standards and certification to drive interoperability raising the bar n.
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Standards and Certification to Drive Interoperability Raising The Bar PowerPoint Presentation
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Standards and Certification to Drive Interoperability Raising The Bar

Standards and Certification to Drive Interoperability Raising The Bar

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Standards and Certification to Drive Interoperability Raising The Bar

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  1. Standards and Certification to Drive InteroperabilityRaising The Bar CasinoFest 7 Pechanga, CA 2008

  2. Our Platinum Members

  3. Topics • Standards • Networked Gaming • Certification Program • Education Program • Operator Involvement

  4. Mission Statement The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) Is An International Trade Association That Creates Benefits For Gaming Manufacturers, Suppliers, Operators And Regulators. We Facilitate The Identification, Definition, Development, Promotion And Implementation Of Open Standards To Enable Innovation, Education, And Communication For The Benefit Of The Entire Industry.

  5. Who are we? • Who is GSA? • We are a non-profit organization established in May 1998 • Who are we affiliated with? • Australian Gaming Machine Manufacturers Association • Macau Polytechnic Institute • UNLV • How many members do we have? • A total of 71 members • 14 platinum, 16 Gold, 30 Silver • 7 Advisory, 4 Affiliate • How are you funded? • Through membership dues

  6. Who Are We?

  7. Global Membership

  8. Membership Composition

  9. Standards

  10. Standards Development Process

  11. Historic Approach to Adding Functionality Vouchers Config Download Slot Floor System

  12. G2S (Web Services) Approach

  13. Industry Recognitions in 2007 • Global Gaming Business • G2S: Top honors as Best Productivity- Enhancement Technology • IGWB • G2S: one of the top 3 gaming products of the year • Casino Enterprise Management • G2S: Slot Floor Technology Award • Casino Journal • G2S: Silver award in top 20 most innovative gaming products of the year 2006 • UNLV • The UNLV foundation honors Gaming Standards Association with membership in The Benefactor Society of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.



  16. Demystify Industry Confusion • Server Based Gaming • System Based Gaming Game outcome is determined by the system. If the system goes down so does your floor. See NV Technical Standards 1.010(27) • System Supported Gaming Game outcome is determined by the game itself. The system provides support to the game through downloading of software and remote configuration and other applications. If the system goes down the floor can still operate. See NV Technical Standards 1.010(28) • Server Based Products A marketing term used by IGT to describe System Supported Gaming • Thin Client • Thick Client • Smart Client • Dumb Terminal Netwoked Gaming

  17. SB Gaming/Networked Gaming is all about Downloadable Games and Denom Configuration X

  18. The Power of Open Networks

  19. How Far Away Is The Dream From Being Realized? An Operator Dream… Control Exit Strategy Independence Flexibility Plug & Play QOS Creativity Built In-House Grow Business

  20. How Far Away Is The Dream From Being Realized? • Foundational technologies agreed upon • Vendors are implementing GSA Standards • Most operators are making or planning network infrastructure investments • Seminole Tribe and Pechanga are using GSA standards • MGM CityCenter requested vendors to support GSA Standards • Business technology evolution vs Consumer technology revolution • Networked gaming is a journey NOT a point in time

  21. GSA Standards EGM Host Systems and other S2S devices VoucherManager Kiosks CoinAcceptor CoinHopper PlayerTracking Point ofSale GameControl NoteAcceptor SlotAccounting Coin/BillCounters Printer TouchScreen Progressive Property Mgmt GDS Gaming Device Standard G2S Game-to-System S2S System-to-System Overview of G2S: The “Big Picture”

  22. GSA Certification Program • Process for the testing and certification of products for the correct and consistent implementation of GSA’s standards • An ISO17025+ Accredited Test Lab attest that a product is conformant to a GSA standard • GSA Certification Authority issues a certificate for that product • A public record is added to the GSA certification registry • GSA Compliance testing is NOT Regulatory Approval

  23. GSA recognized Test Labs • Test Labs • Required to be ISO17025+GSA scope accredited • Demonstrate their competence • Ensures Quality • Accreditation Body • Belong to an International Organization • Issue 17025 Accreditation to Test Labs • Accreditations are Internationally recognized • Competence verified through conformance to ISO17011 • Employ Assessors (with GSA protocol knowledge) to evaluate Test Labs • Ready to test products for GSA Compliance • GSA Certification program went life on June 2nd


  25. Educational Support • Hired Line Robichaud as Educational Director • GSA offers an Executive and in-depth technical training program on all our standards • Macau Polytechnic Institute / GSA Asia Office June 2,2008 • Education throughout Asia • GSA presence • History • GSA sponsored G2S Certified Engineer program with UNLV • 33 students enrolled at UNLV since July 2007 • 25 were certified for G2S • 17 were certified for Transport & Security • 6 countries, 20 companies

  26. GSA University courses offered in Las Vegas • October 15: Executive Overview of G2S • October 16: Executive Overview of S2S • October 17: Executive Overview of Transport & Security • October 17: Executive Overview of GDS • December 15: G2S Overview • December 16 – 19: Basic Game Play with G2S

  27. Operator Involvement • Become part of the community that is re-defining gaming • Join GSA’s Operator Advisory Committee • Casino Class: • This class is designed to provide a universal database interface to allow a multi-property, multi-jurisdictional operation to be able to communicate operation information in a standardized manner amongst sister properties and with a central management location. • Directly influence the products, its features and quality • Ask vendors about GSA protocol progress • Insist on GSA certified products • Become an intelligent consumer • Support our on-going initiatives • Standards development, Education, Certification