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Slide show. Cuba in the Classroom. Crystal Dunkin St. Marys Ryken High School Lindsay Emple Charles County. Cuba– How and Why. Cuba. Activities. Hemingway Day Cuban Museum of Art Visit to Havana University Boat ride through a cave Tour of coffee & cigar plantations

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  2. Cuba in the Classroom • Crystal Dunkin • St. MarysRyken High School • Lindsay Emple • Charles County

  3. Cuba– How and Why

  4. Cuba

  5. Activities • Hemingway Day • Cuban Museum of Art • Visit to Havana University • Boat ride through a cave • Tour of coffee & cigar plantations • Cigar rolling factory • Lectures & speakers • Visits to markets • Visit an elementary school, geriatric center & neighborhood doctor • Museums, shows & restaurants

  6. Lesson Plan Ideas • “Take Me to Cuba” • Mercado experience • Jobs & currency • Music & Art

  7. Activity 1: setting the stage Take Me to Cuba Travel Guide • travel guides using the internet • following prompts & guided notes • i.e.: Things to think about: transportation issues etc. • Students used authentic materials • Real life skills • Ownership & investment

  8. Mercado Experience

  9. Mercado Activity Lesson Objective: • Students will interpret the Cuban currency system. • Students will negotiate for fruit and vegetable prices using Cuban currency in the target language. Lesson Procedures: • The teacher will give direct instruction on the two types of currency in Cuba (CUC and CUP) including how to convert prices from the United States into the Cuban currencies. • After some practice, the teacher will begin a market skit in the target language. The teacher will ask students to arrange the desks into a giant U shape. The students will be split into two groups: salesmen (vendedores) and clients (clientes). • Each client will be given a shopping list that will include many of the agricultural products grown in Cuba. The shopping list will also give the shopper a total budget in CUCs. • Each vendor will get a product card that shows what they’ll be selling. The vendors will also get a profit goal for the day, but that will be listed in CUPs. • The vendors will take their places behind their “store,” and the shoppers will purchase items on their lists. They will have 25 minutes to get their shopping done. During this time, they may not speak any English. • Finally, The students will write a reflection on their mercado experience

  10. Teacher Bus driver Doctor Which profession would you choose? entertainer Model Police officer

  11. Vamos al cine • Authentic material! (zachary-jones.com) • Plan a date to the movie, determine cost of tickets and snacks. • How many hours would you work to be able to afford our date?

  12. Guantanamera

  13. Trip to Adult Day Care

  14. Guantanamera Lesson Objective: Students will analyze and interpret Cuban poetry and music. Lesson Procedures: • First, the teacher will hand out lyrics in English and Spanish to the song “Guantanamera.” • Next, teacher will lead a listening comprehension activity using the lyrics. • Then, the teacher will review José Martí’srole in the creation of Guantanamera. • The students will be split into groups. • First, the student groups will be assigned a verse of Guantanamera. In groups, they will analyze their verse before sharing with the class. • Then, the teacher will discuss how the Cuban people used Guantanamera to share information. • Each group will write and perform their own verse to Guantanamera in Spanish. • Finally, Students will explain whether it was difficult or easy for you to write your own verse to Guantanamera.

  15. Te toca!

  16. Contact Us! • Crystal Dunkin • St. MarysRyken High School • Crystal.dunkin@smrhs.org • Lindsay Emple • Charles County • Lemple@ccboe.com

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