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  1. Traveling! By : Zoe & Leila

  2. It was a cold winter day in Michigan. Abby woke up with a smile on her face, she was very exited because she was going to California.

  3. Brooke woke up to, she was exited because she was planning on sneaking on the plane without Abby knowing. She is going to wear a mask on the plane, she was so exited.

  4. Brooke got dressed and had the ticket for the plane. Abby said her good byes to everybody and took the car keys and left the house. Brooke took her ticket and said bye to parents and she left behind Abby’s car.

  5. In the car, Brooke got her mask on and kept on driving. When Brooke got to the airport she saw Abby so, she ran away from her. She hid behind a car in the parking lot.

  6. She followed Abby into the airport. They made their way to the gate when Abby looked back, Brooke hid behind the plastic bush. Abby took a seat and Brooke took one far away from Abby because she thought that Abby would find her.

  7. The plane had got there, Abby took her seat and Brooke got on the plane after Abby did. Brooke still had her mask on and she ran to her seat, far away from Abby. Abby was very exited for her trip.

  8. The plane was almost there. Abby saw some palm trees and got very exited. She knew she was close to California, a few minutes later the plane landed. Abby and Brooke got of the plane but Abby still didn’t know that Brooke was following her.

  9. When they got there, Brooke sat next to Abby in the lobby and took her mask off. Abby was super mad.

  10. Abby sat in the lobby and she was calling a taxi to drive her to her hotel. Brooke sat next to her and took of her mask. Abby got very mad at Brooke. The taxi came to pick Abby and Brooke up.

  11. When they got to the hotel, Abby was still furious. Brooke was mad at her self but she did not want to say sorry.

  12. Abby hates getting in fights, so she apologized to Brooke. Brooke and Abby hugged and they had the rest of their vacation being happy with each other.

  13. When their vacation was over, they got on the plane and went home. When they got to the Michigan airport, Abby and Brooke’s parents where there, and they were very happy.