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  1. Freedom Dennis Adams 1-18-12

  2. What is freedom? • Freedom means that you have the right to say or do anything you want as long as you stay within certain restrictions. The definition of freedom is not when you can say or do what ever you want without getting in trouble or having consequences.

  3. What is freedom? • If that were true then people would not be in jail. With the correct definition of freedom I am not able to express my self like I want to because of the consequences that might happen when I express my self, so a lot of times I keep it bottled in

  4. How do I express myself • A way I can let go of anger is by playing basketball or watching basketball, it helps a lot. The last way is by crying, when I cry I let a lot out and I speak with an older adult male that I look up to. One struggle that people had to endure for me to have freedom is by having boycotts so that we can be equal and free.

  5. How do I express myself • Another way was all the hard work that slaves had to do was show how smart they are. They picked cotton and were whipped for me to have freedom I appreciate that a lot. Listening to music helps me too.

  6. Middle Passage, Slave Trade and Modern Slavery • In these days there was not much freedom as we have now. They couldn’t do what ever they wanted to do like we can now. These days we only worry about the consequences that come with our actions, they never got that far.

  7. Quote from Olaudauh Equiano • In his autobiography he describes the inconceivable conditions of the slaves' hold: the "Shrieks of the women," the "groans of the dying," the floggings, the wish to commit suicide, how those who somehow managed to drown themselves were envied.

  8. Modern Slavery • Human trafficking the use of force, fraud or coercion to lure people away from home and make them work as prostitutes, domestic servants, field hands, factory workers and other types of laborers.

  9. Modern Slavery • Child labor is forced labor and hence slavery because children do not choose to work but are forced to because of the poverty of their parents.