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Utilizing MSU Job-Link in your Job Search PowerPoint Presentation
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Utilizing MSU Job-Link in your Job Search

Utilizing MSU Job-Link in your Job Search

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Utilizing MSU Job-Link in your Job Search

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  1. Utilizing MSU Job-Link in your Job Search Rhonda Crisp Employer Relations Coordinator MSU Career Services

  2. What is MSU Job-Link? • MSU Job-Link is an online career management system that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. • There is no charge for MSU students & alumni to use MSU Job-Link.

  3. You must be an authorized user of Job-Link. • Go to: and click on ‘MSU Job-Link Log-in & Sign-up for Students’ button. (on right side of page) • Click on ‘Register as Student/Alumni’ • Fill out the registration page and click ‘submit’. • You will receive an email back with a password to use when logging in. Do not attempt to login until you receive this password.

  4. Login to MSU Job-Link at: • Click on the ‘MSU Job-Link Log-In & Sign-up for Students’ button • User Name: MSU ID Number (do not use the ‘m’) • Password: Use the password that was emailed to you. (You can change it to something you can remember by clicking on ‘Profile’ and then the ‘Password/ Preferences’ tab. • If you forget your password, click on ‘forgot password’ on the login screen and a new password will be emailed to you.

  5. HOME TAB • Left Section • Allows you to choose whether or not you want to view announcements and notifications during your current session. • Displays icons to subscribe to the RSS Feed or submit feedback or questions about Job-Link. • Center Section • Shows Announcements • Right Section • Connect with Facebook Icon • Allows you to integrate your Facebook page with MSU Job-Link • Will disappear after integration has been completed • Getting Started • Shows a list of items you need to complete. • You will see a checkmark when item is completed.

  6. Home Tab (continued) • Helpful Shortcuts • Provides a shortcut to upload your resume or other documents • Document Library – click to get documents that Career Services has uploaded for you to see, such as the Workstudy Employment Application, etc. • My Activity Summary – Can search a span of no more than one month at a time to see activity on your account • Find a Job or Internship • Jobs I Qualify For - Shows active jobs in the system that you could apply for based on the information you have listed in Job-Link. Make sure your personal and academic profiles are kept up-to-date or you could be disqualified for some jobs. • Click Here to see MSU Federal Workstudy – gives a list of Federal Workstudy positions available • Click Here to see MSU Institutional Workstudy – gives a list of Institutional Workstudy positions available • Land an On-Campus Interview • Scheduled Campus Interviews – shows interviews you have scheduled a time slot for • Pending Campus Interviews – shows interviews that you have requested to schedule (if the employer is pre-selecting) • Campus Interviews I Qualify For – shows interviews that you could sign up for (Make sure your academic profile is up-to-date or you could be disqualified for some interviews.)

  7. PROFILE TAB • Contact Information Tab • Fill out all fields (name, email, phone, current and permanent address) • Click ‘SAVE CHANGES’ • Will see a checkmark beside completed items under ‘Completion Status’ on right side of screen • Academic Information Tab (You must fill out this information and keep it up-to-date to qualify for on-campus interviews) • Graduation Date – update if it changes, fill out to qualify for on-campus interviews • Year in School – change as you progress (FR, SO, JR, SR, etc.) • Applicant Type – change as you progress (current student, graduate student, alumni, faculty/staff) • Major – change as needed • Minor – change as needed • GPA – list overall GPA, you must fill in a GPA to qualify for on-campus interviews • Work Authorization – U.S. Citizen, F-1 Visa, etc. • Veteran Status • Degree Seeking or Earned – BBA, BA, BS, etc. (list what you are going to have when you graduate or what you already have) • Geographic Preference – choose which one you prefer (can choose up to three preferences) • Click ‘SAVE CHANGES’ • Will see a checkmark beside completed items under ‘Completion Status’ on right side of screen

  8. PROFILE TAB (continued) • Privacy Tab • Receive Email Notifications – choose ‘yes’ to receive email notifications from Career Services • Include in Resume Books – choose ‘yes’ to have the resume you post on the system included in resume books for employers to view • Enable Text Message Alerts – choose ‘yes’ to receive text message alerts • Will see a checkmark beside completed items under ‘Completion Status’ on right side of screen • Found a Job? Let us know! Tab • If you are hired for a position (part-time, full-time, internship/co-op, temporary/seasonal, workstudy, etc.) enter the job information under this tab. Career Services uses these statistics to counsel other students on the types of jobs our graduates get with certain degrees. (ALL INFORMATION IS KEPT CONFIDENTIAL and is only used in aggregate form to report national data.) • Click on ‘add new’ to enter your job information. • Password/Preferences Tab • Change your password to something you can remember.

  9. Documents Tab • Documents Tab • Click ‘Add New’ to upload documents • Resume • Cover Letter • Unofficial Transcript • Writing Sample • Other Documents – upload your workstudy application form here • Once you have documents uploaded, you will be able to see: • Document Title (ex. Rhonda Crisp Resume) • Document Type (resume, cover letter, etc.) • View (can view document you have uploaded) • Last Modified (date you last uploaded) • Status (if document is ready for employer viewing) • Options (can delete resume) • Documents Library Tab • Can get documents that Career Services has uploaded for you to see, such as the Workstudy Employment Application, etc.

  10. Jobs & Internships Tab • Choose one of the following: • MSU Job-Link Job Postings – Jobs entered for Morehead State University students to view (there are six tabs) • Jobs – all active job postings are listed, the following information is displayed: • Job Title • Check mark the box by a Job Title you are interested in and click ‘View Printable Job List’ to view the job announcement and have it in a printable format, or click ‘Save as Excel’ • First few lines of job description – click to see the entire description • Employer Name – click to see employer address, company overview, contacts, available positions, video, actions (can add to favorites), links (can click and view employer website), etc. • Location – tells where the job is located • Position Type – tells if the job is full-time, part-time, institutional student employment, federal student employment, internship, etc. • Posted – shows date job was posted • Application Deadline – shows last date to apply • Mouse over the picture of the binoculars to get a quick view of the job information.

  11. Jobs & Internships Tab (continued) • Use the Quick Search at the top of the screen if you want to find jobs that meet certain criteria • Show Me – choose from: All Jobs and Interviews, All Interviews, All Job Listings, Interviews I Qualify For, Jobs I Qualify For (screening only), Jobs I Qualify For (all) • Position Type – choose from: Co-op, Federal Student Employment (MSU on-campus jobs only), Full-time, Graduate Assistant at MSU, Institutional Student Employment (MSU on-campus jobs only), Internship, Part-time, Temporary/Seasonal, Volunteer/Service Learning • Keywords • Jobs location within – can search for U.S. jobs located within a 150 mile radius • Favorites Tab – shows a list of jobs/employers you have added to favorites • Advanced Search Tab – lets you search by multiple criteria • Search Agents Tab – (alerts that notify you via email when a job is posted that meets your search criteria) shows a list of your saved search agents (save a search agent under the advanced search tab) • Applications Tab – can review and withdraw applications to jobs posted on Job-Link • Expired Jobs Tab – shows a list of jobs that have already expired, can perform a search on position type, job function, industry, or keywords • Search Outside of MSU Job-Link – search engine that allows you to search for jobs outside of Job-Link postings

  12. Employers Tab • Choose one of the following: • Employer Tab – brings up a list of all employers in the system • Can search for employers by: industry, city, state, country, on-campus events (to see which employers have scheduled on-campus interviews or information sessions for which you are eligible), keywords • Organization Column – click on company name to see: • Overview Tab – shows address, contact information, industry, etc. • Can click on employer name and view employer address, contact name and email, & industry, can also add to favorites or click and view employer website or video if they have one posted • Contacts Tab – click to see the contact information • Available Positions Tab – click to see jobs they have posted • Video Tab – click to see a video about the company if they have one posted • Website Column – click to see company website

  13. Employers Tab (continued) • On-Campus Column – • Shows an ‘I’ if that company has an interview scheduled • Shows an ‘IS’ if they company has an information session scheduled • Pro-Net (Professional Network) Column - If someone from the company is interested in mentoring students, the column will have a number in it. Click on the number to see the person’s name or to state your interest in being mentored by this person. • Favorites Column – click the star to add an employer to your favorites list • Favorite Employers Tab – shows list of employers you have marked as your favorites • Contacts Tab – shows employer contacts: name, title, email address, employer, and if they are marked as a favorite • Can search for contacts by: employer, job title, city, state, country, email, & keywords • Favorite Contacts Tab – shows list of contacts you have marked as your favorites

  14. On-Campus Interviews Tab • Where you will schedule on-campus interviews, see what on-campus interviews you have requested to do, or see interviews you have already scheduled. You can also use the shortcut under ‘Land an On-Campus Interview’ on the home page to schedule or see interviews.

  15. Build a Network Tab • Lists employer contacts who are interested in mentoring students. • Professional Network Tab – • Click on ‘Last Name’ to get contact information • Click on ‘Interested’ if you want to be mentored by this person. The Job-Link System will email the mentor of your interest and will email a confirmation to you. • Click on ‘Employer Name’ to get employer overview tab, contacts tab, available positions tab, and video tab. • There is a ‘job title’, ‘major’ (the mentor was in college), and ‘add to favorites’ column • There is a simple search option at the top of the screen. • Favorites Tab – shows any employers you have added to your favorites • Detailed Search Tab – lets you search for mentors by certain criteria • Saved Searches Tab – shows any searches you have saved

  16. Survey Tab • Surveys that Career Services wants students/alumni to fill out will be posted here.

  17. Workshops & Events Tab • Employer Information Sessions Tab – can view which employers have scheduled an information session (date, time, location), search for sessions, and RSVP • Workshops Tab – can view a list of Career Workshops (date, time, location) scheduled by the Career Center, search for workshops, and RSVP

  18. Calendar Tab • Way to keep up with interviews, school assignments, work hours, etc. Any Information Sessions or Workshops scheduled by Career Services automatically show up on your calendar.

  19. Workstudy Application Tips • Federal Workstudy • You must be awarded Federal Workstudy funds to be eligible to apply for Federal Workstudy positions. Do not apply for Federal Workstudy positions if you have not been given a Federal Award. You can see if Federal Workstudy money was awarded to you by looking in your WebAdvisor account. • You must provide proof to a department who wants to hire you for a Federal Workstudy position that you have been awarded Federal Work-study money. You can print your award off of your WebAdvisor account. • Your MSU account must be paid or you must have a payment plan in place to be eligible to be hired for any workstudy position. • Institutional Workstudy • Any student can apply for Institutional Workstudy positions. You do not need a Federal award.

  20. Workstudy Application Tips (continued) • You need to submit a resume and an application form for all workstudy positions. • You can find the workstudy application form in MSU Job-Link under the ‘Documents’ tab and then the ‘Document Library’ tab. (document name: student employment application) • You must fill it out, save it, and upload it as an ‘other document’ under the ‘Documents’ tab in MSU Job-Link. • You must also upload a resume under the ‘Documents’ tab in MSU Job-Link. • Some positions have other document requirements such as a cover letter or unofficial transcript. • To upload a transcript to MSU Job-Link, you must save it as a .pdf first and then do the upload. It will not upload if it is a .doc. • Submit all documents that the employer requests. You will not make a good first impression if you do not follow their instructions.

  21. Questions??? • I will be glad to help you in any way I can. If you have questions after you leave the presentation, call Rhonda Crisp at 606-783-2233. • This power point is available online at, under the ‘students’ tab.