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CCM Resources

CCM Resources. Project Cost Overview. Boards 3&4 (production boards- 130 each type ) Eng. changes and designer layout work – Done Tech time to place POs and gather parts, place POs for PCBs/board assembly.

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CCM Resources

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  1. CCMResources

  2. Project Cost Overview • Boards 3&4 (production boards-130 each type ) • Eng. changes and designer layout work – Done • Tech time to place POs and gather parts, place POs for PCBs/board assembly. • Tech time for functionality testing at FNAL. Eng/tech time for debugging. Shipping to CERN. • Radiation Testing (chips at CERN, CCMs at MGH) • CCM testing at 904: Eng. Time+Travel + Physicist Travel + student COLA • I&C at Point 5: Russian Tech(s) time + student COLA (2) • 1 Teams of 2 Techs to harvest and reinstall CCMs (Arefiev+ Smirnov/Epshteyn (if available)) + 2 students to modify CCMs and test

  3. Production Boards 3&4 • 108 CCMs needed for HB/HE/HO • Full Production – 130 boards of each type (includes spares + test stands + test beam) • 130 additional along with 25 prototype • PCB fabrication (2 weeks) • Parts procurement (3 days – 1 week) • PCB assembly (2 weeks) • Boardtesting + debugging (20 days) [tech + physicists] • Should take 2.5-3 months after project approval/funding (slower due to holidays). Parts procurement can start as soon as project is approved, but some parts have long lead-times. • If rad testing is required, it will need to be done simultaneously to meet the installation schedule.

  4. I&C Summary • CCM installation • CMS has scheduled access time for the jumper intervention to resolve the RBX data loss problems • CCM will already need to be unstacked. Swapping out boards 3&4 is straightforward • 130 sets of new Boards 3 & Board 4 will be ready (tested with 10 day burn-in) by 1 May 2013 • There is sufficient access to have extended functionality testing time in CMS inthe proposed CCM intervention plan • HCAL is in close communications with TC for coordinating the LS1 activities

  5. I&C Cost estimate • Labor needed (Jan-Aug) • Skilled techs to remove/install CCMs from RBX (2-3 Russian techs) • 2 teams of 2 students for work in 904 (4 students total – could have international contribution here) • Test and burn-in CCM boards • Stack/unstack of CCM cardpack • Clipping jumper • Install new Boards 3 & Board 4 • Test modified CCMs • Labor in current LS1 planning for CCM jumper work (US/Protvino) • Russian techs • 2 students • Additional 2 students needed for CCM Board 3&4 work • International HCAL may provide the additional 2 students needed ($0 cost) • If not, the incremental cost is COLA for 2 students for 9 months (US rates) • 1000 kCHFx 9 x 2 = 18000 kCHF (x1.1 for exch rate) = $19800 • If needed, we can provide 1 physicist for testing at CERN • $8k travel (per month) • Total labor needed for I&C is an incremental change to the current US HCAL LS1 labor plan • $19800 + $8k = $27800 • Cost range ($0 -$27800), depending on international support and required physicist travel support

  6. Summary Boards 3&4 Cost (130 additional boards of each type)

  7. Summary • New Board 3&4 design will make the CCM more robust to QPLL failures • This redundancy is built into the new ngCCM but did not exist in the old design. • CCM production schedule and I&C plan is tight, but achievable • The full 130 sets of Board 3 & 4 will be tested/burned-in by May 1, in time for installation • Overall incremental cost in terms of CCM interventions already planned in LS1 (jumper removal) is not large. • Cost of the production quantities of new CCMs should be looked at in view of the cost to support the CCM hardware in the past • 1 FTE (Dick + grad student) per year • While this maintenance need won’t disappear completely, we hope it will be greatly reduced to <<1 FTE

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