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  1. Christians Created by: Molly Bailey & Ashley Trantham.

  2. The Introduction It started around 30 AD Many Missionaries spread the teachings ofChristianity

  3. How it started Started out in Palestine as a fellowship It moved to Greece and became a philosophy Moved to Italy and became an Institution

  4. Beliefs God created all of the seen and unseen Jesus is the son of god and is one with god Jesus was conceived of the holy spirit and born of the Virgin Mary

  5. Virgin Mary Mother of Jesus Impregnated by a Holy Spirit Gave birth to a son even though she was a virgin

  6. Jesus Christ Son of God and Virgin Mary He is known as the Messiah They believe he preformed miracles

  7. The Holy book They believe in a holy book called the bible The bible tells about life in the BC/BCE and AD/CE It has many chapters about the making of the world Also chapters about God

  8. Prayers They believe they can talk to God through prayers They pray for God to forgive there sins They pray for God to look after them, ect.

  9. Pictures

  10. Traditions Baptism- water is poured on ones head to symbolize a washing away of sin and the start of a new life as a Christian Confirmation- is a ceremony for the adult Christian when he/she retakes his/her baptismal vows

  11. Celebrations Christens will celebrate: Pentecost, Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Ash Wednesday. Palm Sunday, Passover, and Advent

  12. What is Easter? Christians believe that Jesus was resurrected from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion. Celebrated on Easter day or Easter Sunday.

  13. What is Christmas? Christens believe that Christmas is the birth date of Jesus Christ, and every year on December 25 christens will give gifts and celebrate.

  14. Christen symbol The most known is the fish, it is a symbol of love and it is often mentioned in the gospels.

  15. Their god Christians believe in one god. They go to church to worship him. They pray to him.

  16. What Are Sins? A sin is an offense against God and a rejection of his perfect love and justice. U can be forgiven for your sins if you pray for forgiveness, and recognize that you have sinned.

  17. What are angels? Christians believe angels are spiritual beings who were created by God. Or when one dies if they are excepted, they will be sent to heaven to be and angel.

  18. Why is the cross important? Jesus was know to have died on the cross. He was nailed to the cross and left to die.

  19. Paul and Peter Paul preached to people who were not jews Paul told people that Jesus wanted them to behave in very pure (like the 10 commandments) Peter and Paul were both killed in Rome for being Christians

  20. Dare to Share Is teenagers going around teaching the ways of Christianity from their perspective Sometimes they even go out of the country to share with others their beliefs

  21. After Death Christians believe that when you die you either go to heaven or hell Heaven if you have given yourself to God Hell if you don’t believe in him or break one of the commandments

  22. Who is Satan? Satan can also be known as the devil or Lucifer. Some believe that he was a fallen angel, thrown out by god. Because he was bad, and as a punishment for those who sin, when they die they go to hell were Satan tortures you.

  23. Resurrection They believe that Jesus died and rose again They believe all people who died on judgment day would be resurrected Those who do not believe in Jesus will be condemned

  24. Tomb After Jesus died on the cross the people put him into a tomb (cave) They believe he left the tomb and rose again

  25. Present Days Now the Priests teach out of the New Testament and the Old Testaments Kids all over the world attend Christian Churches and attend Christian events