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  2. Electoral Officer • shall not be allowed to vote in the election. Candidate’s Agent • Only 2 scrutineers at polling station • Must give letter of authorization to electoral officer signed by candidate Polling Hours • polling station open from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.

  3. Verification of the Ballot Box • The electoral officer shall, immediately before poll: • open the ballot box with a witness,   • seal the ballot box • place it where we can see it  Secrecy and Security • secret ballot • no proxy  • maintain order & remove any person or campaign material • appoint person to assist • no campaign 24 hrs & no signage or campaign material within 50 meters of polling station & not interfere or influence voters  • Packages if unable to come to polls delivered & picked up by Electoral Officer or deputy

  4. Voting Procedure • give name to the electoral officer • electoral officer place initials on the ballots and give to the elector. • if elector received a mail-in ballot, vote in person if: • returns mail-in ballot to the electoral officer; or  • if lost mail-in ballot, gives written affirmation, signed by elector in presence of electoral officer, deputy electoral officer, justice of the peace, notary public or commissioner for oaths. • elector shall go to polling booth, mark with X or other clear mark, cannot identify the elector, fold and return • the electoral officer shall deposit in the ballot box in front of witnesses. • no other person shall be in booth with elector unless requested in presence of electoral officer and witness

  5. If name not on list will not be entitled to vote unless sign a Declaration of Elector’s Right to Vote • & provide 2 pieces of identification • one must have photo, and • one must have current address

  6. Voting Irregularities • if requested by elector, the electoral officer shall assist that elector by marking his ballot in the presence of another elector witness selected by the elector & shall place ballot in ballot box & make note on voters list • elector can have only one replacement ballot if he spoils the first one. Spoiled ballot must be marked and stored • if elector refuses to vote or leaves without voting, he is deemed to have forfeited his vote. Must make a note of action on voters list.

  7. Closing of the Polling Station • Every elector who is inside the polling station at 8 pm shall be entitled to vote before the poll is closed.


  9. Announcement • After counting votes, the electoral officer shall announce the names of candidates & the number of votes. • the electoral officer shall sign an election report containing: • the names of all candidates; • the number of ballots cast for each; • the number of rejected ballots.

  10. Within 4 days after counting votes, electoral officer shall: • sign and post the election report in at least one conspicuous place on the reserve, in community newsletter and on Splatsin website • mail a copy to electors who do not reside on the reserve; • forward a copy of the election report to the band administrator.

  11. Retention of Ballots and Other Election Material • The electoral officer shall retain all materials in connection with the election. • All materials shall be retained for 45 days or until a decision on an appeal is rendered, the electoral officer may, unless directed otherwise by the council, destroy them in the presence of two witnesses who shall sign declaration.

  12. Chief and Councillor Oath of Office • Elected chief and councillor shall, within 10 days of the election, swear an oath of office before either the electoral officer, a justice of the peace, notary public or duly appointed commissioner for taking oaths, and/or at the next General Band Meeting and if there is no General Band Meeting scheduled within this time frame, shall call a special meeting in order to swear the Oath, at the latest within 30 days of being elected • uphold and comply with this code, the Code of Ethics and all laws of the community; • fulfill the duties and responsibilities of his office under this code, the Code of Ethics and all laws of the community; • carry out his duties faithfully, honestly, impartially & to the best of his abilities; • keep confidential, both during and after his term of office, any matter or information which, under this code, the laws of the community or policy, is considered confidential; • always act in the best interests of the community in carrying out his duties

  13. Where chief or councillor cannot, due to illness or other valid reason, swear the oath of office within 10 days, may file a petition with the electoral officer for an extension of the time to swear the oath of office. • The electoral officer shall decide to give extension or not and advise • No chief or councillor shall assume office until they have sworn and filed with the electoral officer the signed oath of office • If chief or councillor fails to file the sworn oath of office with the electoral officer on or before the specified time period, the electoral officer shall declare the office vacant. • If the vacancy does not prevent quorum, the position shall remain vacant until by-election