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TRAVEL INSURANCE COVERAGE. Amanda Dellit Insurance Office - University of Queensland. WHY DO I NEED INSURANCE?. If you incur medical expenses while overseas and you don't have travel insurance, you are personally liable for covering these costs.

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    Amanda Dellit Insurance Office - University of Queensland
  2. WHY DO I NEED INSURANCE? If you incur medical expenses while overseas and you don't have travel insurance, you are personally liable for covering these costs. The Government cannot pay for medical expenses overseas. Travel insurance is as essential as your passport, regardless of your travel destination.
  3. AM I ELIGIBLE? No application needed! It’s automatic. Automatic travel insurance coverage applies once the following requirements are met: You must be a current enrolled student at UQ; and You must be on UQauthorised travel Complete a Travel Notification Template (available from our webpage) Send to UQ Abroad Receive a Travel Notification Number
  4. WHEN AM I COVERED? You are covered: direct travel to and from Australia to your exchange location; 5 days at your exchange location immediately prior to your semester or language classes (settling in period); 5 days at your exchange location after your semester ends (packing up period); while you’re at your exchange location; if you travel further than 60km from your exchange location AND YOU’RE NOT staying overnight.
  5. WHEN DO I NEED MY OWN INSURANCE? Are you planning on staying at your exchange location for the full duration of your exchange? You need to arrange your own travel insurance when you are: travelling further than 60km away from your exchange location ANDstaying overnight.
  6. WHERE CAN I GET EXTRA TRAVEL INSURANCE? You can arrange your travel insurance through: ACE Ina-Suitcase: http://inasuitcase.aceinsurance.com.au/UNIQLD/homepage.aspx Discounted rates, quick and easy to arrange online. or an insurer of your choice. Online Quote / Apply Use of ACE Ina-Suitcase is between you and ACE, and in no way associated with the University.
  7. WHAT IF I HAVE TWO INSURANCE POLICIES? It’s okay to have two concurrent travel insurance policies. Which one do I make a claim through? If you are claiming for an event that occurred during your exchange (not private travel), then: You must claim from your other travel policy first. If there is any difference in cover, then you can advise UQ of your other travel policy and claim the remainder through UQ’s Travel Insurance Policy.
  8. AM I TRAVELLING TO A SAFE COUNTRY? Check the security situation for your destination on www.smartraveller.gov.au You will need additional approval to depart from the DVC (International) if the security situation in the intended destination is: Level 3 – Reconsider your need to travel; or Level 4 – Do not travel. Notify the Insurance Office insurance@uq.edu.au if you are travelling toAfghanistan, Chad, Chechnya, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Israel, Somalia or Sudan. If the security situation increases to Level 4 or you feel unsafe while in the country, please contact ACE Assistance.
  9. TRAVEL ADVISORIES Please visit the Smart Traveller website to access the latest overseas travel advice – www.smartraveller.gov.au Smart Traveller includes all the latest travel warning information as well as helpful information about dress, conduct and laws for each country.
  10. WHAT DO I DO IN AN EMERGENCY? Contact the local telephone operator and ask for a reverse charge call to ACE Assistance on 61 2 8907 5995 . Quote Policy Number: 01PP529201 Instant telephone assistance or advice is available anywhere in the world. 01PP529201
  11. IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY This service includes: Emergency medical advice 24 hours per day Evacuation or repatriation if necessary Liaison and case management with your hospital or medical provider Assistance in replacing a lost or stolen passport Verification of medical insurance to medical providers Guaranteed payment of medical service providers Advice and information on the location of physicians, hospitals, and dentists worldwide Repatriation of mortal remains
  12. PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITIONS If you have a pre-existing medical condition which is not on the list in the Student Travel Insurance Summary, then please have your Doctor complete a Fit to Travel Report (available from our webpage) within 30 days of your journey and email to insurance@uq.edu.au 7 days prior to departure. Please note that the insurer will not be liable for any expenses: incurred where a Journey is undertaken against the advice of a Doctor or when the Covered Person is unfit to travel or if the purpose of the Journey is for the Covered Person to seek medical attention for a pre-existing medical condition. incurred for any medication or ongoing treatment for a condition which commenced prior to the commencement of a Journey and which such medication or treatment the Covered Person has been advised to continue during travel. incurred for routine medical, optical or dental treatment or consultation. Dental treatment is limited to emergency only and must be certified as necessary by a Doctor or dentist. *Subject to policy terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations as specified in the policy wordings.
  13. INSURANCE WEBPAGE www.fbs.uq.edu.au/insurance Click onInsurance
  14. INSURANCE WEBPAGE (CONT’D) Click onStudent Travel Insurance
  15. INSURANCE WEBPAGE (CONT’D) Student Travel Insurance Summary
  16. CERTIFICATES OF CURRENCY Certificates are often required for visas, placements and exchange. Please contact insurance@uq.edu.au to request a certificate and include: Full Name (as per passport); Student Number; Travel Notification Number; Why the certificate is required (e.g. Visa for USA). A Certificate of Currency certifies that the University has a current Travel Insurance policy in place. It includes the traveller’s name, dates of travel and period of coverage.
  17. WAIVERS Required by some exchange universities Complete your details on the waiver form Scan and email to insurance@uq.edu.au A pdf copy will be emailed back to you
  18. MAKING A CLAIM Fill in a Travel Claim Form (available on Insurance Office webpage) Add supporting documentation (e.g. doctor’s report, police report, receipts etc) Email the travel claim paperwork to insurance@uq.edu.au CSNwill contact you within 10 business days of submitting your claim.
  19. WHAT AM I COVERED FOR? These are some of the things you are covered for: Accidental Injury and Sickness ($50 excess) Medical and Additional Expenses ($100 excess) Cancellation and Curtailment Expenses Loss of Deposits Baggage ($250 excess) Electronic Equipment ($500 excess) Money / Travel Documents ($250 excess) Missed Transport Connections Overbooked Flights Evacuation Subject to the TERMS, CONDITIONS AND EXCLUSIONS of the policy.
  20. WHAT AM I COVERED FOR? - EXAMPLES Backpack containing laptop and phone wrenched from student’s shoulder by thief Broken collarbone playing volleyball (non-professional) Chest infection develops overseas, requiring a Doctors appointment and antibiotics Fall and subsequent seizure requiring medical evacuation back to Australia Missed connecting flight due to prior flight being delayed Broken arm while skiing Passport stolen from locked dorm room Subject to the TERMS, CONDITIONS AND EXCLUSIONS of the policy.
  21. WHAT ISN’T COVERED? These are some of the things you’re not covered for: Illegal or criminal activity. The use or effect of alcohol or drugs. Medical expenses incurred in Australia, which a Medicare benefit is or would be payable (Health Insurance Act 1973). Routine medical, optical or dental treatment/consultation. Any loss or damage not reported to authorities as soon as possible. If you leave your electronic equipment unattended. Any electronic equipment that’s not accompanied by you as personal cabin baggage. Medical and evacuation coverage is excluded if the traveller is going to their home country. If you change your plans or you’re disinclined to travel. *Subject to policy terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations as specified in the policy wordings.
  22. CASE STUDY 1 STOLEN PASSPORT BACKGROUND Student aged 22 Inexperienced traveller Studying on exchange in Germany Going on fieldtrip to France REAL CASE FILE WHAT HAPPENED… Student is going on a 3 day course related fieldtrip to France leaving Saturday. Student’s passport is stolen on Friday. Student is told by French officials he cannot travel into France without a valid passport. Please note that the photo is only a representation for display purposes only and is not the actual person
  23. CASE STUDY 1 STOLEN PASSPORT Student didn’t take a copy of his passport. Student notifies the Australian Embassy, who advise it could take a minimum of 1 week to process his new passport. Student must now cancel his trip to France and stay in Germany. He later finds out his flight and accommodation bookings were non-refundable. WHAT WENT WRONG… Didn’t take a copy of passport Didn’t book refundable tickets (not always possible) WHAT WORKED… Advised his Home University of dates and location of fieldtrip prior to booking flights and accommodation Notified local police and got a police report Contacted the Australian Embassy and asked for assistance Notified ACE Assistance 61 2 8907 5995 Notified his Home University
  24. CASE STUDY 2 AN UNUSUAL INCIDENT… BACKGROUND Travelling to Denmark for semester 23 year old student Experienced Traveller Fit & Well REAL CASE FILE WHAT HAPPENED? Student goes to the University gym after lectures Student uses toilets located in the gym area next to the sauna Door lock seizes and student is locked in toilet cubicle Unable to raise any assistance - no one around No way of escape – student becomes very anxious Please note that the photo is only a representation for display purposes only and is not the actual person
  25. CASE STUDY 2 AN UNUSUAL INCIDENT… After 2 hours with temperature increasing due to sauna room leaking heat, student climbs up side wall and squeezes though a gap of about 20 cm at top of wall Student suffers cuts and abrasions plus sprained ankle Student contacts ACE Assistance and is referred to doctor and a counsellor WHAT WORKED… Student knew who to contact immediately for assistance Student obtained medical care quickly Student had access to counsellors immediately WHAT WENT WRONG… The door! No one would have missed our student for possibly 24 hours as they were not due to lectures until the next afternoon.
  26. CASE STUDY 3 CULTURAL DIFFERENCES BACKGROUND 21 year old student New traveller with very limited travel experience 3 week placement in India Fit and Well REAL CASE FILE WHAT HAPPENED… Out with other students travelling in a tuktuk Student is wearing skimpy shorts and singlet top Road accident happens when young driver is distracted by the female student’s attire Local youth travelling on a motor cycle is decapitated in the accident and killed Please note that the photo is only a representation for display purposes only and is not the actual person
  27. CASE STUDY 3 CULTURAL DIFFERENCES Group begins to swarm around the students and situation is rapidly becoming aggressive and anger is mounting toward the 3 Australians by the milling crowd Quick thinking by one of the students has them leave the scene of the accident and return to their hotel Student contacts University University contact ACE Assistance and a counsellor is on the phone to student within a very short time ACE Assistance advises University that it would be best to return student to home or other country ASAP Arrangements are made for her to leave the next morning WHAT WENT WRONG… Student didn’t check what was culturally appropriate attire in India WHAT WORKED… Student knew who to contact immediately for assistance Student had access to counsellors immediately
  28. WHO’S WHO ACE = The University’s current Travel Insurance provider. ACE ASSIST = The team who will assist you in a travel emergency. ACE INA-SUITCASE = ACE’s private travel insurance provider. CSN = Corporate Services Network process travel insurance claims. AON = UQ’s Insurance Broker who arranges the Travel Insurance.
  29. QUESTIONS? We’re here to help you! Please contact us with any questions: Email: insurance@uq.edu.au Phone: 07 3365 3075 Visit our website: www.fbs.uq.edu.au/insurance Amanda Dellit Annette Russell (Mon & Tues) DISCLAIMER This summary has been prepared for general reference only. Nothing contained herein prevails over the TERMS, CONDITIONS AND EXCLUSIONS of the policy.
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