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Unit One

Unit One . Changes in the Way We Live Phoebe Hu. Outline. Language points. Homework. Presentation. Text comprehension. Presentation . Topic: Where to live, in the Country or in the City 1. City life Advantages: Convenience transportation High living standard Health care

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Unit One

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  1. Unit One Changes in the Way We Live Phoebe Hu

  2. Outline Language points Homework Presentation Text comprehension

  3. Presentation Topic: Where to live, in the Country or in the City 1. City life Advantages: • Convenience transportation • High living standard • Health care • preferable working environment • Better education

  4. More job opportunities • Easy access to the entertainment Disadvantages: • Overpopulation • Pollution • Noise • traffic jam • High crime rate • Fierce competition & stress • Indifference in interpersonal relationship

  5. 2.Country life • Attraction of country no pollution, gorgeous scenery, fresh air, high-quality food, close to nature, quietness, peace, inexpensive housing, less pressure, less crime, less traffic: • Disadvantages: inconvenient traffic, monotonous life, tough conditions,lacking facilities and entertainments 3. My preference

  6. Text Comprehension 1. Comprehension questions 1) What is the farm life like in the writer’s opinions? Please find examples to prove that. The self-reliant life is satisfying but tough. 2) How can the writer manage to overcome all the hardships? • bear harsh environment and weather condition • get by on a tight budget by cutting back on the daily expenses • tolerate the feelings of solitude and anxiety

  7. 2.Text organization Part One Paras 1---3 The writer views his life in the country as a self-reliant and satisfying one. Part Two Paras 4---7 Life in the country is good yet sometimes very hard.

  8. Part Three Paras 8---11 After quitting his job, the writer’s income was reduced, but he and his family can manage to Get by. Part Four Paras 12---15 A tolerance for solitude and a lot of energy have made it possible for the family to enjoy their life in the country.

  9. Further Thinking • What do you think are possible ways to improve the quality of our lives? • What kind of life do you pursue?

  10. Language Points Difficult sentences in Text A: 1) Line31: There is, as the old saying goes, no rest for the wicked on a place like this -- and not much for the virtuous either. 2) Line51: Will there ever be a better time? The answer, decidedly, was no, and so -- with my employer’s blessings and half a year’s pay in accumulated benefits in my pocket -- off I went. parenthesis

  11. 3) Line60: I’m not making anywhere near as much as I did when I was employed full time… Ⅱ. Words 1Haul (Line 16) vt 1)transport, as with a truck, cart, etc. 每天早上农民们用卡车把蔬菜运到市场。 The farmers haul vegetables to the market on a truck every morning. 2)pull or drag sth. with effort or force 救援人员把乘客从被撞击的火车中拖出来。 Rescue workers hauled passengers out of the crashed train.

  12. 2.Supplement (Line 21) 1) vt add to sth. in order to improve it (followed by with) 医生建议在我的饮食中补充维生素E和A。 The doctor suggested supplementing my diet with vitamins E and A. 2) n. an additional amount of sth. She has been ill and must have supplements to her ordinary food. Do you read the Sunday color supplements?

  13. 3. Get through (Line 45)come successfully to the end 当地政府已采取一些措施以确保全体人民熬过冬天。 The local government has taken some measures to ensure that all the people will get through the winter. 她顺利通过考试,被大学录取。 She got through the entrance examination and was accepted by the college.

  14. 4. On balance (Line 54) 总的来说,改换公司的名字可能是不可取的。 On balance, it’s probably not advisable to change the company’s name. keep one’s balance lose one’s balance strike a balance in the balance 保持平衡 失去平衡 公平处理 不确定

  15. 5.Illustrate (Line 56) illustrate, exemplify & demonstrate 都是“举例说明” illustrate表示不仅使用具体事例而且有时使用图画,目的是使说明生动、逼真或有效,从而真实地说明某一观点。 exemplify表示使用事例说明一个笼统而抽象的陈述,或佐以揭示某一提法的真实 demonstrate表示用足够数量及可靠的证据说明某 学术争论结论的真实性,也可用于说明人或事 Galileo_____________ that objects of different weights fall at the same speed. The way that a pump works is used to _________ how the heart sends blood around the body. Knights ___________ courage and courtesy。 demonstrated illustrate exemplified

  16. 6.When it comes to (Line 64) 当提到…… 当提到乡村生活时,人们总是想到广阔的空间,安宁、平静的生活环境。 People will think of vast stretches of field in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere when it comes to life in the countryside. 当说到情商时,女人没有男人聪明,男人也不比女人聪明多少。 Women are not smarter than men when it comes to emotional intelligence, nor are men smarter then women.

  17. 7. Generate (Line 61) vt. bring into existence; produce When coal burns, it generates heat. 西班牙语在美国一些城市的广泛运用引起了社会对语言运用的讨论。 The widespread use of Spanish in some American cities has generated a public debate over language use in the country.

  18. 8. Pick up (Line 66) 1) be ready to pay 2) take hold of and lift up 3) gain; get 4) improve 5) gather together; collect 6) collect someone or something from a place Click the sentence to match the definition *Where did you pick up your excellent English? * Please pick up all your toys when you’ve finishedplaying. * If he loses the case, Michael will have topick up the bill for legal costs. *I’ll pick you up at your hotel. * She picked up a stone and threw it at the window. * Mary has been ill, but she’s picking up now. 3 5 1 6 2 4

  19. Draw up a budget Submit a budget Balance a budget Exceed a budget Cut (back)/reduce a budget 9. Budget (Line ) n. a plan of how to arrange private or public income or spending 制定预算 提交一项预算报告 平衡预算 超出预算 减少预算 联邦/家庭收支/市政/国家预算 a federal/household/municipal/national budget

  20. 10. Scale (Line 85) n. a relative level or degree (usu. used in the phrase on a … scale) 我们小规模地检测我们新的教学法,只有六个班参与其中。 We tested our new teaching methods on a small scale. Indeed only six classes were involved in it. 工程以宏大的规模开始了。 The project was undertaken on a grand scale.

  21. 2. Finding the English corresponding words or phrases of the following expressions in the text. 1.过得去 2.寻觅心灵的满足 3.自力更生的生活 4.艰苦的生活 5.日常的家务 6.过冬 7.带着…的祝福 8.总的来说 9.至于 10.除…以外 11.外出吃饭 12.弥补收入差额 13.耐得住寂寞 14.自给自足 15.抵制诱惑 16.怆然离去 17.自豪感

  22. 1)get by 2)find contentment 3)a self-reliant life 4)a tough life 5)household routine 6)get through the winter 7) with sb.’s blessings 8)on balance 9) When it comes to 10) apart from 11) dine out 12) make up the difference in income 13) a tolerance for solitude 14) self-sufficiency 15) resist the temptation to do sth. 16) leave with a feeling of sorrow 17) a sense of pride

  23. Translation: • Resist, primarily, patronize, dine out, profit, indoor, patronize, on balance, on a large scale • 相当多的孩子体重越来越重,这个趋势正日益明显。这个现象主要可以用以下两个原因来解释。随着人们生活水平的提高,孩子们有更多的机会外出就餐。他们无法抵制麦当劳、肯德基或者是必胜客的诱惑。这些快餐公司在针对孩子的广告花了上百万的钱。 这些广告又反过来给公司带来了巨大的利润。孩子们经常光顾这些快餐连锁店,结果不可避免的胖起来。第二个原因是缺乏运动。今天的孩子们忙于学习,有的甚至整天呆在屋里。 卡路里摄入的增加,运动时间的减少,导致了孩子肥胖的危险。总的说来,我们应该更加关注孩子们的健康问题。应该大规模的开展一项反对西方快餐疯狂进攻中国的运动。

  24. Key to translation • There is a growing trend that quite a number of children are getting overweight. This fact can be primarily accounted for by the following two reasons. With great improvement in people’s living standard, children now have much more chances to dine out. They just can’t resist the temptation of Mc Donald, KFC or Pizza hut, which have spent millions of dollars on advertising directed at kids. This in turn brings about great profits to these companies. Children patronize these fast food outlets so often that they are inevitably getting obese. The second reason is lack of sports. Children today are extremely occupied by their studies, and some even go so far as to stay indoor all day long. Increased calorie intake and decreased exercise time leads to obesity risk in children. On balance more attention should be paid on children’s health problem, and a campaign, on a large scale, against crazy aggression of western fast food should be launched.

  25. Homework 1.Further thinking: What do you think are possible ways to improve the quality of our lives? What kind of life do you pursue? 2.Presentations: Introducing the following background information which will appear in next unit: G1: From Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama G2: The Underground Railroad 3.Appreciating the movie The Great Debaters and your reflections Which character moves or impresses you most? Which scene moves or impresses you most? Which line moves or impresses you most? 4. Preview Text A in Unit 2 and finish language focus

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