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Interactive Trivia Community

Interactive Trivia Community

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Interactive Trivia Community

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  1. Interactive Trivia Community February 2007

  2. The Team Idan Miller, CEO (M.A.) Over 8 years of entrepreneurial and management of online gaming experience; CEO of Get21, EVP of Zone4Play (NASDAQ), Director of Business Development – NDS, EVP- Intech capital markets (NY investment bank), CEO of Oraios (online technologies for E-commerce & E-Gaming). Michael Golod, VP R&D (BS.C) Over 5 years of experience in managing the online financial processing, the world’s largest online casino company. Over 8 years of experience in architectural and development design. Ofer Entin, VP Marketing (LL.B) Over 5 years in online marketing, established and managed the 2nd Playtech affiliate program, managed the affiliation system of RTG, managed the marketing department of BingoWorkz and worked with several other well established gaming groups. Highly experienced with media buying and affiliate relations. Nathan Brand, Creative Director Over 17 years of writing, directing and creative management on the TV and commercial fields. Head writer - I.C.P (Israel cable programming). Channel 2, Educational TV, Creative Director Orpan (edutainment attractions - Israel, Europe, and US). Branding for; Coca-Cola, Israeli Stock Market, Israeli Electricity Company, Bezeq

  3. Vision Revolutionizing the online skill games genre as known today by offering the best online, real-time, multi-player skill games community for money. Establishing a huge community of Trivia players who pit their Trivia skills against each other for money.

  4. Googess Concept • First in the market to combine a full range of cash-money, online, real- time, multi-player Trivia games. • Trivia games are based on information and knowledge: the player must pick an answer from a multiple choice and True/ false options • In the Googess games, Players compete against each other (NOT against the house) based on their knowledge & speed. • Community based, ever growing, question data base; inviting players to post their original questions (Web 2.0 style). • Hundreds of questions categories enabling narrow-cast players to compete in their specific knowledgeable fields only. • Players will be able to create unique sub categories, create questions and to earn part of the rake

  5. Googess Games • The Suite of games includes: • Classic games (All the Way, Survivor) • A patented “Trivionaire” concept (Quick games, Ring games, Tournaments)

  6. Googess “Trivionaire” Game A multi player Trivia game played in a Poker style – players present each other with questions from their own data base. Up to 5 players per Trivia table. Quick games: players buy in for each question. The fastest to answer takes the pot. If no one answers correctly – the player who asked the question takes the pot. Ring games: Each player pays the Buy-In in order to play certain number of rounds. The winner is the player with the highest amount of correct answers Tournaments: Tournaments systems enables thousands of players to compete on huge pots in the Googess ring game format.

  7. אזור בנק השאלות • מכיל שלושה מסכים מתחלפים, ניתן לעבור ביניהם • בלחיצת כפתור או בלחיצה על האלמנטים במסך. • לפי קטגוריות • לפי קטגוריית משנה • לפי רשימת פייבוריט

  8. System Design Scalable, 24/7 robust platform

  9. Gain commissions from each game played Gain Interest from players deposits Enhance fun & playability to significantly raise playing frequency Introducing exchange arena for trading questions - creating another stream of revenues Target customers includes: Fun Trivia players Cash money skill games players Gamers Poker players Business model

  10. Total size of the online cash money skill games market in the US reached $450M in 2005. Estimated yearly growth 25%-35% a year in the coming 5 years to $1B in 2009 (IGDA - international game developers association – Jan 06) Online fun Trivia players in the US is estimated at 22 Million players. Total size of Online Multiplayer cash money Trivia market is estimated at $400M a year in 2009 (based on a $180 LTV & conservative 10% conversion rate) The latest US legislation creates an opportunity for new skill based gaming solution that will partly fill the void of online gaming in the US market and therefore may enlarge the market opportunity Market opportunity


  12. Online Trivia – Competitive landscape Multi Player Common Question Unique Question Single Player

  13. Go to market Geography: Initially US & Canada, followed by European markets Players’ segmentation: Trivia, skill games, gaming Marketing strategy: Direct - launching the Googess branded site (Googess, Trivia on net, Be Trivia) Guerilla marketing PR online media & offline media SEO & SEM Viral campaigns Affiliates E-mail campaigns Indirect marketing –3rd party partners to market their own branded Googess games; main portals game zones (MSN, AOL, Pogo, Yahoo etc.) Online gaming sites that needs to diversify their skill based games services in order to stay active in the US market Cooperation with existing Trivia TV format

  14. Players Retention Classic retention tools: Promotions and bonuses Strong VIP department Daily/ weekly/ monthly tournaments Newsletters Active Game room management Proactive CSR (customer service relations) Unorthodox retention tools: Land base Trivia events Cooperation with TV Trivia shows Players’ Questions manufacturing competitions Game’s flexibility: Private tables Creation of unique categories by players Categories’ championship

  15. Marketing Test Marketing test has been running Feb 12th – Feb 25th It’s goals: Conversion of Online US Trivia players for real money games Keywords analysis Landing pages analysis QA & Stability checkout 14 days results Total money spent: $3300 Average conversion rate: 29% Total registered users: 1050 (~780 from US) Average CPA (registered user): $4 Total active users: 549 Average spent per active user: $6 Total games per active player: 10 Total rake: $3000 Rake generated by high rollers: over $114

  16. Financial Roadmap Raised over $350K in Q3/06 8 full time employees (burn: $35k) Classical games development completed Soft launch of classical games Alfa version of the “Trivionaire” game Fund raising: $1.5M Headcount growing to 22 full time employees (average burn: $100k) Official launch of Classical games Complete development and launch of the “Trivionaire” game Launching white label services Accumulated community of 30,000 real money players Reach profitability

  17. Financial breakdown per player • Least case scenario (based on 10% house commission): $180 LTV • Best case scenario: $540 LTV

  18. Projected P&L (USD ’000)

  19. Jul-09 Oct-09 Apr-09 Apr-07 Jul-07 Jan-09 Oct-07 Jan-08 Oct-08 Apr-08 Jul-08 Cash Flow Jan-10

  20. Unfair Advantage Concept: first to launch a combinedcash-money, online, real-time, multi-player Trivia website Web 2.0 style question platform: ever growing unique question database posted by players Technology: Robust multi player Trivia engine (6-9 months barrier) IP: Patent pending on the game concept, technology & question mechanism Team: Management with 30 years of combined experience in the online gaming sector

  21. Why Now? • The US market closes doors for online gambling. • Few European countries have started legislation processes to block online gambling. • Players, processing mechanism companies, media partners and affiliates – are all in search for legitimate cash money services • There is an immediate need in the market for online cash-money skill-based games Multi Player Trivia - The Perfect Answer !

  22. Contact us Idan Miller – CEO, Googess Tel: + 972 54-6611524 Benny De-Kalo – CEO, DB Investment Bank Tel: + 972 54-4444458

  23. Interactive Trivia Community February 2007