winter holiday celebrations n.
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  1. Las Posadas Hanukah Chinese New Year WINTER HOLIDAYCELEBRATIONS Created by A'lisah Height

  2. Las Posada Were does this holiday take place? • This holiday takes place in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

  3. Las posada Why do people celebrate this holiday? • People(Mexicans) celebrate this holiday to reenact the search for shelter by Joseph and Mary before the birth of Jesus.

  4. Las posada What are some traditions of this holiday? • They sing a small chant and carry small candles. • Four teenagers of the same height to carry Los Peregrinos, which are two small statues of St. Joseph leading a donkey.

  5. Las posada Are there special decorations for this holiday? • Yes. They have manger scenes and dress up as virgin Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus and they celebrate.

  6. Las posada Are there any special foods? • Yes. They eat Tamales, sweet fritters, And a colorful dish known as the Bacalao a La Vizcaina which includes salted cod, potatoes and tomatoes.

  7. Las posada Are there any special worn clothing for this holiday? • People dress as Mary, Joseph, and even baby Jesus.

  8. Part 2 Hanukah

  9. Where is this holiday celebrated? Name the countries or country. • Israel

  10. Why is this holiday celebrated? • People celebrate this holiday for the rededication of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem.

  11. Who celebrates Hanukkah? • Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah.

  12. Are there any special decorations in this holiday? • No there are not. Just a candle.

  13. Are there any special foods in this Holiday? • Soofganiot (doughnuts) and latkas or livivot (potato pancakes) are popular Hanukkah treats. Traditionally, fried food and dairy food are eaten during Hanukkah. 

  14. When is this holiday celebrated? • Hanukkah always starts on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Jewish calendar which is the day the Maccabeus re-dedicated the temple over 2000 years ago. The holiday runs for 8 days.

  15. Are there any special clothing for this holiday? • The celebration of Hanukkah doesn't require any special attire, although many people choose to dress in traditional garments to celebrate the holiday.

  16. Chinese new year Part 3 Chinese New Year

  17. Chinese new year Where is Chinese New Year celebrated? • Chinese New Year is celebrated in China.

  18. Chinese new year Why do people celebrate this holiday? • People (Chinese) celebrate Chinese new year to acknowledge the presence of there ancestors.

  19. What are some traditions of this holiday? • Chinese Culture is rich in its culture and traditions . They have their own beliefs and New Year traditions , which they follow ardently. (fiery oratory"; "an impassioned appeal"; "a torrid love affair.

  20. Are there any decorations in this holiday? • Yes. They decorate the doors and windows with paper-cuts and couplets with the very popular theme of "happiness", "wealth", "longevity" and "satisfactory marriage with more children".