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GE Energy Digital Energy

GE Energy Digital Energy. Customer Presentation. January 25, 2011. Communications. Mission Critical Processes Demand Secure and Reliable Networks.

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GE Energy Digital Energy

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  1. GE Energy Digital Energy • Customer Presentation January 25, 2011

  2. Communications Mission Critical Processes Demand Secure and Reliable Networks Through our MDS industrial strength wireless communication devices, our Lentronics multi-service data multiplexers, and our complete line of industrial and substation hardened Ethernet switches, we offer technologies to deliver complete networking solutions for customers worldwide. Water Transportation Utilities Oil & Gas Substation automation & SCADA systems rely on our communications products Wireless monitoring and control of oil extraction and refining assets Monitoring of reservoirs & dams through high-speed communications backbones Networking solutions for mass transit data, rail train control and SCADA

  3. Customer Challenges with Managing Communication Networks • Problem resolution takes too many people too long • Information is not readily available to operation personnel • Device deployment and administration is too complicated • Radio upgrades are too time consuming • Limited information is available to field resources for incident resolution • Need visibility to determine the capacity of the communication system • Reactive (vs. proactive) system monitoring and maintenance • Unable to determine highest network availability Utility value/MM customers

  4. Introducing MDS PulseNET™ A Network Management Software application that is… • Purpose built for Industrial Communications Networks • Easy to install • Offers rapid deployment • Provides robust monitoring of important performance parameters

  5. Available in 2 versions: MDS PulseNET (PN) Developed to support GE MDS devices only Provides essential system needs such as Automated device discovery Proactive monitoring Real-time alerting Ideally suited for monitoring networks with up to 500 GE MDS devices MDS PulseNET Enterprise (PNE) Enhanced configuration and monitoring capabilities Designed for enterprise-type systems with greater than 500 devices Broader focus - GE MDS radios plus third party solutions* Ability to push MDS firmware upgrades across the network MDS PulseNET™ Platform * Additional third parties are added in each release

  6. MDS PulseNET™ - Features & Functionality Purpose Built for MDS Devices • Designed to provide out-of-the box functionality for MDS devices • Pre-loaded MDS devices performance rules and thresholds to eliminate guess work • Offers rapid deployment Out of the box, MDS PulseNET displays Mercury and iNET access points along with their associated remotes in the Topology view MDS PulseNET comes pre-loaded with multiple alert levels and pre-set thresholds to eliminate installation guesswork

  7. MDS PulseNET™ - Features & Functionality Easy Installation and Rapid Deployment • Intuitive installation and administrative and set-up • Pre-defined collections and alerts that are automatically assigned to the device • Automatic network and device discovery The MDS PulseNET Auto Discovery function provides details of manageable devices including IP address, model, and serial number System configuration, device discovery, licensing, and rule and alert definitions are all accessible via a single and intuitive Administration screen

  8. MDS PulseNET™ - Features & Functionality Robust Monitoring of Critical MDS Device Performance Metrics • Provides historical performance data for trending of • Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) • Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) • Data throughput • GPS satellite information • Modulation changes • Availability Utility value/MM customers

  9. MDS PulseNET™ - Features & Functionality Designed as an Easy to Use, Day-to-Day, Operational Tool • Pre-built, intuitive work flows • Prioritized problem solving with alerting rules and threshold settings • Multiple pre-defined report options • Management by exception with root • cause analysis Utility value/MM customers MDS PulseNET provides a quick review of alerts based on alert type (In this case, critical alerts for system remotes) MDS PulseNET’s System Overview screen provides easy to understand system and alert status displays

  10. Key Benefits of Using MDS PulseNET • MDS PulseNET was designed to help companies maximize the return on their radio and network investment by: Driving Resource Efficiency • Notify and deploy maintenance resources with intelligent data to resolve equipment and network failures quickly and accurately Improving Network Performance • Access historical network and equipment performance trending for predictive maintenance to optimize network availability Leveraging MDS Expertise • Purpose built and pre-loaded with recommended radio performance thresholds, eliminating guesswork Utility value/MM customers

  11. In Summary What Makes MDS PulseNETTMDifferent? • Off the shelf and purpose-built for industrial communications • Aligns industrial communications with IT • Quick time to value • Lower cost of ownership • Open architecture for integration into exiting tools and processes • GE MDS customer-focused standard of excellence

  12. For more information… Visit our website at: www.GEDigitalEnergy.com • Download product brochure • Watch a video • Register for a Webinar • Schedule a live demo • Order a 30-day trial • Contact a GE MDS sales representative

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