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CANADA!. A Unit for Second Grade ED 417-01 By Sarah Easterling & Sarah Kirkland. A restaurant in Quebec. Unit objectives:. To familiarize students with a neighboring country To encourage curiosity about other countries To foster understanding and acceptance of other nations

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  1. CANADA! A Unit for Second Grade ED 417-01 By Sarah Easterling & Sarah Kirkland A restaurant in Quebec

  2. Unit objectives: • To familiarize students with a neighboring country • To encourage curiosity about other countries • To foster understanding and acceptance of other nations • To compare and contrast another country • To help students learn about the world around them

  3. Canadian Scavenger Hunt Objectives: • Students will become familiar with the internet • Students will increase their basic knowledge of Canada • Students will work together in groups • Students will work on problem-solving skills

  4. Canadian Scavenger Hunt Materials: • Computers • Scavenger Hunt form • Books View from above Montmorency Falls

  5. Canadian Scavenger Hunt Procedure: Students will be given a partner or be asked to find a partner. They will have a sheet with miscellaneous facts about Canada, but some of the important words should be missing. For instance, one line could say, “The _____ leaf is a symbol of Canada.” The students should look on the internet and in books for the correct answers. This activity should spark their curiosity about Canada and lead into the rest of the Canada unit.

  6. Canadian Flag Project Objectives: Students will learn the history of the Canadian flag Students will practice cut and paste skills Students will recite the words to the Canadian Pledge

  7. Canadian Flag Project Materials: Pencil Ruler Scissors Glue Red construction paper Copy of Canadian Pledge Picture of Canadian Flag Large piece of white paper

  8. Canadian Flag Project Procedure: Students will be shown a picture of the Canadian Flag. They will be given the necessary materials to construct the flag. This will be an individual project. They will need the most assistance with the maple leaf in the middle. When they are finished, the students will recite the pledge. The flags will then be displayed in the classroom or hallway.

  9. Pledge to the Canadian Flag To my flag and to the country it represents, I pledge RESPECT and LOYALTY. Wave with PRIDE from sea to sea and within your folds, keep us ever UNITED. Be for all a symbol of LOVE, FREEDOM and JUSTICE  God keep our FLAG  God protect our CANADA

  10. Animals of Canada! Objectives: • Students will utilize various research strategies • Students will become familiar with animals that live in Canada • Students will utilize language skills

  11. Animals of Canada! Materials: • Animal Books • Construction Paper • Paper • Scissors • Pencils • Glue A statue in Old Quebec City

  12. Animals of Canada! Procedure: The students will choose an animal to research. They will go on a “virtual fieldtrip” through library books and internet sites in order to research this animal. If possible, the class should go to the library as a group for 15 minutes a day. The students should have a few weeks to work on their reports, and they can present them using props, skits, stories, artwork, or any other mode of expression. They should demonstrate knowledge of the animal’s food, habitat, and other interesting characteristics.

  13. Canadian Poem Objectives: Students will express their knowledge of Canada Students will practice their language skills Students will publish their work

  14. Canadian Poem Materials: Pencil Paper Crayons Markers Montmorency Falls, Canada

  15. Canadian Poem Procedure: The students will write an acrostic poem about Canada. The students should have been working with acrostic poems, and should therefore be familiar with them. Students will then publish their work using a computer word program.

  16. Acrostic poem format Contains provinces Also contains territories Not everyone speaks English Alberta is there Divas Shania and Celines’ birthplace A lot of people visit Niagara Falls in Canada

  17. Map of Canada Objectives: Students will learn the shape and size of Canada Students will become familiar with provinces and territories Students will practice mapping and creative thinking skills

  18. Map of Canada Materials: Construction Paper Crayons Markers Glue View of St. Lawrence River from Old Quebec Pencil Scissors Paper Maps of Canada Misc. art supplies

  19. Map of Canada Procedure: The students will look at maps of Canada and will be asked to study and memorize important features. They will then be asked to create their own map of Canada from memory. They should use the materials given in as many creative ways as possible. When finished, they should map a “real” map of Canada and compare it to the one from memory. All maps can be displayed.

  20. Canada Links for Kids http://www.science-tech.nmstc.ca/english/schoolzone/kidszone.cfmCanada Science and technology museum site for kids http://www.cws-scf.ec.gc.ca/cws-scf/Kids/eng/index_e.html Canadian wild life site for kids http://www.parkscanada.gc.ca/thesite/virtual_e.cfmA A virtual tour of some of Canada’s parks http://www.communication.gc.ca/kc_e.html Links to activities and information for kids http://www.space.gc.ca/kidspace/default.asp Canadian Space Agency site for kids

  21. Mrs. Easterling's Memories of Quebec, Canada A tourist street in Old Quebec City A YMCA in Old Quebec

  22. Mrs. Easterling's Memories of Quebec, Canada A painted building in Old Quebec City The bridge to an island in The St. Lawrence River

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