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CERTIFICATIONS. Organic Aquaculture, Andalusia Government. European Organic Quality Certification. Friend of the Sea, Sustainable Aquaculture. PSN was built along the flow of the Riofrio river from which the water is taken. PSN Facilities. . PSN Facilities.

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  1. CERTIFICATIONS Organic Aquaculture, Andalusia Government European Organic Quality Certification Friend of the Sea, Sustainable Aquaculture

  2. PSN was built along the flow of the Riofrio river from which the water is taken. PSN Facilities

  3. . PSN Facilities

  4. The source of our water is 100 yards from our facility. This differentiates us from other farms. The Riofrio is a spring-fed river

  5. The purity of our water is a key factor in the quality of our caviar Sturgeons in spring water

  6. How did we earn organic certification?

  7. Maximum Respect for the sturgeons • Respect for the natural rhythm of the fish – PSN never accelerates the growth by unnatural means. • 8 years average to develop their sexuality. • 15 years average to harvest the caviar. • Low density of fish per pool - 25kg of fish per 1.000 liters of water • - Water flow - Runoff flow. We use the river’s natural flow. • Water temperature – We maintain the same temperature as the river, by never warming up the water. • Feeding – Composed of 50% natural food found in the river, plus 50% certified organic feed. • - Oxygenation – Naturally produced by the river runs and waterfalls. No artificial oxygen is used.

  8. Biologists and Vets Ultrasounding the Sturgeons

  9. Maximum Respect for the environment • Natural products - PSN never uses chemical products for the fish or for the maintenance of the pools • Filtering the water - 30% of the surface water of the facilities are used as slop pools. • Quality of the water – When the water leaves the PSN pools, it has the same purity as when it arrives. This quality assurance is achieved without the use of any non-natural methods. • Wildlife - Thanks to the natural slop pools, PSN has restored wildlife which had emigrated, such as wild ducks, wild herons, wild trout…

  10. Slop Pools with Wild Ducks

  11. Wild heron hunting a baby sturgeon in PSN facilities

  12. Harvesting Time

  13. Our Caviar

  14. Exclusive Importer for USA The Rogers Collection 10 Dana Street Portland, ME 04101 (p) 207.828.2000 (f) 207.828.4000 contact@therogerscollection.com Hours: 9—5PM EST, Monday—Friday Take a look at the Gordon Ramsay Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skfx5RKz0oQ

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