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Welcome to third grade! Mrs. Weaver & Ms. True PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to third grade! Mrs. Weaver & Ms. True

Welcome to third grade! Mrs. Weaver & Ms. True

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Welcome to third grade! Mrs. Weaver & Ms. True

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  1. Welcome to third grade! Mrs. Weaver & Ms. True

  2. Information Sent Home • Daily Folder – includes homework, calendar, notes to parents, and class work that will not be graded. • Tuesday Folder – weekly conduct, all correspondence from the PTO and graded class work.

  3. Graded Papers • Graded papers are sent home in the Tuesday Folder. Any paper with a grade less than a 70 needs to be signed and returned to the teacher. • Please remove from folder and keep at home.

  4. Homework • Third grade will have two homework packets- one for Language Arts/Social Studies and one for Math/Science. Homework is 5% of their grade. • Homework will be sent home on Thursdays. Both packets should be returned the following Thursday. • Homework will be accepted on Friday, but with 10 points off. • Homework not turned in by Friday is a zero. • We are working towards independence. Homework is the student’s responsibility.

  5. Attendance • Students enter the classroom at 7:50. Any child entering building after 8:05 is marked tardy. Instruction begins at 8:05. • Any child not in class by 9:00 is counted absent. Please send a note for absences. • The latest time you may check out your child from the front office is 2:45. • Parents will receive emails after students have been tardy 5, 10, and 13 times. • Students will receive a referral and a • recess detention at 15 tardies.

  6. Lunch Children are not allowed to charge lunches. Children who do not have lunch money will be given an alternate lunch. Lunches can be prepaid by check or at The last five minutes of lunch will be a quiet time to finish up their food and clean up their area.

  7. Lunch continued... • You may eat lunch with your child at the Parent Table. We are limited on the amount of seats at the parent table. We can no longer use the stage (including the steps) for an eating area. You will only be allowed to eat with your own child. • Another note on nutrition – The kids (more specifically, their brains) need a good breakfast and lunch, and plenty • of sleep to learn!

  8. Snack • Please feel free to send a healthy snack with your child each day. We have a working snack time in the afternoon, so the snack needs to be something easy to eat. Examples include goldfish and pretzels. • Please send in a water bottle with a sports top to avoid wet work!

  9. Schedule Announcements: 7:55 a.m. (Switch 8:05 a.m.) Specials: 9:10-10:00 a.m. Lunch: 11:00-11:30 a.m. Recess: 11:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Switch classes: 12:05 p.m. Afternoon block: 12:05-2:10 p.m. Intervention/Enrichment: 2:15 p.m. (M, W, Th, F) Super Specials: Tuesday from 2-2:50 p.m. *Our library day is every other Thursday!

  10. Specials Schedule Monday- Art- (True), Music – (Weaver) Wednesday - Art- (Weaver), Music – (True) Tuesday/Thursday – Music (Weaver); Art (True) Friday – Enrichment(rotates between all specials) **Tuesday– Super Specials 2:00-2:50

  11. Positive Reinforcement and Conduct • Classroom reward system • Star Coupons for Hall of Fame • Principal Hi 5s • Tuesday Conduct Folder sheets • CHAMPS

  12. Safety • All visitors must sign in at the front office and receive a badge. • All volunteers need to complete the Background Check form on the CISD website. This must be completed every year. • All outside doors are locked during the school day.

  13. Conferences • Please feel free to email or send notes with any questions. • Our conference time is 9:15-9:55 on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Other conferences will be scheduled before or after school. • Fall Conference will be held after beginning of the year testing has finished in October.

  14. Email • We check our email before school and after school. If there is a transportation change, please make sure you notify the office, as there are times we cannot check our email before dismissal. • We make every effort to answer emails within 24 hours.

  15. Birthdays • Please feel free to send store-bought treats (preferably cookies) for your child’s birthday. These will be shared at the end of lunch. Please consider sending in a treat bag instead of a sweet! Many parents are trying to limit their child's sugar. Please do not send in cupcakes that are frosted together as one cake – very messy to pass out in the cafeteria! We will be wearing gloves to pass out the treats. Birthday party invitations may no longer be given out during school.

  16. Transportation • No changes made (released to the office) after 2:45. Please remember that we are learning until 2:50! When a child is checked out early, it interrupts everyone's learning. • Changes in transportation require a written transportation change notice. • Rainy Day Dismissal Form– please make sure you have filled this out if your child is a walker/biker. Mark if your child will be in the gym or a car rider on rainy days.

  17. STAAR Test • Tuesday, April 22 – Math test • Wednesday, April 23 – Reading test • Do NOT worry about this all year! If the kids work hard every day to learn how to apply their learning and thinking, they will do very well. We do not want the kids to only focus on the test all year. We want them to learn!

  18. Language Arts • We are “WILD readers” in third grade! We are challenging our students to read 20 books this year. The books will be from a variety of genres. Your child will have a reading notebook that should go back and forth to school every day. More information will be coming home soon. • Assessments will be completed throughout the year. The results of the beginning of year assessments (completed for every student) will be discussed during your fall conference.

  19. Language Arts Homework • Students will be reading each and every day. Our goal is to help every single child discover the joy of reading this year! • Additionally, we will focus on word study as a part of the weekly homework. This will reinforce the word patterns we are focusing on in class.

  20. Math Curriculum • The 4 Math units in 3rd grade include: Measurement, Geometry, Numeration, Addition/Subtraction • Multiplication Facts – It is our goal for all students to have up to 10x10 mastered by the end of the school year. (If facts don’t move into the brain’s cerebellum for automaticity, children will need to use more brain power in higher level math.) • We do have district Fact Checks about once a month for multiplication.

  21. Math Homework Math homework goes home on Thursdays and returns the following Thursday. Math homework should not take more than 30 minutes a night. Students should practice their multiplication facts nightly. Math homework will be accepted a day late on Fridays, but it will be 10 points off. Homework will be counted as a zero if it is more than a day late.

  22. Champion in Me Each month, we will be highlighting a different character trait. For September, the color is red and the character trait is “Be an Upstander”. We will be discussing this throughout the year, and the students will keep track of the traits with their own The Champion in Me book.

  23. Tips for success in 3rd grade! • Remember that tests will be cumulative. The information is important to always remember! • Allow students time to learn. This is the time to stretch their learning, which might mean an occasional grade that is lower than what they are used to. This is why their GPA doesn’t count until high school!  • We want “Weebles” in our class! They may wobble from time to time, but they don’t fall down!!!

  24. How was your day? Ideas for questions to ask at the end of the day: • What is one thing you did well in math today? • Name two things that made you happy today. • What is one thing you are going to work on? • What questions did you have about something you read today?

  25. Contact Ms. True – Remind 101 – -True’s Class: Text @3rdtrue to 424-543-6362 -Weaver’s Class: Text@weavermath to 424-543-6362 Mrs. Weaver – Remind101 - -True's class- Text @weaver14 to 424-835-7819 -Weaver's class - @weaver3 to 424-835-7819 -Scholastic Class Code - L3TZP