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Movie Review

Movie Review

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Movie Review

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  1. Movie Review

  2. Catchy Introduction/Hook The story Hunch Back of Notre Damn is a story of how discrimination could really affect ones life. It could lead to a huge destruction. We must not judge the person by the physical appearances.

  3. Storyline:What was the story about? The story is all about the hunch back man who was abandoned by his parents and was adopted by a priest. He grew up in a church, in where he became the bell ringer man. He once accused as a killer and was punished. Until such time that the truth was revealed that the priest is the killer and tried to rape Esmeralda.

  4. How predictable or unpredictable was the plot? The plot was quiet unpredictable, because in the first place, we didn’t expect that the true criminal was the priest.

  5. Which were your favorite scenes? Why? • Our favorite scene was during the time that Quasimodo was punished and Esmeralda helped him by giving water. It only showed that everyone deserves to be respected, no matter who he is. • Another scene was during the part where Quasimodo saved Esmeralda, and tried to protect her. And because of him, the truth was able to reveal.

  6. Themes/the “Big picture” or message to the movie (ex. Friendship, love) The message of this movie is about giving respect to everyone, no discrimination and having the sense of equality. One must not be judged just because of ones physical appearances or impairments.

  7. Key characters and their roles within the film: • Quasimodo – The hunch back who was punished of committing an actions which actually he did not done. The antagonist of the story. • Esmeralda - A beautiful and helpful lady who was saved by Quasimodo. She also revealed who is the true killer. • Priest – The one who adopted Quasimodo from the abandonment of his parents. He is also the true criminal and who tried to rape Esmeralda.

  8. Why was the main character likeable or not likeable? For us the main character was really likable. He was able to portrayed the role that was given to him. He showed how humble and good he was.

  9. What made the actors convincing or unconvincing? The actors are really convincing, they act naturally and was able to portrayed their characters played.

  10. Which conversation or dialogue did you enjoy the most? Why? The most conversation we enjoyed most was the time when Quasimodo fight against the priest, and asked him to tell the truth in front of crowded people. Because in this time, people was able to know who is the true criminal.

  11. Your opinions Let’s not jump directly into conclusions. We might hurt or destruct other people’s life by the wrong judgments we give.

  12. Closing:Movie recommendation: Be sure to give an overall rating or star listing for this film. List whether or not, you would view it again by giving it a thumbs up or down.

  13. If we are going to rate this movie from 1-10, then we will rate it in 9. Because the actors/actresses were good portraying their own roles. And we do recommend this movie to other to view it, it’s just because a learning of this movie was good. It taught us how to be fair or equal, because we can’t deny the fact that it could be done by us. Because physical discrimination is still existing on present time.