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Canada. “Our Nation’s best kept secret.” –Grandma Bev. Canadian Spring.

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  1. Canada “Our Nation’s best kept secret.” –Grandma Bev

  2. Canadian Spring

  3. This photo makes me want a big cup of hot chocolate, this to me, defines Canada’s cold, chilling winters. The photographer portrays a beautiful scene of a melting bay, I hate winter, but I love the smell of spring, when everything is coming alive and the sounds of the Canadian wilderness awaken.

  4. Emerald Lake, Yukon

  5. Clear, turquois water, too cold to jump in, and I wouldn’t want to; scared of ruining the flawless reality that was Emerald Lake. I was ten-years old, staring into the most beautiful horizon I would ever see, the mountains and the water united into one, flowing endlessly into one another.

  6. Beautiful Saskatchewan

  7. This picture reminds me of the elevator across from my childhood home; we used to lounge on our deck after supper gazing at the sky as the sun disappeared behind the darkness of the night. The sunset behind the silhouette gives the feel of a true Saskatchewan evening, crisp and cool. I get chills thinking of the slight breeze that comes with Canadian Autumn, the sound of the breeze blowing through the fallen leaves. It leaves me with a satisfying feeling of home.

  8. Winter in Canada

  9. This picture brought back so many amazing memories for me, being out on the ice at the break of dawn with Dad and Bryan. I spent so many days just like this, hook in the water from dawn ‘til dusk begging Dad for just one more catch hoping it would be the ‘big one’. Being so cold that your fingers no longer have feeling, your toes are tingling, and your heart is pumping as you reel in for the last time, praying it’s the catch of the day.

  10. “Dancing Aurora”

  11. I have never seen something as breathtaking as the glistening lights of our Northern territories. They have to be one of the most beautiful aspects of Canada, one of the things we should cherish for a lifetime. I have only ever seen them once, and they were not as extravagant as the picture I previously displayed, to see something like that I would consider myself the luckiest person on Earth. These are the things that make me so proud to be a true Canadian.

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