road signs to transitions n.
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Road Signs To Transitions PowerPoint Presentation
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Road Signs To Transitions

Road Signs To Transitions

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Road Signs To Transitions

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  1. Road Signs To Transitions Time Transition Words

  2. What does this road sign tell us?

  3. What does this road sign tell us?

  4. What does this road sign tell us?

  5. What does this road sign tell us?

  6. Just like road signs tell us where to go or what to do…. Time transition words also tell the reader the direction of the story. These time transition words help the reader move through the story in a sequential manner.

  7. meanwhile…as soon as….shortly after that… Meanwhile the students were all reading their vocabulary practice sheets because assoon as the teacher finished marking attendance the vocabulary test would begin.

  8. at that very moment…soon.. before long.. Before long all of the animals returned to the burned out forest and soon they would begin to remake their homes.

  9. while this was happening….eventually… after that… While this was happening no one was watching the balloons and eventually they all floated away far passed the city limits.

  10. immediately….later the same day…at last…. Later the same day I returned the overdue books to the library and at last I had cleared out my room of all library books and I was free of debt..

  11. Earlier…not a moment too soon…an hour later.. An hour later I was finished practicing my piano lesson and not a moment too soon because my best friend Alice called to invite me to a movie.

  12. During all of this…along the way… without delay… Along the way I noticed there was poison ivy on the trail and without delay I carefully took a shower when I arrived home.