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nurturing creativity in young minds leads to innovation n.
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Nurturing Creativity In Young Minds Leads To Innovation PowerPoint Presentation
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Nurturing Creativity In Young Minds Leads To Innovation

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Nurturing Creativity In Young Minds Leads To Innovation
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Nurturing Creativity In Young Minds Leads To Innovation

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  1. Nurturing Creativity In Young Minds Leads To Innovation Innovation to Inspire young Minds - Programme on Education in association with Jubliee Hills Education Society, Hyderabad. by Dr. Y V S Lakshmi, Manager Marketing/IPR – Legal, Centre for Development of Telematics Bangalore 560100

  2. Contents of the talk • Creativity Leads to Innovations • Examples of Creativity • Examples of Ideas to Innovations • Serendipity • Examples of Innovations • CDOT Innovations • ……………

  3. Creativity

  4. Creativity leads to Innovations

  5. Examples of Creativity A lot of creativity is seen in advertisements Let us watch this video on Cheddar Cheese

  6. Examples of Ideas to Inventions Inventions are protected by filing Patents Patents that have changed the world: • Patent No.US223,898. Edison’s electric bulb. Patents for simple low/tech products: • The inventor licensed the system for opening Coca-Cola cans at 1/10 of a penny per can. During the period of validity of the patent the inventor obtained 148,000 UK pounds a day on royalties.

  7. SERENDIPITY Invention by accident • Post-it notes: invented by chance, initially ignored by inventors but valued by the manager Vulcanized Rubber Goodyear accidentally dropped his rubber concoction on a hot stove. What he discovered was a charred leather-like substance with an elastic rim. Rubber was now weather proof.

  8. Background of Inventors • Gillette the inventor of safety razor was a sales man. • Inventors of colour photography were musicians. • Carlson who invented Xerography or xeroxwas a lawyer. • Dunlop one of the inventors of Pneumatic Tyre was a Veterinary Surgeon. • Michel Faraday who discovered electricity was a book binder.

  9. Examples of Innovation • INVENTION is a conception of a new idea INNOVATION is application/adoption of the idea, e.g.; it is a process that moves ideas into the marketplace • -incremental, • -radical, and • -revolutionary changes in thinking, products, processes, or organizations………..

  10. Examples of Innovations Scientists made remarkable progress in the last century. • TV, airplane, computer, Internet, mobile phones, Microwave oven, video recorder. • New Technologies like the Nanotech and MEMs • Diseases eradicated : small pox, polio and TB. • Space Sciences: Explorer – surfaces of moon, mars Venus, Jupiter , Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. • Remote Sensing and Space research

  11. Where on earth you can find all this in one gadget and you can move around keeping it in your jacket pocket! mail camera navigator calculator computer PDA phone Music system TV video camera radio directory ?

  12. and…..mind you we have not yet added in this list Answering machine Recording machine Personal secretary Personal massager Card reader Internet Navigator Photo Album Music Album Juke Box………………..and what not to come!

  13. Cell phone, Of course! Welcome to the world of technology innovation! and ITS CHANGING LIVES OF ALL OF US

  14. C-DOT Innovations • Pioneered Giga byte Pssive Optical Networks, the technology proposed for National Optical Network across India connecting 2.5 lakh villages. • Shared GSM Radio access network for active sharing of Infrastructure • Braod Band Wireless technologies to tackle last mile connectivity. • End user equipment for rural populace

  15. Nanotechnology Innovations • Let us watch the video small can be big • Nanoparticles of silver are now used in toothpastes, soaps and face creams, food packaging, clothing, household appliances, disinfectants and wound dressings. • Silver nanoparticles have a potent ability to kill bacteria.

  16. Nanotechnology Innovations • Mans exploitation of nature, urbanization, industrialization, • Brought environmental problems, global warming, deforestation, Air and water pollution.

  17. Nurturing creativity leading to Innovations What Innovations in science can we expect in this new millennium? Can’t Say!! Some possible Creative Ideas or out of Box thinking are • Industries in space without gravity? • Traveling to moon and back on a holiday. • Magnetic levitation due to superconductivity – trains 800Km/hr? • In condensed matter physics ( CMP) more advances : • optical fibres and lasers • X-ray crystallography • Superconductivity • Piezo electricity

  18. Some thoughts on nurturing creativity • Solving day to day problems with creativity. • Creativity requires the ability to see Beyond mistakes. • Let us see how?

  19. Creativity in tackling problems

  20. Connecting the thoughts and observations

  21. Some more examples

  22. World of AnimationConvergence of art and technology • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  23. Mosquito Bar

  24. Do you have a creative attitude What does it mean? How many of the characteristics given below do you share. • Creative thinkers dare to be different • They prefer to take risks. Advise take low risks, experiment more • Creative thinkers are self motivated. • They ignore people who tell them it will not work. • They enjoy working on problems; Harder and better. • Hobbies too motivate creativity

  25. Nurturing Innovation through Education Promoting innovation in schools and colleges by intervening in curriculum, talent-spotting of innovators among students and award of Innovation Fellowships Setting up an Innovation Centre in each DIET (District Institute of Education and Training) Mapping of Local History, Ecology and Cultural Heritage by each High School in the country to create critical thinking Creation of a Meta University, as a global first, that rides on the National Knowledge Network to promote multi-disciplinary learning, Setting up twenty Design Innovation Centres co-located in Institutes of National Importance Facilitating the creation of innovation ecosystems at Universities through University Innovation Clusters Ministry of Human Resource Development has green-lighted the three proposals of awarding Innovation fellowships; mapping of local history, ecology by high schools and creation of a Meta University Courtesy:INDIA DECADE OF INNOVATIONS 2010-2020 ROADMAP, GOI.

  26. Conclusions • I shall conclude with a video THANKYOU.