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Curriculum Nigh t

Curriculum Nigh t

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Curriculum Nigh t

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  1. Curriculum Night 2014-2015 Mrs. K. Stewart 4th Grade

  2. Who is Mrs. Stewart? • ED.S. in Leadership from Nova Southeastern; Master’s of Science in Reading from Walden University; B.S.Ed. in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Athens State University • Middle Grades Certified • Originally from Toney, Alabama • Taught in grades Pre-K through 4th • Taught for over 18 years

  3. Daily Schedule • 7:35 – 8:00 Breakfast / Get Ready For Day • 8:00-8:30 Arrival/Morning Work • 8:35-9:15 Teacher Directed Reading • 9:15-9:55 Guided Reading • 9:55- 10:40 English/Language Arts • 10:40- 11:30 Specials • 11:30- 11:37 Restroom Break • 11:40- 12:10 Lunch • 12:10- 1:00 Social Studies • 1:00-1:40 Teacher Directed Math • 1:40-2:00 Recess • 2:00- 2:40 Guided Math • 2:40-3:25 Science • 3:25- 3:30 Pack Up/ Dismissal

  4. Classroom Expectations • Students are expected to behave in a respectful manner, be resourceful and t0 take responsibility for their choices. • Students are also expected to participate in all class activities and to provide quality work on each and every assignment

  5. Behavior • Passports- travel everywhere with students • 19-20 Points- Exceeds Expectations • 17-18 Points- Meets Expectations • 15-16 Points- Needs Improvement • Below 14 Points- Does Not Meet Expectations • Rewards • Green ALL Week- Draw for a reward & attend 4th Grade Break (Fridays) • Caught being Great- Put Name on ticket, drawing at the end of the week. • Passport Party= NEVER receiving less than 17 points on a passport quarterly. • Consequences • 1st offense: Verbal Warning • 2nd offense: Pull Strip (Yellow) **MISSING HW & MATERIALS ARE AN AUTOMATIC STRIP PULL ANS CHECK ON PASSPORT) ** • 3rd offense: Pull Strip (Orange) & Check on Passport • 4th offense: Time in another classroom & Contact Home ANYSEVERE DISRUPTIONS MAY RESULT IN AN OFFICE REFERRAL

  6. Compared to Third Grade • Fourth Grade is different than Third in many ways. Your child is expected • To move at a faster pace • Read at least 20 minutes and complete LOG nightly (Parent signature required 4/5 school days) • Be more independent in their work schedule • Develop Study habits • Writing mechanics will be graded more consistently (use of capitals and proper punctuation) throughout each subject • They must ‘know’ their multiplication facts. We won’t explicitly teach them. Great thing to practice in the car or on smartphones, etc.

  7. Work Habits • Class • 100% effort • Class assignments may become homework if not completed • Homework • Due first thing in the morning • If not completed, student will receive a check in the passport and pull a strip • Reading 20 minutes and completing Log is required nightly (parent signature required 4 out of 5 nights) • Weekly HW & Nightly HW – Students need to maintain agenda to keep organized and informed about what is due. • Makeup Work • If you would like to arrange to pick up your child’s homework, please contact the school by 9:00 am. All make-up work is due after 2 days of absence. Arrangements will be made if the student is out a long period of time. • It is the student’s responsibility to finish make up work and make sure it gets turned in. • Please try to limit your child’s absences. I know that some conflicts are unavoidable but we do many things that cannot be made up (journals, science experiments, classroom discussions, and group work)

  8. Curriculum and Testing • Common Core Standards (ELA, Reading and Math) • Georgia Performance Standards (Science & Social Studies) • Standardized Testing • Georgia Milestones End of Grade Testing • Thursday, April 16- Language Day 1 • Friday, April 17- Language Day 2 • Tuesday, April 21- Math • Wednesday, April 22- Science • Thursday, April 23- Social Studies

  9. Grading • A: 90 – 100 • B: 80 – 89 • C: 74–79 • D: 70 – 73 • U: 69 and below • NEW SCHOOL POLICY: Re-dos are no longer given. Scores will be entered as is. Any assessments scored below a 70 need to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the teacher. • Parent Portal: You may let me know if you need access or pick up forms at the front office. The form may not be completed over the phone as you have to verify yourself for access to grades online.

  10. Accelerated Reader • Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer program we use to supplement our grade level and guided reading programs here at YES. We use it to get our students excited about reading and to give our students extra incentive to read. The more students read, the more they improve skills such as reading comprehension, reading fluency, vocabulary, and even writing. • Students should ALWAYS have at least 2 AR books • Goals are set at the beginning of a quarter and need to be met by the end of quarter to attend AR PARTY. • To meet goal students MUST have at least 85% comprehension and meet their individual point goal.

  11. Parent & Teacher Communication • Parent & Teacher Conferences • Scheduled before or after school. • Communication from School • Web site and Monday Folders • Notes/letters in Agenda • E-mail • Phone Calls

  12. Check In/Out Procedures • ALL absences need to have a note, whether excused or unexcused • IT IS STATE LAW THAT ANYONE WHO ENTERS A SCHOOL MUST SIGN IN AT THE OFFICE AND STATE THEIR PURPOSE FOR BEING AT SCHOOL AND THEY MUST WEAR A VISITORS BADGE AT ALL TIMES WHILE IN SCHOOL • Children cannot be picked up after 3:00 due to bus dismissals • When student is brought to school after 8:30am, parents must accompany the child into the school, sign them in and complete a tardy slip • For safety reasons, no child may be dropped off at school before 8:00 am (Unless attending before school)

  13. Transportation & Birthdays • PLEASE let me know of ANY change in transportation by writing a handwritten note or faxing a handwritten –note to 770-0466-7069. We are not able to accept notes via email. • If you wish to bring in treats for birthdays, please do so during our lunch time (11:40-12:10). You must first check in at the front office

  14. Technology Ideas • There are several great websites for you and your student to visit that will help them academically • Moby Max • Practutor • Brain POP • Check Classroom Web site for more specific links

  15. Scholastic NEWS

  16. Contact Information • Please let me know if any of your contact number or email changes • Contacting Mrs. Stewart • Call me at school: 770-554-0172 • Email me at school: • Send a note in agenda