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myUF Payment Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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myUF Payment Solutions

myUF Payment Solutions

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myUF Payment Solutions

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Presentation Transcript

  1. myUF Payment Solutions In partnership with UF Disbursement Services

  2. Presentation • Today we will introduce: • An overview of the new system and how it connects to myUFL • How to view electronic invoices • How to complete an invoice • How to process a check request for unencumbered payments • Approval workflow and export to myUFL for voucher build and payment

  3. Security Roles • Two security roles for myUF Payment Solutions:

  4. Security Roles • Two security roles for myUFL:

  5. overview

  6. Paper Invoices Now Electronic Before: • Piles of invoices • Filing • Manual delivery • Possible lost paper After: • Find instantly • Route electronically • View with voucher

  7. 1. Invoices to myUF Payments Step 1 • Vendors upload invoices to myUF Payments Vendors Invoice

  8. 2. Straight Through Processing Step 2 • myUFPaymentSolutions matches invoices to myUFL purchase orders • Perfect matches = Straight-Through-Processing for payment Purchase Order Invoice

  9. 3. Invoices Route to Departments Step 3 • Partially matched invoices route to department approvers for adjustments and approval • Approvers view invoices in myUFPaymentSolutions Dept Approver Purchase Order Invoice

  10. 4. Approvers May Route to Reviewers Step 4 • Approvers may route invoices to any reviewer to confirm goods/services/assets received • Reviewers route back to approvers for approval Approver Reviewers

  11. 5. Approvers Process Invoices Step 5 • Approvers process and approve invoices • Secondary Approver Workflow (more later) Approver Workflow Secondary Approver Workflow

  12. 6. Invoices Export to myUFL Step 6 • Workflow-approved invoices export to myUFL for voucher-build and payment, per vendor payment terms Approved Invoices Vouchers

  13. UF Disbursements • UF Disbursements configures the system • Contact us if • An employee leaves your department or if you need to add an employee to use myUF Payments • • 352 392-1241 •

  14. Let’s take a look!

  15. Main Page Main Menu Bar

  16. Main Menu Search for Invoices Create Unencumbered Payments and Foundation Transfers New Invoices Folder

  17. Inbox Change Filters to View All Folders

  18. Search Page Save Search Reports Use Search Filters

  19. Check Request Page Vendor Search New or One-Time Vendor Action Buttons ChartField Allocations

  20. Using the inbox

  21. Inbox Change Filters to View All

  22. Using Filters To view ALL invoices in each folder, increase number of rows. Click Apply Filters or Save as Default for next time.

  23. Inbox Folders

  24. Inbox Folders New Invoices contains new invoices awaiting your review. Pended contains invoices you have chosen to work on later. CC’d contains invoices copied to you for your reference only. Unassigned folder contains invoices routed to a group.

  25. processing an invoice

  26. Selecting an Invoice Click the Work button in the Inbox folder to open an invoice .

  27. Examining an Invoice Invoice Header Imaged Invoice Action Buttons PO matching information ChartField Allocations

  28. Annotating an Invoice View in New Window Click bars to display tools. Click to add a stamp. Click to Save annotations. Click to add a sticky note.

  29. Routing an Invoice Click Route button.

  30. Routing an Invoice Use dropdowns to select person to receive this invoice. It will arrive in their Inbox.

  31. Checking the Header Check that the Invoice Header information matches the invoice.

  32. Checking the Header COR360 Voucher Number becomes Voucher ID in myUFL with a leading “P.” When invoice is complete, Remaining amount should be 0.00. Check Asset Purchase box to display Asset Receiving fields.

  33. Receiving an Asset Enter all asset information here. Assets will no longer be received in myUFL.

  34. Line Items Tab to View PO Click the Line Items tab to view PO information.

  35. Line Items Tab to View PO Scroll down to view Unmatched Lines. View the PO lines matched to this invoice. These are the unmatched remaining lines on the PO.

  36. Allocations for ChartFields Click the Allocations tab to check the ChartField.

  37. Allocations for ChartFields ChartFields are populated per the matching PO lines. Scroll to the right to view all. GL Allocation Speadsheets

  38. Allocations for ChartFields When finished, click the Save icon to combo edit check. Incomplete ChartField information will turn incorrect field red.

  39. Submitting Invoice Click the green Approve button to submit to workflow.

  40. Approval workflow

  41. Foundation Fund Administrator • When an invoice with an “F” Source of Funds is submitted, • It enters approval workflow • The department approver routes it to the Department Fund Administrator for final approval • Eliminates the need for the UFF-PA form

  42. Secondary Approval • When are invoices routed to Secondary Approval?

  43. Workflow States You may check workflow state on Search page. Where is my invoice? Approval Secondary Approver AP Complete Approver Inbox DOCE Construction, Foundation Concession Assets Department Fund Administrator Exported to myUFL for payment

  44. Workflow State AP Exception examples • Invoices where the Vendor did not match the purchase order • Invoices where the deptID for routing purposes could not be found AP Exception UF Disbursements is working on it.

  45. Checking Invoice Detail Workflow and detailed information can be accessed for every invoice.

  46. Check requests

  47. Check Request Page New or One-Time Vendor Vendor Search Special Payment Handling

  48. Searching for Vendor Vendor Search

  49. New or One-Time Vendor Complete all fields for a new or one-time vendor.

  50. ChartField Allocations Click green Plus button to begin. Use dropdowns to enter ChartFields. Use typeahead to search.