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All You Need Is Love…

All You Need Is Love…

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All You Need Is Love…

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  1. All You Need Is Love… An Intercultural Brazilian-Indian Wedding

  2. The Background The couple, Alana and Amin, are from Brazil and India, respectively. Their wedding will be an Intercultural Wedding respecting and involving traditions from both their cultural backgrounds. The wedding will be take place at The Estates of Sunnybrook in Toronto. The wedding party will be small including only family and close friends, around 60-70 people.

  3. The Ceremonies To incorporate the elements of both the cultures the Wedding Ceremony will consist of two parts: • Christian ceremony: A minister will officiate the ceremony. The couple will take their vows and exchange rings. • Indian Pheras: The couple will take seven ‘pheras’ around the Holy Fire. The bride’s parents will give her away.

  4. The ThemeExecution

  5. Dress • The Bride will wear a White wedding gown and a Red Indian ‘chunri’ as a veil. She will carry a bouquet of Red and White roses. She will also wear bangles in her hands known as ‘Chooda’ which are a sign of marriage hood in India. • The Groom will wear the traditional Indian ensemble known as ‘Sherwani’ in White color.

  6. Décor and Set-up • The Wedding ceremony will take place in the evening. A stage will be set-up in the garden. Both the Christian and the Hindu ceremony will take place here. Cake-cutting ceremony will also be done here. White flowers and drapes will be used for decoration with some Red accent pieces. Seating would be theatre style with chairs set on both the sides of the aisle. • Reception will take place indoors. A stage will be set-up for the Bride, Groom and their Parents. Round table seating style will be used for the rest of the party. Colorful flowers and fruits in a basket will be used as Centrepieces. Streamers and feathers will be used for decorating the walls and the stage backdrop. Colorful lanterns will be used for ceiling décor.

  7. Food and Beverages • During the outdoor Wedding ceremony drinks and light appetizers will be served. Brazilian cocktail ‘Caipirinhas’ and sweets ‘Casadinhos’ will be included. The cake will also be cut and served here. • Food and Beverage for Reception will feature a mixed cuisine with certain Brazilian favorites like ‘Feijoada’ and ‘Vatapa’ and Indian delicacies like ‘Tandoori Chicken and Naan’. A special counter for sweets will also be set up.

  8. Other • Special sweets called ‘BemCasado’, meaning ‘Married Well’, will be given to guests as Wedding Favors, honoring the Brazilian tradition. • Guests will be provided with Carnival Masks during Reception. • The bride will give Rice to her Parents as a ‘Keep Well’ symbol, honoring the Indian tradition.

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  15. …To cross all boundaries