer Engagement 01 AIS’s CORE team determines customer’s current capabilities, existing needs, and future system enhancements. 01 Needs Assessment 02 AIS designs and engineers customer solution using CORE elements, based upon needs assessment. 02 Solutions Engineering 03 AIS deploys and integrates the CORE solution into customer’s existing infrastructure. 03 Implementation 04 AIS trains customer’s administration and staff in CORE’s setup, deployment, operation, and maintenance. 04 Training 05 AIS ensures customer success through ongoing, long-term training, maintenance, updates, and support of the CORE solution. 05 Operational Support 15

  16. CORE Leadership Team CEO PaulBlackwell, Sr. General Blackwell is a decorated combat veteran with 31 years of service in the United States Army. Blackwell has held a wide range of command and staff positions including Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Planning and Commanding General, 24th Infantry Division. Blackwell was Vice President of Raytheon Corp. for 12 years and served as primary interface with U.S. Army CECOM and Special Operations Command. Blackwell brings unparalleled leadership, vision, and operational experience to AIS. Lieutenant General, U.S. Army (Retired) Chief Executive Officer CTO COO CSO MikeCorwin Daniel Johanning Shehryar Wahid Chief Operations Officer Chief Science Officer Chief Technical Officer Major Mike Corwin (retired) is a decorated police officer with more than 30 years of service in the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. Corwin was a policy advisor to the Director of the FBI and an expert consultant in critical incident communication to the Department of Homeland Security. Corwin brings considerable experience with interoperable communications systems in real-world emergency response environments to AIS. Daniel Johanning is a telecommunications executive who brings more than three decades of experience to AIS. Johanning served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps as a Combat Telecommunications Specialist. Johanning’s private sector career has focused on wireless/VOIP with the past 15 years spent as an industry expert specializing in communications solutions for government, disaster response, and wireless global communications. Shehryar Wahid has more than twenty-five years of experience in technology, finance, project management and telecommunications. Wahid’s career began at Ernst & Young conducting electronic audits of banks and financial institutions and conducting Y2K-related work. Since 2000, Wahid has worked in the communications sector engineering a number of VOIP and mobile solutions for remote, international, and emergency communications. 16

  17. Agile Interoperable Solutions Contact AIS Speak with a Sales Engineer Today and Learn How CORE Can Solve Your Communications Challenges. Phone: eMail: Web: (202) 827-6301 ais@aisinterop.com aisinterop.com 17

  18. Interoperable Communications for a Safer Tomorrow LEARN MORE AT AISINTEROP.COM 18

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