deer hunting n.
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Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting

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Deer Hunting

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  1. Deer Hunting

  2. When to climb in/out of a tree stand. It is best if you know when to climb in and out of a tree stand. In early morning you should get to your tree about 45 minutes before day break. This will give your sent trail time to wear off. When it starts to get dark wait. That’s when the deer start to move. Come out of the stand when you can, see well or it gets dark.

  3. How to climb in/out of a tree stand. WARNING When you are climbing it is important that you have a safety harness on the whole time you are in the tree. To climb up you need to put your feet through a piece of string or wire that is attached to the bottom of your stand were your feet will be so you can lift. Start by taking the seat and raising it up so that you can lift yourself up. When you lift up make sure that you have your feet tied to the bottom part of the stand and lift it up with you. Stand on it so that it grips the tree firmly and doesn’t wobble. Continue up till you reach the desired height and you are out of a deer's eyesight. To come down simply reverse what you did going up the tree.

  4. Where to hunt in a tree stand. The name gives it away you use a tree stand on a TREE. However there are different trees and tree sizes to look for when climbing. Here are some of them, same diameter the whole way up.

  5. When not to move a tree stand You should not move a tree stand till you are done hunting for at least 7 days. If you move it and get the human sent everywhere on the ground. You can climb down around noon or when you are done hunting for at least 1 hour.

  6. Where not to use a tree stand. You should not use a tree stand on a pole or any type of plant that is not a live tree of at least 50 feet tall and 1’6” in diameter. If you do not meet these height limits you could hurt yourself by falling out of the tree or a deer could see you and run before you have the chance to claim him.

  7. What not to do when climbing up a tree stand. When you are trying to climb up a tree you should know what not to do so I have put the rules below. Do not have a gun or weapon pointed up and in your hands till you are in the position and are not going to move higher. If you don’t you could kill yourself. By shooting yourself in the head. You should also know not pull the pins in the grips when you get to the top

  8. Conclusion Now that the presentation is coming to an end I will ask you to answer this question in your head: What is the height limit of tree diameters and how high should they be.