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email2 Platform e-Statements: Billing PowerPoint Presentation
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email2 Platform e-Statements: Billing

email2 Platform e-Statements: Billing

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email2 Platform e-Statements: Billing

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  1. email2 Platform e-Statements: Billing

  2. Secure e-statements Introduction • Create a branded, trusted channel for all billing confidential conversations: • Allow clients to receive electronic statements securely • Allow client to ask billing related questions electronically & securely • Client can update their contact information real time • Immediate ROI: cost reduction due to secure HTML delivery: • Transactional pricing model • Paper reduction by letting clients self-print (qualify for carbon credits) • No more internal paper delivery or cost for printing & stamps • Reduced collection time by 3 to 10 days due to immediate delivery • Real time tracking of read and print actions ensures non-repudiation • Does not interfere with any technology currently in place: • Client uses corporate or personal e-mail address through Webmail, Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Smartphone, etc.

  3. API Automation • Automatic API delivery to every client: • Fully integrated with existing Accounting / HR applications, no infrastructure change • Fully automated: workflow allows billing representative to 'trigger' the SEND command in batches of several thousand at the same time • Allows a login form directly on the company Intranet / Website or rely on e-mail delivery notifications to give clients access to login and access secure mailbox • Uses same security technologies as Internet banking • Design different Membership Packages based on client type and restrict access / functionality (streamline usage) • Track delivery + print command; generates monthly report on the fly

  4. Secure Login Branded to your organization Use existing corporate OR personal e-mail address such as Gmail, or simply their client number (e-mail address is not mandatory) Easy 15-second registration process allows client to choose / manage their own password

  5. Secure Client Billing Mailbox Client Authentication & assigned Membership Package Track every action: Read, Print, Deleted, and Recall any statement or message on the fly. In this example, the interface is streamlined with only one Tab (Secure Billing Mailbox), quick navigation, no PDF to download & self print securely. Statement generated by existing Accounting / ERP / HR application and delivered though API directly into Employee Mailbox

  6. Secure Smartphone Access

  7. Billing Department Secure Mailbox Billing Representative has access to more functionality based on Membership Package. Answer billing-related questions securely and track read-rate.

  8. email2 Platform Benefits • Corporate security without the complications: no keys to deploy & manage. • Multi-client security & productivity: Outlook, Lotus, Webmail, Smartphones such as Blackberry, iPhone, etc. • Ensure non-repudiation between entities by knowing when messages are read and forwarded, even recall read messages after they're opened. • Unique message options: 'ForwardFreeze' & 'For Your Eyes Only'. • Overnight mail replacement through guaranteed delivery of messages and real time tracking & compliance audit trail. • Real time tracking in Outlook of all your secure messages: read, replied to, forwarded to (and to whom), printed, recalled, etc. • Gigabytes file transfer & management without FTP, directly in Outlook, no links to click. • True message recall, even after the message has been read, in Outlook.

  9. email2 Platform Benefits (cont’d) • Leverages current e-mail infrastructure (no server configuration), works with all mail servers. • Customizable pre-emptive Data Leak Prevention (DLP); prevent SNN and Credit Card numbers, or any other 'keyword' or 'algorithm' base rules from ever leaving your organization. • Minimize legal & financial liability privacy protection adhering to compliance regulations. • Designed to integrate seamlessly with email compliance supervision tools. • Powerful API allows creations of business e-transaction applications with ERP, CRM, Accounting, etc. • Brandable platform: reduce phishing. • Safer for everyone: virtually spam & virus free!

  10. ‘Private Email Networks’ • email2 is your own ‘White House’ Red Phone. It creates a Private Email Network (PEN) for your organization: • Trusted secure channel for confidential conversations • Multi-client security: Outlook, Lotus, Webmail, Smartphone, etc. • Unique message options: 'ForwardFreeze' & 'For Your Eyes Only‘ • Same security technologies as Internet banking • Overnight mail replacement through guaranteed deliveryof messages and real time tracking & audit trail • Customizable pre-emptive Data Leak Prevention (DLP) • Seamlessly integrated into existing e-mail infrastructure • Leverages current e-mail infrastructure • Secure FTP replacement: gigabyte-file attachments • Published API for custom applications (e-statements) • Authorized users are in, spammers are out