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National Certifications

National Certifications

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National Certifications

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  1. National Certifications 2014-2015 Director & Test Coordinator Updates Alexis Nordin & Mary Brook

  2. Objectives • GoTo Meeting Control Panel • National Certifications Overview & Updates • National Certification Resources • National Certifications Fall & Spring Testing • National Certification Reporting • Important Reminders • Questions & Contact Information

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  4. National Certifications Overview The RCU supports national certification testing for secondary CTE students. • Testing procedures are established by each regulatory entity offering a national certification test. • Test coordinators should review these procedures. State Board Policy 3804 (revised Jan. 2014) states: • Secondary CTE students with two or more unsuccessful attempts at a required subject area test may use a national certification in partial fulfillment of graduation requirements. • This option is currently open only to students in these 13 Pathways: Carpentry, Electrical, Masonry, Culinary Arts, Energy Technology, Information Technology, Law and Public Safety, HVAC, Welding, Automotive Service Technician, Collision Repair Technician, Diesel Service Technician, and Transportation Logistics

  5. National Certifications Overview Some of you have been confused by this document:

  6. National Certifications Overview In the document just shown, the MDE recommended students take national cert. exams for additional Pathways, such as: • Healthcare and Clinical Services (National Health Science Assessment) • Metal Fabrication (NIMS Level One) • Lodging, Restaurant, and Tourism Management (Certified Hospitality and Tourism Management Professional) • Precision Machining (NIMS Level One) The certifications are aligned with MS’s secondary CTE Pathways. Note, however, these four certs are NOT approved for use toward graduation requirements.

  7. National Certifications Updates For the 13 certs that can be used toward graduation: • The Office of CTE and Workforce Development already pays testing costs associated with national certification-related exams for students in the 4 Pathways that use national certs in lieu of the MS-CPAS2: • Culinary Arts, Energy Technology, Information Technology, and Law and Public Safety • Starting this year, the Office of CTE and Workforce Development will begin paying for one national certification exam attempt for CTE students in the other 9 Pathways IF: • They take both the Year 1 and Year 2 CPAS exams in their selected Pathway. • Their average Y1 and Y2 CPAS score is 80 or above.

  8. National Certifications Updates • In spring 2014, the free national cert. testing was piloted by students in Carpentry, Electrical, Masonry, Automotive Service Technician, Collision Repair Technician, and Diesel Service Technician Pathways. • Exams offered through the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) and the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) • Test coordinators were notified in May (after the MS-CPAS2 reports were finalized) of students eligible for a free national certification test • In 2014-2015, the free national cert. testing program expands to include national certification exam opportunities for HVAC, Welding, and Transportation Logistics Career Pathway students. • Exams offered by the NCCER and the American Society for Transportation and Logistics, Inc. (AST&L) • Test coordinators will be notified of eligible students at the end of each national cert. testing cycle. TCs should contact the RCU to schedule testing support for students wishing to take national cert. exams.

  9. National Certifications Updates At the end of spring national cert. testing periods: We understand that there is a very short period between when the MS-CPAS2 reports are finalized in May and when schools begin summer break; therefore, it is not always feasible for students to take national cert. tests in the spring/summer. • That is fine—just notify us when your students need to be scheduled for their free exams.

  10. National Certifications Updates In fall 2014, 22 districts were selected by the MDE to pilot baseline testing using the NCCER for students in select Construction and Manufacturing Pathways (approx. 950 students). • In order for us to report the pilot results to the MDE, we need districts’ cooperation to collect the data is a format compatible with our reporting mechanisms. • Send spreadsheets to Mary Brook ASAP.

  11. National Certifications Resources Detailed information about national certs. for secondary CTE students is available in the new National Certification Manual(available in “Testing Resources” under the “National Certification” tab).The manual includes: • FAQs • Testing prerequisites • National certs pertaining to graduation options • Exam fees and testing windows • Score printing and reporting

  12. National Certifications – Fall & Spring Testing For Fall 2014: • Upon request only, the RCU will support fall national cert. testing during a district’s regular MS-CPAS2 window for secondary CTE students on the block schedule. • Notify us immediately if your school is on the block and has any of these Pathways: • Culinary Arts, Energy Technology, Information Technology, and Law and Public Safety

  13. National Certifications – Fall & Spring Testing Spring 2015: For all other schools, the next major national certification testing will take place in spring 2015 during the regular MS-CPAS2 testing window. • Kuder, CertiPort, ProStart, and MOHS representatives will conduct webinars as spring testing approaches to ensure test coordinators and instructors are well prepared (system updates, troubleshooting questions based on last spring’s testing, etc.) – watch the listserv for a schedule of these webinars. • Test coordinators will follow the same verification procedures as for students who take the CPAS (especially critical for Year 1 LPS students). • Be prepared to report national cert data back to the RCU.

  14. National Certification Reporting • Not all national cert. regulatory entities have the capability to report student data directly to the RCU. • Even for those that do, the data is often missing fields that the MDE needs to compile federal Perkins reports and district summary reports. • For this reason, the MDE’s Accountability personnel require additional support from test coordinators who have national cert. programs: • National cert. students mustbe verified with the RCU prior to testing. • National cert. results must be submitted by test coordinators to the RCU after testing. • For LPS CERT students, the CERT score cannot be applied toward graduation requirements unless the student takes the CERT exam via QuestionMark.

  15. National Certifications Reminders A few reminders: • If you have new instructors in your national cert. Pathways, you need to make sure they meet the national cert. regulatory entity’s requirements for instructors. Please contact the MDE’s Office of Educator Licensure for additional information. • MDE’s policy is to pay for one attempt for each student who qualifies for a free national certification exam; students may sign up for additional attempts, but out-of-pocket costs may be associated. • Note the national cert. exam does not always constitute the national cert. itself—the certification may have additional components, such as mentored work hours, skills demonstrations, etc. Keep this in mind when using certs. toward graduation requirements.

  16. National Certifications Reminders And more reminders! • In future testing cycles, students in national cert. Pathways may still be required to baseline test using the MS-CPAS2. • The MDE currently uses a pre/post-test model (i.e., baseline testing) for generating teacher-evaluation data. • The MDE has funds limiting its ability to use national cert. exams as baseline tests. • The MS-CPAS2 is still needed for baseline purposes at this time. • We understand that the MS-CPAS2 and national cert. exams are different metrics and additional research needs to be done to ensure that these assessments are appropriate for teacher-evaluation purposes. • CTE teachers are still encouraged to attend the RCU’s item alignment and development (IAD) meetings to ensure the MS-CPAS2 is aligned to the curriculum competencies.

  17. National Certification Reminders • Please send us your national certification concerns so that they may be addressed by the CTE Advisory Board and/or so that we may help by preparing additional resources for you. • Labels for transcripts • CPAS cut scores vs. national cert. exam cut scores for alternative graduation requirements

  18. Thank You! Questions and Suggestions? 662-325-2510