vut brno meeting data collection for m4 n.
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VUT Brno meeting data collection for M4 PowerPoint Presentation
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VUT Brno meeting data collection for M4

VUT Brno meeting data collection for M4

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VUT Brno meeting data collection for M4

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  1. VUT Brno meeting data collection for M4 Petr Jenderka, Stanislav Sumec, Igor Potůček, Petr Motlíček, Jan Černocký, Pavel Zemčík Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic M4 meeting Delft

  2. Goals • Provide M4 and follow-ups with more data, complementary to ICSI and IDIAP • Different speakers, different accent (heavily accented CZEnglish) • Setup of a secondary M4 meeting room: low-cost, mobile, built from off-the-shelve products, easy to install and operate. • Plans for meeting recordings • Plans for annotations. M4 meeting Delft

  3. The rooms • IDIAP room very valuable but expensive, difficult to assemble/setup and impossible to bring outside IDIAP Need for cheaper, lighter, and “buyable” room • Our meeting room: • recordings of up to 4 persons • 4 lapel mikes, no mike arrays • one camera with hyperbolic mirror allowing for almost 360 degree view. • audio/video recording on one notebook. M4 meeting Delft

  4. Setup M4 meeting Delft

  5. 4 people around a mirror M4 meeting Delft

  6. M4 meeting Delft

  7. Original wrapped image M4 meeting Delft

  8. Hardware • 4 lapel microphones Sennheiser MKE 2 P-C (same as in IDIAP) • 2 mixers Behringer EURORACK UB1204-PRO providing gain control and phantom power supply (actually 90% of mixers are not used, but they’re cheaper than special mike pre-amps with phantom feeders…) • two Hi-Fi PC-MCIA sound-cards VX-pocket (we know them from the SpeeCon project) M4 meeting Delft

  9. Hardware (2) • digital camera SONY CLIP 345 • hyperbolic mirror by NEOVISION (Prague) • FireWire interface • The camera provides 2 additional (global) audio channels. • The cost: 4.2 kEUR w/o the notebook M4 meeting Delft

  10. Recording • a home-made (S. Sumec) tool, based on Direct-show libraries, under Windows. • post-processing tool (I. Potúček) for unwrapping video to panoramic format of view. • All audio and video streams are stored in real time: two audio wav files with four audio channels, one DV-compressed video avi file with video and stereo audio stream. • Plan for M4: >30 hours of meetings M4 meeting Delft

  11. Unwrapped image M4 meeting Delft

  12. Annotations – major meeting events • annotations using the „annotation editor“ by Staňa Sumec (audio, video, hotkeys, XML). • This annotation will be done internally by pre- and post-grads at UPGM. • Plan: >20 hours M4 meeting Delft

  13. Annotations - speech • ETCA Transcriber with ICSI MultiChannel extension. • An annotator hired for speech annotations, just beginning to be operational. • Plan: >10 hours of speech annotations. • Both annotations: quality check protocols? (quite an issue in our DB projects SpeechDat-E and SpeeCon!) M4 meeting Delft

  14. Current work and future • Recording, annotations, integration to the Media Server • Still quite some issues to solve (position of the mirror, lighting in the room – what can be done on the resulting video?) • Extensions – PowerPoint and Acrobat Reader slide/change timing grabber, T0 must be synced with the recording software • … and research with the data (phoneme recognition, mouth area detection, speaker activity detection) – where does the simplified setup degrade performances? M4 meeting Delft

  15. Questions, comments ?THE DEMO Please have a look during the break :-) M4 meeting Delft