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Movie Review:- KICK PowerPoint Presentation
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Movie Review:- KICK

Movie Review:- KICK

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Movie Review:- KICK

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  1. Movie Review:- KICK Directed by-SajidNadiawala

  2. Unedited movie review KICK MOVIE REVIEW -Kick is an action movie of Salman Khan. Kick is remake of telegu movie with same name kick. Kick is basically typical Sallu Bhai movie with no story. I am not expecting this type of movie from sajidnadiadwala. The best thing of movie is songs. Item song by NargisFhakhri is “yarnaamilay”. “Hangover” by Salman khan. Meaning of Kick in the movie is adventure life. Salman khan wants ‘kick’ in life. So he never stay in one job for long time. Himanshu (RandeepHooda) is a police inspector. He is searching for devil (Salman khan). Devil is thief . He targeted all the rich people related to shiv gazra (Nawazuddin Siddiqui). Shiv gazra is a corrupt politician. Jaqueline Fernandez is a psychiatrist. She fallen in love with Devi Prasad (Salman Khan). If you want to see this. You can leave your brain in the home. First half of movie is good as compare to second half. The business rating of kick is 4.5 out of 5. Because it is a Salman Khan movie. Movie released on the great Muslim festival Id. Rating for song is 4.5 and for action is 3.75 out of 5. Rating for story is 2.5. The overall rating of Kick is 3.

  3. Edited movie review CS300 Assignment: Movie Review Movie: KICK Directed by: SajidNadiawala Submitted by: Sandeep Kumar(12615) Dilmeinatihai but samajh me nahiati Kick the latest action movie starring Salman Khan is the remake of a telegu movie with the same name. One could guess right of the bat that this movie is no different than any of the recent movies featuring Salman Khan, a no brainer with a lot of low quality special effects action. The movie has weak story line and a poor script with the main character (Salman Khan) looking for what he calls a "kick" in everything. One simply doesnt expect this kind of movie from SajidNadiawala. The movie features RandeepHooda as a very smart and highly reputed cop ,but apparently he cannot even figure out who the culprit is even when his entire profile is described to him by Jacqueline Fernandez. The movie is riddled with several such logical loopholes. The only watchable parts of the movie are the songs "Hangover" and "Yaarnamiley" ,the latter featuring NarghisFakhri giving a very much needed guest appearance. The biggest plight is that in spite the movie fails all over the board it has become the highest grossing Bollywood movie of the year 2014 (kinda makes you wonder about the taste of people nowadays). All in all its a pretty good movie to update yourself to the standard Indian movies have fallen to in present times. It is a must watch if you find yourself having a few extra hundred bucks and nothing to kill time, you might get a few pity laughs out of it.

  4. Edits:- The edits made in the review broadly fall into the following categories:- • Compositional Edits • Grammatical Edits • Editing the content (because of relevance, convention etc)

  5. Compositional edits Unedited review Edited review A title relevant to the movie Each paragraph highlights a certain point with an introductory paragraph as well as a paragraph for conclusion. The name of the director and the author of the review where added • Missing title • No introduction and paragraph demarcation was random • No name of the director or the person writing the review

  6. Grammatical edits:- Grammatical errors are the easiest to spot and must be avoided at all cost because they bring down the quality of the review more than anything. • A lot of mistakes in tenses were corrected • Correction in punctuations were made • A lot of sentences were rearranged and merged to make them more apt • The language used in the review should be English unless terms from the movie are directly being used :-song name , dialogues etc

  7. Edits made to the content:- Most of the edits made to this review fall under this category. After everything is said and done it is the content that matters the most. • The content was distributed haphazardly in the unedited review, so related content was placed under a single paragraph • A lot of irrelevant information was removed like the ratings from a particular source should not be added to the review and if they are then the name of such (trustworthy) source should be mentioned. • Most of the review comprised the storyline of the movie. Care should be taken that too much information about the content of the movie is not revealed.