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The LK Domain

The LK Domain. Gihan V. Dias LK Domain Registrar APRICOT 2004 – Kuala Lumpur. History. Started in 1990 Housed at the Dept of Computer Science & Eng., University of Moratuwa since then Policy and finance handled by Council for Information Technology (CINTEC) from 1995-2003. Current Status.

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The LK Domain

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  1. The LK Domain Gihan V. Dias LK Domain Registrar APRICOT 2004 – Kuala Lumpur

  2. History • Started in 1990 • Housed at the Dept of Computer Science & Eng., University of Moratuwa since then • Policy and finance handled by Council for Information Technology (CINTEC) from 1995-2003

  3. Current Status • LK Domain Registry set up as a non-profit organisation • Board has representatives of • ICT Agency • Telecom Regulatory Commission • ISP Association • Internet Society • and nominated experts

  4. Status (cont) • LK Domain Registry responsible for policy and finance • Operations carried out at CSE Dept. University of Moratuwa

  5. The Structure of the LK domain • Registrations at two levels • Under the Top-Level Domain (TLD) • at 2nd level • e.g.: myco.lk • Under 2nd-Level Domains (2LD) • at 3rd level • e.g.: myco.com.lk

  6. Registrations under Top-Level Domain • Carried out for past 12 years • no major changes • Handled directly by LKNIC • Agents may register on behalf of clients • No distinctions based on • Type of organisation • Location

  7. Registrations under TLD (cont.) • Suitable for corporate organisations • registration fee is higher • Suitable for protecting trademarks, etc. • registration under .lk also blocks registration in open 2LDs under .lk (unless name is already registered in a 2LD) • will not block under closed 2LDs • Each name must be approved by lknic

  8. Criteria for Approval • Names in the following categories will generally be registered with no delay • Tradenames (registered or unregistered) used in Sri Lanka • Company name or a reasonable abbreviation thereof • A name which is adequately explained by the rationale in the application

  9. Disallowed names under .lk • The name Sri Lanka, or any abbrev. • Words not allowed in a company name • “Generic” names • e.g. doctor.lk (except by appropiate body) • Names of provinces and towns • Names which may mislead the public

  10. Disallowed names (cont.) • Obscene or offensive names • Single-letter names • Names reserved by LKNIC for future expansion

  11. Panel • All other names will be referred to the LKNIC panel who will generally give a decision within 7 working days

  12. Name Registration Policy • Names are assigned on a first-come first served basis • Applicant’s responsibility to avoid trademark conflicts • If the name is similar to a name used by another organisation the applicant may be required to make a declaration that it is entitled to use the name

  13. Domain Registration procedure • Two steps • reservation • registration • Anyone may reserve a name, • A presence in Sri Lanka is required to register the name • Unique policy?

  14. Name Reservation • A signed letter from the name “owner” • contact person • contact info • Payment of Rs. 5000 • for 1 year • renewable at the current rate

  15. Registration Methods • By e-mail • form available at http://www.nic.lk • On the Web • http://www.nic.lk • May be submitted by agent

  16. 2nd -Level Domains • Some 2nd level domains are open and others are closed. • Open registrations under 2nd-level are easier and cheaper than directly under .lk

  17. Closed 2nd-Level domains • Closed 2nd levels are handled directly by lknic as well as through agents • Each closed 2LD has its own registration criteria • Only organisations meeting the criteria can register in that 2LD • Each registration must be approved by lknic

  18. Closed 2nd-Level Domains • .gov.lk - Govt. organisations • .net.lk - licenced service providers • .sch.lk - registered schools open for recommendations for new closed 2LDs

  19. Open 2nd-Level Domains • Open to anyone • Registration only through agents • 3LD available only if corresponding 2LD is not registered • LKNIC makes suggestions on suitable types of organisation for each 2nd-level • not checked or enforced • relaxed policy on acceptable names

  20. Open 2LDs (cont.) • .com.lk - commercial organisations • .org.lk - non-commercial organisations • .web.lk - web sites (general) • edu.lk - educational institutes • shop.lk - shops • group.lk - groups of companies etc.

  21. Registration Agents • Registrations in open 2LDs via agents • may do direct registrations too in initial period • Agents may be ISP or Web Designers / Hosters • Agents interface with customer

  22. Registration Procedure • LKNIC provides web-based interface • SSL secured • Each agent has a passworded account • Registrations usually in one working day • Regs. provisional for 7 working days • may (very rarely) be cancelled in this time

  23. Contact Info • E-mail: hostmaster@nic.lk • Web: www.nic.lk

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