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  1. Heading Mr. Dunne • 10th December Poetry 12

  2. Last week’s homework • A small essay about having superpowers. Before we start, do we have any volunteers who would like to read aloud their answers. • I will be checking all of them during the warm-up task.

  3. Objectives • To imagine things coming to life. • To look at a new poem and examine it. • To keep practising using quotes more.

  4. Bringing things to life • To choose an item and place characteristics on it is the height of creativity. • You cannot give items any old personality though. There has to be some reasoning to your choice. What does the item do, how is it treated, how do you describe it.

  5. Warm-up task • Choose any item you want and give it a personality. • Items suggestions – things in a kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your house. Maybe something at school, at training or an object you really like. • Personality suggestions – what does it like, get excited about and why? What does it dislike, get angry about and why? What does it enjoy doing and does it have any friends / enemies. • MOST IMPORTANTLY – What does it think of you!

  6. The Bag Bites Back Today I was swallowed up whole by my bag,I was awfully angry and terribly mad!I had only gone in there to fetch out a book,But quick as a flash it gobbled my foot!I tried to resist but the bag carried on,My foot, then my leg, then my belly had gone!Slowly it gulped straight up to my neck,Then nothing was left, not even a speck!Well that was last Thursday and I'm still in here,And the moral of this is now ever so clear.Clean out your bag everyday with resolve,Or the sandwich that lurks there will start to evolve!

  7. Post reading questions – use P.E.E. • Did the boy treat his bag well? • What is the ‘moral’ of this story and what does it mean? • Do you treat your bag well and how might you treat it better?

  8. The little .......... that could. • You forgot something you were supposed to bring into school but a living item makes a journey to bring it to you. • Write about that journey.