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The A ffordable New Heating Solution With Ideal Heating PowerPoint Presentation
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The A ffordable New Heating Solution With Ideal Heating

The A ffordable New Heating Solution With Ideal Heating

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The A ffordable New Heating Solution With Ideal Heating

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  1. TheAffordable New Heating Solution With Ideal Heating

  2. What is Heatshare10? • Heatshare10 is a new 10 year Heating Installation and Maintenance Plan • Providing New Efficient Heating Systems • With the option of No Capital Outlay! • With Robust Guarantees and Warranties

  3. How does it work? • We Design and Install a brand new, complete, HIGH EFFICIENCY heating system • Thesystem is independently inspected, and approved, and certified by specialist Gas Inspection Company • You do nothing more for TEN years! • We, Service, maintain, repair, the whole system for TEN years!

  4. What do you get? • A New IDEAL condensing Band A, High efficiency Boiler either Combination or Heat Only • A completely new, gas fired heating system including all new controls, Part L compliant. • A 10 year, 5 Star warranty on ALL parts and labour, including unlimited call outs • A 24/7/365 10 year Maintenance/Service Contract, with NO HIDDEN COSTS!

  5. Alternatively spread the cost? • Equivalent of £8.00 + vat per week! • Based on 2011 rates, for a two bedroom flat, with combination boiler and 6 radiators • Plus.... • Maintenance £1.50 + vat per week • less than £80 + p.a... for a full 5 star, 24/7/365 planned and responsive service/maintenance contract.

  6. What does it cost • £2400 plus VAT! Based on 2011 rates, for a Two bedroom flat, with combination boiler and 6 radiators. • £2600 Plus VAT! Based on 2011 rates, for a Three bedroom House, with combination boiler and 8 radiators. Plus.... • Maintenance £1.50 plus VAT, per week • less than £80 +vat p.a... for a full 5 star, 24/7/365 planned and responsive service/maintenance contract.

  7. But it will SAVE An average of £230 per year. Based on a 30% efficiency increase in the heating system

  8. Are Costs ‘fixed’ • No need to see into the future... • If you rent, the monthly payment will NOT CHANGE FOR TEN YEARS • from date of initial agreement.! • Your Service Contract cost will rise by annual indexed increase only , as do all service contracts. • This is the only scheme available to give these guarantees, for such a long term.

  9. What other costs are there? • There are no other costs, other than your agreed Annual Service Contract. • No items not covered! • No hidden costs! • Heatshare gives you no unpleasant surprises!

  10. What is not covered ? • This is a 5 Star All Inclusive Plan, however, normal exclusions apply such as.... • Misuse of system • Accidental or wilful damage by residents or third parties. • Consequential damage caused by other defects, collapse, fire etc. • Future changes to standards or Legislation

  11. What if spares become unavailable? • Not your problem. • Equipment is carefully selected by us with guarantees from manufacturers. • If spares do become unavailable in spite of this, we will replace any irreparable part of the system at no cost to you and without delay.

  12. Seems too good to be true? • Heatshare10 is based on good commercial principles, which are possible because of the following facts. • We install only the best UK manufactured equipment. No cheap imports! • Perhaps at first, but..... • The long term plan enables us to invest in the future by ensuring first class maintenance regimes for the life of the system.

  13. Who installs and maintains? • The whole of the scheme is Designed, Installed , and Maintained by Ideal’s technical team. • The quality control through the whole life is in our hands, and in our interests and yours • With our knowledge, experience, engineers and quality control, Heatshare10 is not too good to be true.... • just too good to ignore......

  14. Who monitors performance? • The measurement of compliance and agreed KPI’s will be independently audited. • Every system will be independently inspected and certified • An agreed process of sanctions will be applied, including financial abatements • Technical matters will be independently inspected, certified, and adjudicated.

  15. Robust Warranties? • Ideal Boilers are one of the largest UK manufacturers. • Warranties are all Insurance Backed by FSA approved company • Complete Peace of mind • this year, • next year, • every year!

  16. What can you loose? • Uncertainty of future costs and budgets • All of your heating and gas maintenance headaches • All of your old inefficient heating systems • Unhappy residents

  17. More Importantly, you will gain... • Certainty of Costs • Lower energy costs. • Year on year savings. • Protection against inevitable Energy cost increases • A Comfortable home and peace of mind

  18. The perfectly affordable solution Only from Ideal Heating