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Julian Hayden

Julian Hayden

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Julian Hayden

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  1. Julian Hayden • Adjectives of Julian: • Traditionalist • Arrogant • Dominating • Manipulative • Proud • Grumpy

  2. Quotes From or about Julian “When Grandfather’s term expired, his deputy, Len McAuley, would serve a term; after Len’s term, Grandfather would run again and this way they kept the office in the proper hands.” “He wanted, he needed, power. He was a Dominating man who drew sustenance and strength from controlling others.” “Ever since the war,” Grandfather began, “ever since Frank came home in a uniform and you stayed here, you’ve been jealous…That fucking uniform. If I could’ve got you in one, maybe we wouldn’t have this problem.”

  3. Julian Hayden’s background. He owns a cattle ranch outside of Bentrock. He also used to be a county sheriff for many years before retiring back to his cattle ranch. He has two children both boys and he is also married. Julian Hayden’s beliefs and values. Julian is very much a traditionalist and believes that women should stay in the home and have children. He also values hard workers, which in his eyes aren’t Indian’s. Julian’s personality. He is highly confident and a powerful man – with a very dominating type of power. He is crude and rude about particular things such as Frank ‘s wife Gloria and how she hasn’t had any children. He is also very racist towards Indians. He believes they’re lazy and superstitious. He believes in the law until it comes to his favoured son.

  4. Other’s thoughts of Julian Hayden. He is well liked with in the community and highly respected but those closest to him begin to see his true colours further and further into the novel. He as a father to Frank becomes delirious towards Frank’s crimes, this is clearly seen by David and his father (Julian’s other son) Wes and his wife Gail. Julian’s Appearance. “He was dressed in his Sunday rich ranch owner best – white Western shirt and string tie, whipcord trousers, and the boots that were hand made in Texas.” Julian’s Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths – Loyal to family , experienced, hardworking. Weaknesses – Racist, arrogant, uncouth, nepotistic.

  5. Images related to Julian Hayden and of him.