church flood insurance coverage n.
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Church Flood Insurance Coverage PowerPoint Presentation
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Church Flood Insurance Coverage

Church Flood Insurance Coverage

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Church Flood Insurance Coverage

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  1. Church Flood Insurance Coverage  When it comes to insurance, most people don’t want to deal with this topic until something happens. In addition, many people within their church believe their insurance policy will cover them for more things than their insurance policy was written for. Recently, Texas and Florida experienced major flooding that devastated the local areas. Church flood insurance is not a insurance coverage that is included in a standard commercial liability policy for a church. This is a specific exclusion as this coverage needs to be purchased through a separate policy. An interesting fact that many people are not aware of is that floods are the nation’s most common and costly natural disaster in the United States of America and they cause millions if not billions of dollars in damage every year. You might also be surprised to learn that more than 20 percent of floods happen outside of flood zones according to FEMA. While flood insurance is an added expense for a church to

  2. obtain, it could end up saving your church and its members millions of dollars depending on the size of your building(s). In the aftermath of hurricane Irm and Maria and the devastation that was caused, we recommend for you and your board members to sit down and discuss the need of obtain flood insurance for your church. While you may or may not decide to purchase flood insurance coverage for your church at the end of your discussion, it will be good for you to at the very least have the discussion and consider the cost of obtaining this important coverage. Integrity Now Insurance Brokers Integrity Now Insurance Brokers understands that churches have limited budgets and it is for this very reason that this coverage becomes all the more important for your church to consider. We would love to discuss with you and your church the annual cost and how a church flood insurance policy can help provide greater protection in the event of this type of loss happens in your community. Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, Inc 4182 Viking Way, Suite 203 Long Beach, CA 90808 (562) 606-1030