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Launch of Asbestos Research Group for Comprehensive Measures in Japan

ABAN2013 November 23, 2013. Launch of Asbestos Research Group for Comprehensive Measures in Japan. Takehiko Murayama. Change of cumulative consumption. Calculated based on the data of USGS (2003). Change of Mesothelioma deaths in Japan. Nov. 3, 2013 Mainichi Newspaper.

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Launch of Asbestos Research Group for Comprehensive Measures in Japan

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  1. ABAN2013 November 23, 2013 Launch of Asbestos Research Group for Comprehensive Measures in Japan Takehiko Murayama

  2. Change of cumulative consumption Calculated based on the data of USGS (2003)

  3. Change of Mesothelioma deaths in Japan

  4. Nov. 3, 2013 Mainichi Newspaper

  5. Fig.2 Annual change of asbestos consumption in Japan (Source: data from import statistics of the Ministry of Finance and Japan Asbestos Association (2003))

  6. Background and Purpose • Research group on mesothelioma since 1993 • Mainly medical doctors • Annual meeting • Collaboration with other various fields to implement comprehensive measures including building materials • Insufficient information sharing among different fields on asbestos issues • Inter-disciplinary research activities so as to contribute actual measures

  7. Expected activities and research fields • Main activities • Annual meeting • Information sharing with social media • Model: Jonson conference in the US • Possible research fields • Medical issues • Investigation, analysis and maintenance of buildings • Removal and waste management • Policy, History and social issues

  8. The first meeting • Date: January 26-27, 2013 • Venue: Tokyo Institute of Technology • Participants: about 140

  9. Composition of participants Construction companies Survey & anaslysis Removal contractors academia Lawyers Consultants NPOs Media Officials of National and local govs

  10. Topics of keynote talks • Asbestos in view of mineralogy and definition of asbestos • Way of thinking on risk • Asbestos issue as a toxic substance management • Necessity of inter-disciplinary research for comprehensive measures

  11. Impact to occupational environment Use & Maintenance Products O&M of building Use of products Vehicle operation O&M of vehicle Materials Const- ruction Insulation Products Motor Vehicle Waste & Recycle Demolition Const- ruction Textile Frictions Mine Impact to Non-occupational environment

  12. Sub topic (1) • Asbestos related diseases and risk evaluation • Diagnosis • Meta-analysis of epidemiological studies on lung cancer • Survey and analysis • Asbestos investigator of buildings authorized by national government • Analysis of asbestos in building materials • Maintenance and removal • Issues on removal measures • Measurement of contamination during demolition

  13. Sub Topic (2) • Waste • TEM analysis of asbestos on thermal processing of asbestos materials • Current situation and issues of waste management • Activities of national government on waste management • Waste management by Ministry of the Environment

  14. Sub topic (3) • Earthquake • Hanshin-Awaji in 1995 • Great East Japan in 2011 • Activities of local governments • Chiyoda ward of Tokyo • Amagasaki City

  15. Sab topic (4) • Policy issues • Current situation and issues on policies of national and local governments • Overseas surveys • Historical reviews on asbestos issues • History on Japanese industries • Composition of members of committees on asbestos issues • Role of Japan Asbestos Association

  16. Foreign countries (advanced, Rising, Developing ) Def. of asbestos Measurement Occupational Exposure Non-occupational Exposure Medical check Contamination Risk evaluation Policy implementation (National, Local) Monitoring & measures Earthquake Historical review Identification of victims, Compensation and Litigation Future environmental impacts

  17. Lessons from the 1st meeting and challenges for the future activities • Too many topics to discuss for two days • Relationship with stakeholders such as governments and private companies conducting abatement measures • International collaboration -> the 2nd meeting on Feb. 1st and 2nd, 2014

  18. Website of this group http://www.tm.depe.titech.ac.jp/Asbestos_Research_Group/index.html

  19. Ratio the number of mesothelioma between 2011 and 2012 Male Female

  20. 発起人・運営委員 • 発起人 • 淡路剛久(立教大学名誉教授、環境法) • 井内康輝(広島大学名誉教授、病理学) • 宇野泰章(名古屋工業大学名誉教授、鉱物学) • 酒井伸一(京都大学教授、廃棄物関係) • 宮本憲一(大阪市立大学名誉教授、環境政策) • 村山武彦(東京工業大学教授、リスク管理論) • 森田昌敏(愛媛大学客員教授、化学物質管理) • 運営委員 • 石原一彦(立命館大学、建築学) • 貴田晶子(愛媛大学、廃棄物管理) • 小坂浩(元兵庫県健康環境化学研究センター、大気汚染防止) • 寺園淳(国立環境研究所、震災・廃棄物管理) • 森裕之(立命館大学、公共政策) • 山本貴士(国立環境研究所、資源環境)

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