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Netscaler 10 vCommunity 2012

Netscaler 10 vCommunity 2012. John Smith, CCA, CTP http://edgesightunderthehood.com http://xen-trifuge.com. New Features. Clustering Data Stream Enhancements AAA Enhancements SAML NTLMv2 Visibility Enhancements Action Analytics. Clustering.

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Netscaler 10 vCommunity 2012

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  1. Netscaler 10vCommunity 2012 John Smith, CCA, CTP http://edgesightunderthehood.com http://xen-trifuge.com

  2. New Features • Clustering • Data Stream Enhancements • AAA Enhancements • SAML • NTLMv2 • Visibility Enhancements • Action Analytics

  3. Clustering • Allows you to have an active-active Netscaler configuration rather than a failover configuration. • Similar to a farm metric server, the configuration coordinator selects the next Netscaler based on link aggregation (Link State) instead of CPU, Memory and Session Count • A 16-node cluster has been scaled up to 750 GB of throughput.

  4. Benefits of Clustering • No longer paying the same amount of money to have a Netscaler sit and wait and do nothing until a failure. • Staggering throughput for future “big data” endeavors. (Youtube: “Netscaler Cluster”) • You make 32 appliances act as one giant node (A Netscaler super-node). • Built-in Fault Tolerance.

  5. AAA Enhancements • SAMLv2 Authentication • Allows for Single Sign on support for Web based applications. • Helps solve the “Identity Crisis” that exists in today’s collaborative cloud environment. • ADFS for Windows 2008 R2 has SAML 2.0 support. • NTLMv2 for AAA • Finally some help for SharePoint Integration and SSO by passing NTLMv2 Credentials First then falling back to NTLMv1

  6. DataStream (Native SQL Proxy) • Allows for Parallel processing of SQL Commands • Intelligent Health Checks • Reduce the TCP Footprint on the individual SQL Servers by multiplexing sessions on the VIP. • TDS Protocol Awareness vs. basic TCP Load Balancing. • Compatible from 2000-2012 and Oracle Support on the horizon. • Because it is not using SSL, VPX closers make a very affordable option for enhancing SQL Connectivity.

  7. DataStream Technologies

  8. Benefits of Datastream • More TCP Connections can be accommodated. • 32K RPC Limit for MS-SQL Server. The Netscaler offloads these connections and allow for more databases to be hosted on a single server (less Licensing Costs) • Less TCP Overhead and allows the Network layer “heavy lifting” to be done by the Netscaler and the Query handling to be done by the SQL Server. Or Netscaler = Brawn, SQL Server = Brain • Allows for Caching which will further give you better performance from your MS-SQL Server. • Is now transaction aware (acts as a SQL Client to the Database Server) • Middle-Tier servers are much more efficient as they never have to deal with the state. • Increased visibility to APP Owners and DBA’s to see all transactions from the top-down using APPFlow. • Clients don’t feel it when a Database Server goes down because their session is with the VIP. • Create responder commands that can protect your database (Stop “drop table” commands) • Up to 3x Improvement just putting the database behind the Netscaler.

  9. Additional Information • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMraXl2-ino • Won “Best of Tech Ed” this year.

  10. Stream Analyitics • Allows for real-time analysis of URL performance • Lets you see clients who are connected to specific Netscaler VIPS • Is run from the command line but also has a nice GUI that you can run from the Netscaler. • Can view Analytics for both SQL and Web based VIPS.

  11. Steps • Create the Analytics “Selector” • Set the metrics you want to collect. • Name the Selector • Create the Stream Identifier • Bind the Stream Identifier to a Responder Policy • Bind the Responder Policy Globally or to a specific VIP.

  12. DEMOStream Analytics

  13. “ICASTART, ICAENDICA-LIKE!!!” • New log as of 9.3 that gives us some critical metrics that can be hard to get, even with Edgesight. • Two separate Logs, ICASTART and ICAEND • ICASTART: • 12/09/2012:14:40:46 GMT ns 0-PPE-0 : SSLVPN ICASTART 540963 0 : Source - Destination - username:domainnamemhayes:Xentrifuge - applicationName Desktop - startTime "12/09/2012:14:40:46 GMT" - connectionId81d16 • ICAEND: • 12/09/2012:14:41:12 GMT ns 0-PPE-0 : SSLVPN ICAEND_CONNSTAT 541032 0 : Source - Destination - username:domainnamemhayes:Xentrifuge - startTime "12/09/2012:14:40:46 GMT" - endTime "12/09/2012:14:41:12 GMT" - Duration 00:00:26 - Total_bytes_send 9363 - Total_bytes_recv 587588 - Total_compressedbytes_send 0 - Total_compressedbytes_recv 0 - Compression_ratio_send 0.00% - Compression_ratio_recv 0.00% - connectionId81d16

  14. Logging this Data • I use SolarWinds KIWI Syslog Server • Integrate with SQL Server and Reporting Services • If you can afford it, you should use Splunk and parse the data with their tool • Use a Parse Script to parse the data into SQL Server Columns. • Leverage the data once it is in a SQL Server Database.


  16. Benefits of logging ICASTART/ICAEND • Real-time Analytics of incoming ICA Sessions • Real-time Analytics of ICA Sessions in general • Ability to report utilization • Ability to report how long a users’ session was • Reporting on Average Session • By IP Range • By time of day • By User ID • By Domain

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