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Texas Revolution PowerPoint Presentation
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Texas Revolution

Texas Revolution

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Texas Revolution

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  1. Texas Revolution

  2. Battle of Gonzales Mexican government wanted a cannon returnedfrom the colonists at Gonzales. Texans refused- made a flag- ‘Come and Take It’ Known as the ‘Lexington’ of the Texas Revolution (First shots fired) Proved the Texans were willing to use military force against Mexico

  3. Gonzales cannon • 21.5’’ long • 69 lbs

  4. Why would Gonzales be considered the ‘Lexington’ of the Texas Revolution?

  5. Compare & Contrast these Two Battles Battle of Gonzales Battle of Lexington

  6. Battle of Lexington Battle of Gonzales • April 19, 1775 • Lexington, Massachusetts • 1st battle of American Revolution. • Fought over possession of weapons arsenal (Rifles & ammunition). • American army was made up of volunteers. • American colonists won the battle giving them confidence that they could defeat the larger more powerful army of Great Britain. • October 2, 1835 • Gonzales, Texas • 1st battle of the Texas Revolution. • Fought over possession of weapons (Cannon). • Texan army was made up of volunteers. • Texan colonists won the battle giving them confidence that the could defeat the larger more powerful Mexican army.

  7. Capture of San Antonio • After the Battle of Gonzales, volunteers head up to San Antonio to kick the Mexican army out. • Elect Stephen F. Austin as their general • General Martin Perfecto de Cos leads the Mexicans at San Antonio • Ben Milam decided to attack the Mexican troops. General Cos surrenders Dec.10, 1835 • Agrees to leave Texas with all the Mexican army. • Agrees to never fight in Texas again (lies). Santa Anna is mad. Personally marches a large force of Mexican troops into Texas to put an end to the rebellion. Texans didn’t think he would march his troops in the winter.

  8. Capture of San Antonio Mexican soldiers surrender to the Texans

  9. Santa Anna headsto San Antonio with the majority of the Mexican army Santa Anna is upset General Cos surrendered San Antonio to the Texas rebels

  10. Washington-on-the Brazos March 1836 59 delegates meet & decide Santa Anna is never going to reinstate the Mexican federal Constitution of 1824 Declare Texas Independence from Mexico 1836 Convention

  11. March 2, 1836 (Texas Independence Day) Written by George Childress Grievances: Stated that Mexico denied them the rights guaranteed by the Mexican Constitution of 1824 Stated Texans were deprived of freedoms they were used to from the U.S. Constitution Texas Declaration of Independence

  12. Delegates at 1836 Convention felt it was not safe to hold public elections set up a provisional (temporary) government David Burnett -ad interim President Lorenzo de Zavala- ad interim vice-president The Provisional ‘temporary’ Government

  13. Sam Houston Chosen as the Commander-in-chief of the Texas Army

  14. William Goyens • Free African American • Helped negotiate peace treaty with the Cherokee during the Texas Revolution so they would stay neutral

  15. The Alamo February 23 – Mar. 6, 1836

  16. What flag did the Texans wave at the Battle of the Alamo? or

  17. William B. Travis Commander of the Alamosends several letters out from the Alamo requesting reinforcements “To the people of Texas and all Americans in the world...-the commander of the Alamo states that he needs reinforcements but was willing to die defending the fort

  18. The Alamo James Bowie, William B. Travis, Davy Crockett & close to 200 other Texans die defending the Alamo

  19. The events at the Alamo inspired the Texans to carry on the struggle for freedom.

  20. Artist picture of Alamo 1836 Alamo- 1906 Alamo- Present day

  21. Texas Navy • Consisted of 4 ships • Brought supplies to the Texan army • Cut off supply lines to Mexican troops by controlling the coastal waters of Texas

  22. Battle of Coleto • James Fanninis commander of the Texan troops at Goliad • Fannin gets orders from Sam Houston to retreat toward Victoria • Gets surrounded by Mexican troops led by General Urrea. • Appoximately 7 Texans were killed & 60 wounded

  23. Fannin surrenders to General Urrea Condition of surrender (accounts vary) Urrea assured Fannin that they would be released in the United States Colonel JamesFannin& his troops (approx. 350) are executed by order of Santa Anna Inspires Texans to carry on the fight against Mexico. Texans mad that troops that surrendered were executed rather than taken as a prisoner of war. Goliad Massacre

  24. Texan army was short on troops, guns, ammunition, & supplies Sam Houston hears @ the fall of the Alamo when he is at Gonzales. Orders a retreat & burns the town of Gonzales. Many other settlers also began to move eastward, away from Santa Anna’s approaching army. Runaway Scrape

  25. “Remember the Alamo!” “Remember Goliad!” Battle of San Jacinto

  26. Battle of San Jacinto April 21, 1836 Final Battle of the Texas Revolution # of Texas soldiers - 900 (9 dead) # of Mexican soldiers - 1200 (600 + dead) Mexico defeated in 18 minutes

  27. San Jacinto Monument = Largest column monument in the world. Washington monument- 555’ San Jacinto monument- 567’

  28. The monument is topped with a 220-ton star that commemorates the site of the Battle of San Jacinto, the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution. The monument, constructed between 1936 and 1939 and dedicated on April 21, 1939.

  29. Treaty of Velasco May 14th1836 2 Treaties signed by Santa Anna & David Burnett ‘officially ending’ the Texas Revolution

  30. Treaty of Velascostated….. Public Treaty Declared Texas independent from Mexico Mexican army had to return Prisoners would be exchanged Santa Anna would be sent back to Mexico Private Treaty Santa Anna would persuade Mexican leaders to recognize Texas independence & acknowledge the Rio Grande as the border between Texas & Mexico

  31. the Republic of Texas These are the borders that Texans will claim as the new Republic of Texas after the Revolution is over Coahuila y Tejas (Before the Revolution)