a law guidance for foreigners living in nanjing n.
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A Law Guidance for Foreigners Living in Nanjing PowerPoint Presentation
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A Law Guidance for Foreigners Living in Nanjing

A Law Guidance for Foreigners Living in Nanjing

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A Law Guidance for Foreigners Living in Nanjing

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  1. A Law Guidance for Foreigners Living in Nanjing

  2. The Law of the People’s Republic of China on Entry & Exit of Aliens • The law applies to the foreigners who enter, exit Chinese border and stay, live or travel in Chinese territories

  3. ENTRY The following persons are forbidden to enter Chinese border: • Those who are banished by the Chinese Government and are still in the effective acting time • Those who are considered to be threats to Chinese safety and national security • Those who engage in smuggling, drug dealing and prostitution • Those who are suffering from lunacy, AIDS, venereal diseases, infective phthisic and other infectious diseases • Those who cannot afford to support their living in China

  4. PASSPORT Definition: A document of nationality and identity usually granted only to a person who is a national of the issuing country for identification and protection when traveling abroad. It is also a formal permit authorizing the holder to leave and return to the nation of which he or she is a subject.

  5. The category of passport: • The ordinary passport Issue for most of the nation’s citizen.

  6. 2. The officer (service) passport Issue for the nation’s civil servants and other specific persons.

  7. VISA • Definition: A formal endorsement placed by government authorities on a passport, indicating that the passport has been examined and found valid by the nation to be visited, and that the bearer may legally go to his or her destination. China has entry visa only.

  8. Special Case For (X) or (Z) VISA The duration after entry indicating by 000 or 000 means the visa holder must apply for the resident permission or leave China in 30 days

  9. Resident Permit

  10. The Function of Resident Permit • Permit holders to reside in China legally in the permissive time; • In the permissive time, holders can multiple their exit and entry of and into China.

  11. The Penalty for Illegal Residence • Warning; • Paying a forfeit of RMB 500 per day without exceeding RMB 5,000 in total; • Held in to custody from 3 to 10 days; • Expelling.

  12. Temporary Accommodation Registration Stipulation: Every foreigner who has arrived in China must check in for temporary accommodation within 24 hours; Punishment: 1. Warning 2. Paying a forfeit from ¥50 to ¥500

  13. Shift According Chinese law, each foreigner alternatehis address include room number must go to local police station for report changing during 24hr. If you don’t to so, you should facing with some punishment such as warning, fine. If you change you university, passport number, address etc. you must go to Nanjing Police Bureau to report change during change happen 10 days. If you went to renew you resident permit or visa, you need to local police station to fill a registry form before goto visa office.

  14. Off campus Living • Before you move off campus, let your university student office know you new address and phone number for convenient communication • After your move new address, you need go to local police station for registry during 24 hours. • keep vigilant when you living alone, don’t open your door for stranger.

  15. Do Not Forget Locking Your Door ! • Always keep your room keys with you • Lock your door when you sleep or leave your room • Store your personal properties such as cash, bankbook in private places • Do not disclose your account number code and deposit balance to other persons

  16. Traffic law • Never drunk driving • Never driving no license vehicle, including motorcycle • Never driving vehicle and motorcycle without driver license • if you break above three point, you will bear all result including criminal and civil responsibility.

  17. EXIT The following persons are forbidden to exit Chinese border • The person who is convicted of crimes, the suspected identify by the police authorities and procuratorate • The person who has unfinished civil case and court notice • The person who holds an illegal passport and other fake travel documents

  18. How to Prevent Being Stolen • Do not take stacks of cash, valuables and important documents outside unless it needed • Do not let your luggage leave your sight when you are in a public place • Do not put valuables in backpack when you riding bus, ferry, train, etc.

  19. The Places that Pockets Are Easily Picked • A place nearby a bus door • Crowded places for public activities such as street showing and square performance which may distract your attention on your pockets

  20. How to Renew a Passport & Visa • If your passport is missing or stolen, you shall contact your teacher with the Int’l Students Office first • You shall report the missing of your passport to the local police station, after you report the missing. The local police will issue a receipt for you • You shall hold the receipt to the Nanjing Police Exit-Entry Department(PEED) for a further investigation and will be issued a passport lost certificate • You shall hold the certificate to your country's embassy or consulate to renew a passport • After you get a new passport, you shall hold the new passport to PEED for applying for a new visa

  21. Prevent been cheated The principal of cheating: Purpose: to get you money. Method: design a fake story let you trust some fictitious benefits, once they get your money, cut off all line and vanished Typical sample: • Cheap air tickets. • To publish news at some website or rumor saying he has some channel to get cheap air tickets. They waiting into the trap.

  22. b. Once you into the trap, they use many words try to eliminate your doubt. • Let you to transmit money into an account he built for payment some fabled “air ticket” . • Once you money into the account, he take money as quick as possible and • Let you go to some far way city to take “tickets” , to leave enough time for him • Vanished

  23. 2. A phone call from police or bank or telecom companies a. Using a special equipment to dial random phone. b. Once you pickup headset, a record voice told you he is bank service or tele company, you consume huge number. If you has any doubt, can press some key to transform human service. c. If you transform human service, tell them you haven’t to cost so many money, they

  24. tell you maybe you will be cheated, and suggest you to report police or they would transform you phone to so call “police headquarter” d. Once you phone transferred, after listen to your words an so call policeman will tell you maybe you account be stolen. For prevent you property lose, they suggest you transfer you money to a so call ‘safe account’ or let you to an ATM to do ‘safe protection’

  25. e. Once you money transfer into the account, just in few minutes, some persons waiting at bank to get you money and vanished. From above sample, we can summing-up In whole process, you only communicated with swindler, they control you mind, even you action. To avoid be cheated, we advice you that before you transfer you money to the designation account, you need to keep calm and waiting two or three hours. The swindler can not wait so long. Or you can tell those to you friends or teacher to discuss it. If about air ticket, you can phone air company directly to ask relative affair.

  26. The Basic Process for Reporting to Police • If a case occurs, the first reaction for you is to dial 110 to call police • Tell police all the details about your case, your situation and your personal information

  27. How to Identify Fake Money • There are more then 26 characteristics in RMB • These characteristics include watermark, wiry, magnetic unit, etc.

  28. Some Important Phone Numbers • For help 110 • For fire 119 • For ambulance 120

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