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UPnP Device Management PowerPoint Presentation
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UPnP Device Management

UPnP Device Management

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UPnP Device Management

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  1. UPnP Device Management Andre Bottaro France Telecom Group UPnP DM co-chairman End User Device Management panel Sunday, January 11th, 2009 CCNC'09

  2. Outline • From a service provider perspective, UPnP technical assets and adoption are relevant in face of 3 challenges • Remote Management scalability • Home dynamicity • Home market trends • Together, device manufacturers and service providers define a UPnP device profile specific to Device Management inside the UPnP Device Management (UPnP DM) Working Committee

  3. 1st challengeRemote management scalability • Objectives of operators and service providers • Avoid manual installation and maintenance • Simplicity for the user => make the devices smarter • Avoid costly hotline calls => provide simple user tools to diagnose, repair their network • Avoid costly manual tasks in sales shop => spread management protocols on devices • Increase Remote Management servers scalability • Keep most of actions on the user side => bridge WAN protocols with LAN protocols • UPnP™ assets • Plug-n-Play mechanisms make the devices smarter • UPnP™ simplifies user services and tools • UPnP™ technology is already in the Home

  4. 2nd challengeHome dynamicity • Objectives of operators and service providers • Instant diagnostics on running devices • Continuous performance monitoring • UPnP™ assets • UPnP™ provides dynamic device inventory on the LAN • UPnP™ enables instant diagnosis and continuous monitoring • UPnP™ Forum standardizes home device features (AV, IGD, etc.)

  5. 3rd challengeHome market trends • Objectives of operators and service providers • Benefit from the user demand for networked services • Insure QoS and service evolution • UPnP™ asset: UPnP™ is already in the Home • Media devices market: • Most of network attached storages (NAS) and Game consoles • some players, recorders and video cameras. • IP connectivity market: Most of Home Internet gateways • Imaging market: some printers and scanners. • Certification • About 300 certified devices: • UPnP™ AV certification, the 1st step of DLNA certification process

  6. UPnP Device Management overview • What is UPnP? • An international Forum of 900 members specifying • A generic service-oriented middleware on local networks • discovery, description, control and eventing protocol layers • And a set of service interfaces for specific application domains • Audio-Video, Networking, Home Automation, Printing, QoS, Device Management. • UPnP DM Working Committee status and timeline • Creation: October 2007. • 15+ active members: Operators, CE manufacturers, Software providers, Universities • Available documents: use cases, technical requirements, ongoing specification drafts • Remaining work: specification achievement with reference implementations • Expected publication: December 2009 • Description: UPnP™ description and control of manageable devices • Software Management, Configuration, Diagnostics, Performance Monitoring

  7. Technical objectives • Firmware and software management • Enable the deployment and the activation of modular software units • Configuration • Define a general mechanism envisioned for the manipulation of device data • Define a minimal set of device parameters • network parameters, timezone, memory, cpu, etc. • Enable the management of standard data models • Diagnostics • Define network connectivity tests and device self-test • Enable log setting and retrieval • Performance Monitoring • Enable continuous condition-based queries on performance data

  8. Standard Data model UPnP DM Device UPnP DM Control Point UPnP UPnP DM Device RM Client UPnP DM Control Point RM Server Bridge RM UPnP 2 main applications • Self-care tool: The local user manages devices • Remote management proxy: Remote management of UPnP devices through a Service Provider UPnP Control Point Home Gateway Personal Computer UPnP Device Home Gateway Service Provider RM: Remote Management protocol

  9. Conclusion and perspectives • UPnP DM will bring a complementary device profile in the whole device management picture • The UPnP search for universality • puts the stress on service interface generality • and make UPnP DM members face the new issue of data model interoperability

  10. For the interconnected lifestyle