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Theories on the Origin of the Universe PowerPoint Presentation
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Theories on the Origin of the Universe

Theories on the Origin of the Universe

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Theories on the Origin of the Universe

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  1. Theories on the Origin of the Universe

  2. The Big Bang Theory • This theory states that Universe was once in an extremely hot and dense state which expanded rapidly. • This occurred approximately 13.75 billion years ago. • This is also a well-tested scientific theory. • The framework for the Big Bang model relies on Albert Einstein's general relativity. • It describes and explains the general evolution of the universe going forward from that point on. Still too many words. Please use keywords. See suggested changes in the next slide.

  3. The Big Bang Theory • Beginning • very hot & dense • rapid expansion • 13.75 billion years ago. • Well-tested, scientific • Relies on Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity • General evolution of the universe This way, you can increase your font sizes. (Note that I did not apply ideal formatting for the bullet points.)

  4. THE Theism Theory • This theory is a belief in one god as a creator of the universe. • The Greek “THEOS" means "god" . Please improve the layout- the spacing is awkward. Perhaps this is because of the font sytle you used? I don’t have it so my computer converted your text to the closest style. If you want, you may save the ppt file with the font styles embedded so no conversion is done. Embedding font sytles is part of the “Save options” in PowerPoint “Options” menu.

  5. THE ATHIESM Theory • The theory or belief that God does not exist. • The Greek “ATHEOS” meaning "without god“. Too much empty space. Please use this for a picture. This makes your report more interesting.

  6. THE STEADY STATE THEORY • This theory states that  the universe has always expanded at a uniform rate with no beginning or end. • Was also discredited by the discovery of cosmic background radiation. • A theory in which the universe is assumed  • to have average properties that are  • constant in space and time.

  7. INFLATIONARY UNIVERSE THEORY • Proposes a brief period of extremely rapid accelerating expansion in the very early universe.

  8. CYCLIC UNIVERSE THEORY • Is a radical alternative to the standard big bang. • Challenges the standard big bang and the • inflationary picture.

  9. NEBULAR THEORY • A hypothesis concerning the origin of the solar system. • The theory that the solar system evolved from the gravitational collapse of nebular matter. This is beyond your topic. Please do not include this slide.

  10. OSCILLATING UNIVERSE THEORY •  The theory that the universe is oscillating between periods of expansion and contraction.

  11. Possible Ends of the Universe The animation for the title text takes up too much.

  12. The Big Freeze • This theory states that the Universe will expand forever. Please review this. What you wrote about the Big Freeze (or Heat Death) is wrong. Refer to:

  13. The Big Freeze Big Freeze again?

  14. The Big Crunch • This theory states that the average density of the universe is sufficient to stop the expansion of the universe gravitationally. The information here is incomplete. What happens when the expansion stops? Refer to:

  15. The Big Rip • Follows the rules of general relativity. • "The expansion becomes so fast that it literally rips apart all bound objects," Better if you have an ending slide. Summarize your report. What do you want the audience to remember?