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“Guest”. By Nuar A lsadir. “Guest” .

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  1. “Guest” By NuarAlsadir

  2. “Guest” • The poem “Guest” is great. It’s actually one of those poems you can understand and agree on. Something that makes total sense since most of us have been through this in our lives every once and a while. Whether we like it or not, we all have to go through situations and deal with things we don’t want to go through. Like having guests. Especially when you were younger. The poem pretty much says it all, that’s why it is so great. Readers can easily understand and relate to it.

  3. NuarAlsadir • NuarAlsadir is not a well known poet. She is just like any other person out in the world trying to make a living. She currently works at NYU as a senior language lecturer. While at it, she is also a Psychoanalyst in training at The Institute of Psychoanalytic Training and Research. Pretty impressive for an educated women. She got her BA at Amherst College, and her MA in creative writing and PhD in English literature from NYU.

  4. More about NuarAlsadir • Nuar is not a big poet. Her biggest poem she made was “More Shadow Than A Bird” back in January 2012. She is more of a essayist than a poet. She has only made a couple of poems. Nuar is more focused on becoming a Psychoanalyst I’d say. Seems she has little time on her hands since she lives in the big city New York, New York. And is a professor at NYU, one of the biggest Universities in New York.

  5. “Guest” by NuarAlsadir • Throughout ones lifetime, everybody has had a guest over at their house. Appartently it seems Nuar has had many and decided to write a poem about it. It must be in her culture to have guests over because maybe her family has had many family reunions at her house. Family you didn’t even know about when you were a child. These are the things that helped her create this poem.

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