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Who Influenced

Who Influenced

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Who Influenced

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  1. Who Influenced

  2. “But Mutantes were never afraid of anything…” -Sérgio Dias Os Mutantes was founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil by Sérgio Dias Baptista , ArnaldoBaptista and Rita Lee. The band was first names Six Sided Rockers but then settled on their current name after performing on a TV program. Os Mutantes was one of the most influential bands in Brazil in the 1960’s, mainly because of their interesting psychedelic rock style. The band was influenced by many artists and movements in Brazil. Like Bossa Nova.

  3. Bossa Nova is a style of Brazilian music created by João Gilberto and popularized by Antônio Carlos Jobim, and Vinicius de Moraes. Bossa nova acquired a large following, initially by young musicians and college students. It emerged from the upscale beachsides of Rio de Janeiro. It is hermonically complex and has less purcussion. Bossa Nova originated from samba. Bossa Nova also influenced cool jazz in the West. He has been diving, deeper, in that magic intimacy which reveals a cosmic dimension: the mystery of the corner-Luiz Carlos Maciel

  4. Samba Samba is a Brazilian dance and musical genre originating in Africa. Samba is know to be a Symbol of Brazilian culture. It is throughout Brazil in the form of various popular rhythms and dances that originated from the regional Batuque, a type of music and associated dance form from Cape Verde. The samba is a musical expression of urban Rio de Janeiro in the lat 19th century and the early 20th century.

  5. Batuque is a music and dance genre from Cape Verde. It is a call and response musical genre. There are complex rhythms, that come from African music, mainly polyrhythm. Batuque is mainly percussive but before the music began with an introduction on the cimboa that provided the base musical line.

  6. African Music There are many different African rhythms. Rhythms differ based on the area and people. The most well known rhythms are cross-rhythms found in the Sub-Saharan area of Africa. Cross-Rhythms are contrasting drum beats with a main drummer. These beats are meant to show deep emotion. In many Sub-Saharan area’s they don’t even have a word for rhythm or music. To them music is part of life. One of the many influences to African Rhythms is the Arab music culture.

  7. Arab Music Arab music came from the deep roots of Arabic poetry back from the pre-Islamic period. Arab poets would read their poetry with distinct rhythms and tones. There were many types of instruments that went along with Arab music in earlier centuries. The Oud- which is an ancestor of the lute- is an example. Music was a key part of the Arab society. Schools would teach the Quaran though chanting and tradesmen would use music during work.

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