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Mid-term Presentation: 28 th July 2004

Jing Xiong. Andrew Kwok. Mid-term Presentation: 28 th July 2004. Positioning Team. Demetri Spanos. Vijay Gupta. Nicolas Foirien. MVWT II / Positioning Team GOTChA 7/1/04. Goals Functional vision system in lab Robust positioning solution on rooftop. Technical Challenges

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Mid-term Presentation: 28 th July 2004

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  1. Jing Xiong Andrew Kwok Mid-term Presentation: 28th July 2004 Positioning Team Demetri Spanos Vijay Gupta Nicolas Foirien

  2. MVWT II / Positioning Team GOTChA 7/1/04 • Goals • Functional vision system in lab • Robust positioning solution on rooftop • Technical Challenges • Little documentation for lab vision • Don’t know what’s wrong with vision • - (no BIOS access, no second HD) • - conflicting reports of performance • Finite budget for rooftop positioning • New method must be implementable on bats (size weight I/O) • Approach • Find Steve (in progress) • Collect all vision documentation • Switch back to Win2k • Skyetek developer’s kit • Systematic vision diagnostic (~2 hours, 6th Jul) • Objectives • Identify problem/cause in vision • Repair vision to extent possible • - Maintain current functionality • Identify rooftop positioning system by July 7th (10 cm accuracy) • Order by July 14th • Implement by AFOSR demo, if possible

  3. MVWT II / Positioning Team GOTChA 7/28/04 • Goals • Functional Vision system in lab • Robust positioning solution on rooftop • Technical Challenges • Interface to vehicle • RS232 • weight • size • Update rate / sensor noise • Hard to measure orientation • Objectives • Achieve 10cm accuracy for rooftop positioning system • $25K budget • Implement rooftop positioning in time for RoboFlag Competition • -2 week: purchased system arrives • -1 week: finish rooftop vision implementation • Approach • DGPS dual measurement with our own base station • Kalman filter on DGPS boards (Superstar II Navtech) • Accelerometers

  4. Systems Comparison

  5. RFID Based Positioning System – Feasibility Analysis • Hardware feasibility : • Testing using turn table shows max vehicle speed can be > 6 m/s. • Spacing required for 10 cm accuracy is 10 cm • Multiple tag information doesn’t improve accuracy unless distance of reader to tag is known (possible improvement for future) • Financial feasibility : With budget = $25,000 and 30 vehicles • Possible to tag 21x21 m^2 of floor area with 10cm accuracy • Labor feasibility : Unique numbering, sticking them on the floor • individually : time consuming

  6. System Block Diagram -Rooftop DGPS-7/28/04 Satellites Other Team Help! Base Station Vehicles Arbiter (C2 Team) Needs Work 802.11 Working Diff Corr. Xi,Yi,θi Need surveyor Pos./Vehicle 802.11 Zaurus RS232 DGPS Board 1 DGPS Board 2 (w/ KF) RS232

  7. DGPS Budget

  8. Superstar II DGPS • A low-cost, small-size DGPS receiver • 4.6cm x 7cm • 22 grams (w/o antenna) • Can be run as a base-station with appropriate antenna • On-board computation • Serial Port Communication • Within 100m of base station, expect to get 1cm accuracy at 10 Hz • Antenna pair separated by 10cm gives angle to within 10 degrees (worst-case)

  9. Agenda for the Remainder of Summer • Acquire materials by 6 Aug • DGPS boards for vehicles • Base stations • Development kit • Software interface for DGPS by 13 Aug • Hardware mounting by 13 Aug • Obtain exact coordinates for base stations via a surveyor by 13 Aug • Gather statistics and characteristics of a Kalman Filter for a DGPS solution • Implement the use of accelerometers in the current vehicles

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