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Lesson 3 Your money

Lesson 3 Your money. Objectives. 1. To have a better understanding of the text 2. To master the usage of some key words and phrases 3. To be able to analyze some difficult sentences 4. To be able to use the infinitives freely. Fill in the blanks about the text.

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Lesson 3 Your money

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  1. Lesson 3Your money

  2. Objectives 1. To have a better understanding of the text 2. To master the usage of some key words and phrases 3. To be able to analyze some difficult sentences 4. To be able to use the infinitivesfreely

  3. Fill in the blanks about the text. The_______you choose to buy a tree with 5 yuan (para.1) reason flows into contains removed destroyed forced to move to belief to control

  4. stay importance crops goods or services to develop effect changed into admiration What’s more

  5. 短语归纳 to • appeal _____ sb. 吸引 • 2. _________a living 谋生 • 3. _________local economy发展当地经济 • 4. have an _________ 对…有影响 • 5. ______ a look at看一看 • 6.同意这个观点 • 7.流入 • 8.保持生态平衡 • 9. 引起严重的水土流失 • 10.迫使某人做某事 • 11.经年历月 • 12.首先 • 13.而且;更有甚者 • 14.准确的说 . make/earn develop effect on take agree with the point of view flow into keep the natural balance of cause serious erosion of the land force sb.to do sth. over time for a start what’s more to be exact

  6. 归纳拓展 to be exact确切地说 to be honest 老实的说 to tell you the truth 老实告诉你 to be frank 坦白的说 to start with 首先 to sum up 总之 for a start 首先 what’s more 而且 in addition 而且 besides 而且

  7. 巩固练习 D 1.We cant’go.____,it is too cold.____,we have no money. A.To begin with B.To conclude C. As a whole D.What is more 2.(09.浙江高考)____,the pay isn’t attractive enough,though the job itself is quite interesting. A.Generally speaking B.On the contrary C.In particular D.To be honest A D

  8. appeal to sb. e.g. 1.Does this idea appeal to you? 2.The programme especially(吸引) young children. 3. She appealed tothe kidnappers(绑匪)toset her son free. 4.The government_____________________________. (呼吁人人节约用水). appeals to appeal to sb. to do sth. 呼吁/恳求某人做某事 appeals to everyone to save water

  9. 重点句型 1.You may agree with this point of view. If so, it is time for you to think again. 考点:if so 意为“如果这样的话” 考例(2009 江西) Some of you may have finished unit one.______, you can go on to unit two. A If you may B If you do C If notD If so D 点拨: so用在if之后,代替前面的分句或句子的意思,构成缩略条件句,语意可由上下文可知;其否定缩略形式为 if not意为“如果不是这样的话”

  10. It is you who have the most important role • to play in stopping… 基本句型It is/was +被强调部分+that/who +其它 I lostmy watchin the parkyesterday. It was I that/who lost my watch in the park yesterday. It was my watchthat I lost in the park yesterday. It was in the park that I lost my watch yesterday. It was yesterday that I lost my watch in the park. 用法小结 被强调部分是人时, 用that/who都可以, 其它情况一律用that被强调部分可以是句子的主语,宾语,状语.去掉 It is/was …that/who…句子结构完整.

  11. 巩固练习 1.(2010湖南)John’s success has nothing to do with good luck.It is years of hard work ___has made him what he is today. A.why B.when C.which D.that 2.(09.浙江)—I’ve read another book this week. —Well, maybe ___is not how much you read but what you read that counts. A. this B. that C. there D. it D D

  12. 本课语法 • The soil contains materials to keep the natural • balance of the area. • 2. …this has destroyed almost all the land, and has forced • many local farmers to move to other areas. • 3. It is a huge job to control Yellow River erosion. • 4. This helps to develop local economies. • 5. So when you have 5 yuan in your pocket next time, • think twice about how to use the money. • 6. On land with rich soil, local farmers can grow crops • to make a living. • 7. Visitors from all over the world now come to admire • this great achievement. 定语 宾补 主语 宾语 宾语 目的状语 目的状语

  13. 自我归纳: 不定式在句中可作主语,宾语,宾补,状语, 表语。 1. All I did was to give him some advice. 2. To see is to believe.

  14. 巩固练习 1.It is our duty __________________ the old. 照顾好老人是我们的责任。 2.Can you tell me which is the car ____________ ? 你能告诉我那一辆车将被修理。 3. He seems___________ something. 他似乎正在吃东西。 4.Father will not allow us _______ on the street. 父亲不让我们在街上玩耍。 to take good care of to be repaired to be eating to play

  15. 巩固练习 1.(10.全国卷)With Fathers’ Day around the corner ,I have taken some money out of the bank_____presents for my dad. A.buy B. to buy C. buying D. to have bought 2 . (10.重庆)Many buildings in the city need repairing ,but the one _____first is the library. A.repaired B.being repaired C. repairing D.to be repaired 3. (10.山东)I have a lot of readings _____before the end of this term. A.completing B.to complete C.completed D.being completed 4.`(10.江西)There were many talented actors out there just waiting ____. A.to discover B. to be discovered C. discovered D. being discovered B D B B

  16. Homework 翻译 1.他呼吁公众节省能源。 2.保持自然界的平衡很重要。 3.我昨天就是在这家书店买了一本词典。 4.你准备好了吗?要是准备好了,咱们走吧。 5.你上学迟到了,而且还丢了书。 预习 English Weekly Grammar (the infinitives 动词不定式)

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